Ana is the only sniper that can't run away

Not all snipers need to have the same set of core mechanics… Ana is very different… she’s a healer, she has a sleep dart, etc. That said, I don’t play Ana and never had so I will not get into the debate of what Ana needs or not since I wouldn’t know… but perhaps there are other things that Ana could get to make her more viable and increase her survivability…


honestly. no sniper should be able to run away. not as well as widowmaker. am fine with hanzo mobility. its fine. pretty moderate.

widow on the other hand. well.

What are you talking about? Ana is a sniper healer, she should be able to support her team from a distance, not from 2 feet from their butt. Why even give her long range compability if she isn’t supposed to use it?


She can.

Use bio-grenade when attacked.

Learn to aim.

Problem solved.

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Please don’t talk about how to play a hero that you don’t play.



Ana’s Sleep Dart ability was intended to give her the ability to disengage.


Until someone wakes the enemy up instantly.


Please don’t tell me this is your excuse for her low mobility? it’s one of the factors that makes her F-Tier.


What if, and this is just spit ballin’, what if the sleep dart range was reduced dramatically but it had lock on aim? I feel like that would help it perform it’s role a bit better than it actually does.


But is it reliable though?


I understand this, but I believe that it is incredibly all or nothing for being basically her only reliable disengagement tool (using nade on yourself is a general waste given the impact it can have). Even Zen has multiple opportunities to outplay a flanker before the flanker kills him. With Ana, that’s it.


I like where you are going with this…

what if it was changed to a net…


Ana was designed to be a really mechanically intensive hero. And she rewards high skill, so of course sleep is hard. But she is a gold mine if you play her well.


I know you have recently given her rifle buffs, but are the devs currently considering anything to increase her current survivability other than the sleep dart?

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I was thinking. How about instead of making shots go through full hp team mates, that when she hits a full hp team mate, but she also needs health, that projectile redirects back to herself, allowing her to get the healing?

In a way she would still need to make a “skill shot” but she would essentially be relieved from sacrificing her nade to get out of sticky situations just to self-heal.

Also Jeff, if you’re reading this. It’s time. Make Ana Wall climb :wink:

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Yeaaaaah, I don’t think the autolock is a good idea. The way we want to fix Ana is to give her opportunities to escape or outplay her opponents without lowering her skillcap, as this would since sleepdart is used close range in most situations. Maybe reduce the cooldown but decrease the duration? I’m not sure myself


I don’t think every character should have mobility… That’s the beauty of Overwatch, characters play differently and excel at different things.


While I agree with this Jeff, it seems like more often than not she’s getting the short end of the stick for two reasons:

  1. The travel time on sleep dart is too slow, unless people is at point blank a simple reactionary dash or blink is enough to dodge it, sometimes even a sidestep

  2. Allies wake up slept enemies by mistake all the time, sometimes they just don’t understand that you need to set up before hitting them and a lot of times they end up waking up and killing BOTH of you which really really sucks

Ultimately Ana can’t disengage with it for many other reasons as well but these are the most problematic ones, a vertical mobility skill would allow her to reach better spots but if done correctly she shouldn’t be faster, just able to strategize more around maps


Can you lower its cooldown so she can utilize it more, both as an escape ability and as a playmaking ability?


Mobility, no, but she does need more survivability. Whether that means passive regen on healing allies or w/e else they can do would be great.