Does anyone want Alterac Valley more like 1.6?

Keywords: “too much”

Almost the whole battleground was PvE and fighting NPCs, in 1.6 AV.

here’s what would happen. Barely any one would play it until it is AV weekend, and then it would revolve around alliance purposefully losing because getting a loss and 1 mark quickly is better honor than fighting a turtle. The private servers tried the old way and this is the meta that developed. It will be similar because people want to rank up and will do whatever is the best honor per hour.

The problem is not the BG, the problem is today’s players don’t want to spend 6+ hours in a single BG, and I don’t blame them.


And when players will understand that you can just rush boss to get fast result, they will.
It’ll be : the faster to kill the boss,a 3 to 6min battleground.

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AV was never meant to be a pure PVP or PVE experience, it’s both and has something for every kind of player.

PVP players who’re totally hell bent on PVP can do battle and keep that part of the game flowing.

PVE World players can do the side quests and keep that part of the OLD AV going.

PVE dungeon players can do those slightly harder side group quests while keeping the OLD AV going.

PVE Raiders can deal with the raid bosses that require that skill set.

AV Before it’s nerfs was the essence of Vanilla WoW because it was essentially Vanilla WoW in a single experience that anyone could participate in.

AV could bring a non-raider in on a raid experience and that may be the impetus that got some players interested in raiding.

AV could bring a PVE guy into a PVP situation and get him excited for PVP and more involved in something like AB or WSG.

AV could be the thing that got a Dungeoneer into Raiding or World content or even PVP.

This was the singular shared experience that could show anyone the basics of the entire game, and nerfing that to the ground so that it’s only for PVP guys is DUMB.


Actually a Majority of people on here do, look at the upvotes of the AV thread by the blizzard CM and the post by one of the people here wanting an under version.

Edit : Here’s some proof if you’d like take it with a grain of salt

115 hearts. Vs

Having 464 hearts.

I would like to note that One was pinned, the one posted by the CM while the other was not. I think the majority understand that Older AV was and always has been a PVE mans BG, if you wanted more generic PVP zerg stomps etc, you’d do WSG and on the weekend AB W pvp etc. you let the dragonslayers have fun in the snow mountains, and the world had balance.


Everyone keeps saying 1.12 was toned down compared to its “original version” except, and correct me if I’m wrong, 1.12 came out like 5 weeks after launch before the holidays of '04. The version people remember is the one, as OP stated, that came later with the increased NPCs. Incidentally, as I remember it, the version OP is talking about was the one that literally lasted for days on end.

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This sounds an awful lot like “you think you do, but you don’t”


1.12 came out nearly two years after Launch, about 21 months.

You’re thinking of 1.1.2


I am always skeptical about those comments. I suspect people that say that tried AV once or twice, got killed by some NPC’s and ranted on the forums.

The stronger and more numerous NPC’s are what forced pvp. It was only once they were toned down/removed that the “zerg the boss” strat became viable. You know, the version where both factions do their absolute very best to avoid the enemy faction completely? Yah, that version.


Thanks for the clarification.

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Darn, if only they had two other BGs, a couple of Arenas, and world PvP to do instead of one battleground designed to simulate a real battleground.


If AV would be played the way it was during 1.6, I would be all for that version of it. But everyone would just zerg past all of the “PvE” in under 2 hours. 1.12 did not create the zerg, players did. Pservers use a version of AV that is very close to 1.6, and they zerg.

I kind of wish they would release 1.6 just so ya’ll could see that. But more than likely you would all just return here and complain that they’ve changed something about it and it isn’t really 1.6.

I like the sound of these changes from 1.8, though:

I would have loved 1.7 AV. As it stands I don’t really plan on setting foot in the battleground.

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Yes I’d much prefer 1.5 or even 1.7 AV

Blizzard choosing 1.12 AV which is basically the same as retail minus resources is the worst decision they’ve made for Classic thus far layering aside.

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I really don’t care for “but boring people who play the meta do this, so we have to dumb down the game for everyone” this is a terrible way to design a game & it’s especially why Classes are so pruned in retail WoW.

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Dude, everyone plays the game this way. We have been playing it that way since before 1.12. Players did not intentionally drag out AV matches for several days because they weren’t trying to win. We were trying to win, our tactics just sucked. Our tactics evolved to the point that we weren’t locked in a multi day turtle where the winner was decided by who was able to keep the most people logged on.

Like I said, I could care less which version we get, because it won’t matter. Part of me wishes they would give us 1.6 just so ya’ll could be proven wrong…Though I’m sure ya’ll would return here and complain about it not being the real 1.6 and that they nerfed it somehow.

You shouldn’t waste your time

They want Classic to be as easier and fast as possible because you understand, they have a life now they musn’t spend too much time enjoying a game etc…

They just want to consumme Classic like they do with BFA. So it’s convenient for them to have the 1.12 one where you just have to rush the boss as fast as possible and end this in 3-6 minutes.

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I prefer 1.12.

But if they wanted to phase in a “holiday AV” where once in a while you could do the original version, I’d be fine with that too.

Having just 1.6 version would repeat history. Everyone going “wow this is so cool” for six weeks or whenever they hit exalted and never going back.