And just like that, 1.12 AV posts vanish

I believe retail does so Classic should since it’s 7.3.5 based. But don’t take my word for it. I’d do a little research before purchasing one of those, or at least be prepared to return it.

The wife and I share a desk and it would definitely stretch to her side and she wouldn’t allow that lol!

That would be beautiful though.

I see several (some way down, but not replied to recently so falling below other stuff). But really most of those threads could have been posts within the pinned thread rather than a dozen individual threads. Customer Support actually has a way to merge threads together, but I don’t know if the broader forum mods can.

Yeah for the loud 10 of you and your alts it will be.


Perhaps one day. Until then we’ll just have to see Azeroth through the eyes of a 21:9.

Brokenwind, you’ll appreciate this. In three hours time the spell batching thread had triple the likes of the 1.12 AV thread, which has been around for nine days. I hope the Classic devs take notice of such things, and what the players really want.

Yeah, opposite the obnoxious 5 trolls and your alts.

Hope springs eternal. Faith, not so much.

Broken already stated he won’t be playing due to 1.12 AV.



Time once again ladies and gentlement to:




Oh if where feeding into Brokens AV 1.5 Lust interesting to note that The blue OP from this

Has at this time under 90 likes, but this thread’s OP has 180.

Why spend time guessing when you won’t even be playing?

Silly goose!

Time for the bonus round of:




The irony in this thread is overpowering.

Imagine being Broken, having no comebacks, and just immediately going to flaming post count and being super toxic.

Sorry Blizzard won’t cater to you buddy.

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I’ve heard that if you wait until midnight, and then turn off all the lights then say “Ret Pally” 3 times in front of a mirror, he will appear behind you and stun you before bubble hearthing away.

Ah yes, calling out blatant alts throwing insults around, totally “super toxic”.

Did they vanish?
I mean this is a 1.12 AV post is it not?

Also to note about the whole likability and whatnot.
Of all of the Classic update threads, the 1.12AV one is the only one under 3 digits in likes much less all others I believe have over 300 while it maintains having the most responses by far. Plus some of the early responses about being disheartened and wanting 1.5AV have more likes than the blue post even which says a lot.

Yes, that is what you do.

Blizzard went too far now. Deleting threads now? Really?

Blizzard makes an idiot’s decision and are surprised we are upset? And their solution is to silence us?

We apparently DO NOT EVEN DESERVE A RESPONSE. They are saying “SHUT UP” to us instead of responding. Very professional…


It now has well over one thousand likes.

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