AV Cave Rez situation

Guys the least thing to do if you can’t believe me is to time it before contesting it.
Amazingly, no one came with his own timer up to now 1500 posts later !

Also : SPGY ==> SHGY (ally side) would be 45 seconds instead of 47 because I don’t think I timed a little ahead of spirit rezzer. However, I’m pretty sure I did it in the cave. But I’ll retime it all since I’m not 100% sure about the spirit rezzer (It has been more than a month now).

Finally, alliance won a lot of games this AV week-ends. Alliance used the meat grinder trap at SHGY while waiting horde to hard cap SFGY. Horde adapted though so alliance need a new strategy.

Hey, the foundation is there, the way to win as alliance. The non-helpfuls of course will be there after AV weekend, but this just adds to the evidence that non-AV-weekend alliance (in general) simply do not wish to put in the effort to win, while their queue times work against that.

I am surprised that AV weekend saw that much of a swing in win rate, as it is like pouring a couple tablespoons of boiling water into ice water and wondering why the overall temperature isn’t hot. The BG has a couple things that should be fixed, but you cannot fix the general player attitudes by simply tossing a couple decent players with motivation into the mix. The no-motivation players will still be no-motivation.

The quote above “There’s no way Alliance can win a game with the bridge, or any other strat, if Horde adapt instead of hurr durring the way they always do.” is the height of head in sand, pants on head, attitude. If alliance was winning this past weekend with the bridge defense as many of us have been suggesting alliance get back to, then the swing back to not winning is a player problem.

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I make a bot thread and 2 days later Blizz responds, moves it to the support forum, and closes it (y’know so they can keep sweeping the bot problem under the rug).

Meanwhile there’s a PvP discussion that’s been going on for MONTHS and has 4k replies. Literally one of the biggest posts ever on the classic forums and Blizzard still hasn’t said a word.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this company does not care about making classic a good game. They just want you to pay your $15/mo and deal with it.

I think very few at this point view the situation any differently. It is even more scuffed when they do things like releasing Naxx and the Naxx event simultaneously. It’s almost like they want classic to be over ASAP, despite it being a cash cow. Classic has an amazingly solid framework that they could have tweaked to make it absolutely awesome. But they didn’t. It’s really bizarre.

The quicker they release content the more reliant the hardcore community is on RMT. Which is exactly the way Blizzard wants it.

Hopefully they release TBC and the RMT people migrate to that, and leave classic.

Folks point to post count in this thread (by the relatively handful-numbered posters) when talking about AV, when the original AV announcement thread got a HUGE backlash against blizzard’s decision. And they ignored it, just as they ignored (even though they acknowledged) all of the threads leading up to the decision literally BEGGING them not to use 1.12 AV. The announcement thread got 138 likes and 2500 posts, while the “Huge, Huge Mistake” thread received


Folks really shouldn’t be surprised in Blizzard’s point of view on AV at this point. They have consistently demonstrated that they do not give a murlock’s nether region about what players want or providing a better game.

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I don’t think anyone on this thread is surprised by Blizzard’s stance on AV. It is a real shame too #sigh.

Yeah so I just retimed cave run in horde cave and it’s definitely 12 seconds to get out of cave, even with max range from spirit rez.

Well, like I said, I have never timed it. I was thinking 7-8 seconds, but if you timed it out to 12, then it must be 12.

Peeps are plenty motivated its just whats driving them isnt faction pride and winning. Obviously winning helps and wins come easy for things like premades but its not 100% mandatory so other options are available especially if you have lots of free time.

There’s no real difference between horde and alliance other than red and blue. Thats it. Its the same cancer on both sides.

AV just sticks out like a sore thumb here because its wildly different than the other 2 bgs and there’s a huge discrepancy in queue times due to how many of each faction are queuing for it.

Rep is relatively easy to gain for both and when you can get rep up quick without winning a single game winning a single game isnt that much of a priority with 4 minute queues.

My shaman just hit 51 and is now qued for AV.

I got the win/loss bg tracker addon.

I will also time the run out on death.

Since i dont trust anyone

So after timing it, it took around 5-7 seconds to get to the Horde Gate which is where they start the time in the video.

In the video they time the Start of the match with them at the horde gate to IBGY, so timing the cave rez spot to the horde gate was only around 5-7 seconds depending on how much you skirt the edge of the spirit healer.

The start of that game we all went SHGY, i had asked for a strat on where to go and no one said anything.

We all ended up around shgy.

A few alliance went to sfgy and they actually soft capped it, after about a minute someone said in chat for 3-4 go take sfgy which i went with a few others and we ended up hard capping it.

We were all rezing from SFGY, the alliance never pushed south, they were stuck at SHGY.

Heres the new thing im not used to, we actually SKIPPED SHGY and they took SPGY and the whole north.

At the end of the game we never took shgy.

We finished the game ins 23 minutes.

Also to note, since i have the BG addon, it shows everything.

Average horde rank for that AV was 7.
\Average Alliance rank was 5.

We had 7 players under level 60 which includes my shaman.

We had 5 afk players.

Thats game 1!

Well that at least busts the myth that horde have no leeches…

You will get a truly unbiased report of how my games go.

Never said horde have none… On average it was less than alliance.

Though with the recent 80% win chance spike some alliance saw they may be trying more

Wait for the other excuses to start appearing lol.

Second game.

9 players lower than level 60 including my shaman.

3 horde went off and capped sfgy first.

All other horde ran SHGY.

Seems like all Alliance were at SHGY.

The average rank for alliance was Rank 6, which was also the average rank of horde, rank 6. According to my addon.

After about 10 minutes we started hitting SHGY from the south and flanking from the left.

Us flanking is very good, its so hard for the Alliance to defend shgy while being flanked from both sides, its more of a tug of war, when the over commit to one side of the attack the other side pushes in. Dont notice that as much playing Alliance.

They took ibgy before we got shgy, so about 20 of us went back and retook it. Then marched back to shgy. This was 18 minutes into the game.

Them NEEDING to defend SHGY seems like a massive advantage as they cant ever leave it unguarded or its game over, As horde you get to just attack and set the pace of the battle.

33m into game we still fighting for SHGY!

I will keep this updated!

35m in we got shgy!

40m in they took SHGY back!

43m in we summoned Lok

Games coming to an end, we have Lok, we just retook SHGY and recapped IBGY. Alliance are now trapped north.

Horde ddint seem to try and even push into spgy until Lok came up, then we pushed in.

This far into the game we have 4 players down south and they look AFK.

Lok died but we took SPGY, as soon as we took SPGY we ran right into Aid Station and legit gtot it for free!, was 3 ppl there.

Guess dying at spgy and rezing at your cave as alliance really is bad!

Game ended at 1 hour and 7 minutes, horde wins.

After we capped spgy and aid station alliance just ran south and killed galv to pretty much get anything before the game over which is what alot of us alliance have said.

You can try and turtle or try to get anything out of the bg.

2-0 so far!

Also i was the one who capped Aid Station, hehehe!

3rd game of the night and prolly last one.

We destroyed them this game, Alliance ALL went LEFT towards SFGY to try and rush IBGY.

They soft capped it but we took SHGY leaving them no where to rez, 15 or so stayed at SHGY to kill any who go south and the rest just fought them at IBGY, we retook it in about 2 rez waves.

They got destroyed with no where to go or rez.

We had the whole map red in 14m.

19 minute win.

3-0 for the night.

Took me a while to start queing since i had to gain 4 levels today before i was 51. Will be doing atleast 6 games tomorrow i hope.

Your timer seems defective or you clearly didn’t time it well. It takes 12 seconds at best to get out of the cave and mount from the rez point (max edge with spirit rez included). I get that you timed it until where they start in the video so you lost like 3 seconds but you’re obviously missing a lot of time like 5 seconds. Also you should time it up to IBGY. I guess I’ll have to make a video to prove you wrong.

Every horde knows to do that now, it’s not a surprise.

Cause alliance mostly wanted to farm reputation obviously. During AV week-end, alliance was pushing south in every games. First it proves alliance is not “stuck” but rather refuse to leave SHGY. Second all alliance druids and rogues could leave very easily

Yeah it’s sort of new. Horde adapted to mega turtle at SHGY and just go get SPGY after like 5-10 minutes of turtling at SHGY. SHGY is irrelevant if you think about it. You can still kill Bal, summon, even burn the bunkers. Of course there will always be people zug zug at SHGY the whole game which is good if it’s only 20 or so to prevent leak.

Personally, I never found that flanking very efficient unless to prevent leaks. It also divides forces. Most of the time what I noticed is horde just push from normal side and finally get SHGY at some point or with the help of Lok.