1.12 AV is a huge, huge mistake

We can essentially play 1.12 AV right now on retail, and have been able to for over a decade. Why are you giving us this version of AV and not the true classic version?

I don’t understand, the people who DON’T want long epic games have retail WoW av for that, the people who WANT long epic games have nothing, and never will have anything. Why can’t you give us the version that was in for the majority of vanilla? Why are you settling for a version that’s essentially been around for over a decade?

I’d rather you give us as close to 1.0 AV as possible, please. Shredders, mine fields, EVERYTHING. This is the true authentic vanilla experience. I want day(s) long epic AVs. Fighting at a choke for days, kiting entire zergs to mines to watch them all die, summoning epic npcs to push into the alliance or horde base to finally move some ground. Desperately defending from the enemies summoned champions trying to hold your ground.

Leaving the battle, going to bed, then waking up and joining the same struggle again? Man, that felt so good. That was such a cool feeling I’ve never been able to get before. Then once you finally break through, capture their final graveyard and enter the boss room and win the fight? You felt like you just won a decade long journey, and remember the people in /yell trying to organize and give orders. You remember the enemies who tried so hard to hold on and not lose. There were heroes on both sides, and it felt like a real battle.

All of this felt so EPIC and an experience you haven’t been able to ever get again in WoW since the massive nerfs. Give us our truly unique experience that’s the AV I remember from my times playing Vanilla back in the day.

AV went from a massive battlefield - a true war where every persons contribution mattered all over the entire huge map - to a a centralized zerg on a single objective where you ignore PvP to end the game faster due to all these nerfs over time.

You can get 15 min PvE rushes on live servers, and have been able to for over a decade. Classic should be where you experience the unique versions of how content originally was.



The majority of people here on the forums agree with you. I want to be optimistic and hope that Blizzard will change their stance on this, just like they did with the 4 phase content plan they originally proposed.


I really hope they change their stance as well… 1.12 av is a major let down


I would like to see both. Maybe 1.12av normally, and 1.5av on AV weekends. People don’t seem to remember that almost no one did AV before the revamp because it took 12 hours. It was fun to do once in a while, but it was terrible for honor.

In any case, 1.12 AV was always going to happen, they’d have had to reconstruct 1.5 AV, which would have taken man hours. Man hours cost money, and every single decision they’ve made (that I can think of) has come down on the side of whichever is the cheaper option.

Real servers or sharding? Sharding.

Customer support or loot trading & right click report? Loot trading and right click report.

Authentic client updated for modern hardware or 1.12 data cut and pasted into modern client? 1.12 data cut and pasted into modern client.

Old AV that would have to be reconstructed or 1.12 AV that can be cut and pasted? 1.12 AV


And he knows because he polled and asked EVERYBODY and totally isn’t just making that up to suit his agenda.


Seems to be a pretty big deal. Just click the Classic Discussion overview and you’ll see a fair amount of points about AV. Obviously people are upset and it’s worth discussing. Also, the blue post being only 4 hours old and having 300+ comments is worth thinking about.


The cynic in me infers from this that they’re not putting a lot of time, effort and resources into creating a potentially ‘best’ version of Classic. Just whatever’s easiest and quickest.

They didn’t say why they chose 1.12 AV other than, ‘This is the patch we’ve chosen’. Do they not have the older data? If not, could they have taken the time to recreate an earlier version? Or do they lack the resources for such an endeavor?

But still, 1.12 is authentic Vanilla. It’s just a disappointment. I hope you guys will be enjoying AV, but a mindless rush holds no appeal to me so I won’t be doing that bg.


I was kinda hoping for both, but probably kind of knew it was going to be the later version. Ah well.

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Well I agree that its worth discussing, but these people aren’t after a discussion. They want AV done THEIR WAY. Their way is the best, their way is the only way, anyone who disagrees with that is to be scoffed at or ridiculed and all manner of ridiculous rhetoric, misinformation and rhetoric should be employed to ensure that they get it.


I can see your point about a rush not being fun and I agree. However, I also think it’s unfair to say that they aren’t putting a lot of time and effort into the Classic Project. Many of the things they have announced have been favored by the community and I believe we will see more announcements like such. Unfortunately, Blizzard’s stance on this is lose lose. If they had kept pre-nerf AV people would talk about how little time they have now, they have families, they’re older and have responsibilites etc. and can’t play “three day BGs anymore.”

I’m on your side as I’d prefer the old AV, but unfortunately this was a very hard decision on their end. This whole project is very hard for them. The whole #nochanges movement could mean 100s of different things within itself. No changes after x patch? Before x patch? Which patch is authentic vanilla? This project can’t make everyone happy so some of us need to compromise.


Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone against it being old AV. Either players want it or didn’t know there was a major difference.

Most people’s reaction I’ve seen have been lukewarm neutral or disappointed. Haven’t seen anything celebratory, just “Cool, nice to know”.


It’s not a matter of not putting in a lot of time and effort. It’s more…the minimum effort. But I don’t blame the devs. Who knows what budget, resources, time table they have to work with. Could they have crafted an earlier version of AV? What would that have involved? Who makes that call?

The impression (whether fair or not) I’m getting is that this project is more or less…‘Let’s get it out as quickly and easily as possible.’


As someone who has played retail…

No. No we can’t. This doesn’t include reinforcements or any of that stupidity. Let’s not exaggerate to try and strengthen our points please.


Zerg AV is not worth having in the game at all, really, especially in a game called “classic”.


Y’all complain alot, they went to a patch and are sticking with the patch - if you want to change the content of a patch, you’re not looking for what the experience was within that patch, you’re looking for your own customized experience. I, for one, like the OLD AV, but am just happy for what we’re getting.


You forgot gems like this:

Fundamental “we know better than you” ignorance.


How is that relevant to what he’s saying at all?

You’re reading a bit into that. It’s just an attempt at humor.


Perhaps. But attempting humor after that :poop: falls flat.

“You know that version of AV that the majority prefer? Nah, we’re going with the nerfed version. Look at the monkey, look at the silly monkey! lol”


I know how you feel. I’m not going to pretend I’m not disappointed. The prospect of a 1.5 or 1.6 AV was one of the things I looked forward to the most. Maybe THE biggest thing…because I never really experienced it, and it’s so dramatically different from later versions (including 1.12). So suddenly that’s been removed.

But I’m trying real hard not to let my emotions take over right now. Acting rash and spiteful is only going to make matters worse.