These Blue quotes about Alterec Valley, facepalm

This is exactly what you created a zerg…

This is exactly what the community wants, HARDMODE, So stop with the phone app face roll ez mode retail garbage. This is why BFA failed.

Who decided this and wrote this a 11 year old girl? “Gross”
we literally have quest’s that we have to chop off someone’s head and return it.

[/quote]The time has come to put your PvP skills to the test. The Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley[/quote]

There is no pvp happening in Alterac Valley.

Its not about honor or rep or rewards.
Its about the fun of the epic battles… the wonderful memories it creates…

Bring back Legendary Alterac Valley.


BG queue times are only a few mins longer in bfa, its not that dead tbh

classic bgs are brand spanking new today too, they will probably even out

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Who said anything about queue times???


No no, actually the majority of people who actually enjoy PvP wants old AV. It is as simple as counting likes.

Then you have the trihard who think they will get R14 who like this version.

PS: It is spelled quiet and not quite.


nobody wants 2 hour avs except the vocal minority. get over it


its not fail if people play it. bfa is actually doing fine right now, i dont even love it myself, but its active


We know that you just want honor, reputation and items. I’d like to just mail them to you if I could so the rest of us could experience the original AV.

I’d like people who never experienced the original AV to experience the orginal AV.


Go play av on retail then. We already have this AV on live so why not give players the old one that is synonymous with classic when people think of AV in vanilla?


Likes (much like everything else on this forum) are worthless, and should be ignored.

You guys make reddit look good. REDDIT!


If you want fast honor make a group for WSG or something and stay out of what’s supposed to be an epic BG.


actually 1.5 AV is on retail right now and it’s over in 15m. burn towers, zerg boss. no one wants 3 hour bgs where you get no honor anymore.


I wish we could just mail these guys the honor in a box. It comes with titles, pets, some new clothes and a toy you can swing around.


the player base has changed. i got called a troll multiple times yesterday because i told people 1.5 AV wasn’t 2 or more hours on retail after the first couple of days. you can spend 30m grinding to level 10 and queueing for it yourself. you’ll be level 60 in the bg.


I enjoy it with friends. Then again I could just sit around with friends and still have a good time.
Would not be as fun without voice chat that’s for sure.

Actually this is what majority of people wanted was the legendary battles.

Your thinking is the retail way and it’s ok… Instant gratification and that is why they have BFA

Give us our legendary AV


if people want the epic bgs why are horde just losing to get more honor per hour instead of turtling and winning? the actual player base is doing the opposite of what you say they want. ally is only doing it for rep for the purples. a lot of ally will completely stop queueing once they’re exalted.


dont you have FPs to farm?

1.5 is not on retail. The mobs are way stronger in 1.5 than on retail one.


I see everyone complaining about AV on the forums. In game, though, 99% of everyone just shouts “RUSH DREK. 7 MINUTE WIN” at the beginning of every single match. Which is it? Whenever a turtle starts, people just quit.


You actually beleive no one will play AV if we just hand them the gear, honor, reputation and rewards?

It would certainly be an interesting experiment. I’m betting most people would enjoy World of Warcraft a lot more with the orginal AV.