Ana self heal Passive ability idea

Passive ability name: Care giver

Ability: For each shot from Ana Amari’s rifle that heals a targeted Ally (keep in mind of Ana’s recent change where her shots go through full health targets) Ana heals herself for 5% of the healing she does.

Description: Ana’s rifle heals for 75hp per shot so each shot landing on a teammate will heal her for 3.75hp, In combination with a bio nade which increases healing by 50% will raise her self healing per shot on a teammate to 5.62hp.

with a full clip of her rifle which is 14 rounds she is able to heal herself for 52.5hp (not back breaking to an enemy diver)

Addiotionally to this change for balance issues, Ana will no longer be able to build ult charge from the healing she does to herself.

I believe this passive would be of great use to Ana, and will still allow dive based heroes to be her counter. Furthermore this will allow ana to conserve her bionade in order to be utilized for the team or enemy team instead of herself.

Please let me know what you think, and if any Developers see this Please can we atleast see how it goes in the ptr.

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I think 5% is too low. She takes around 11s to empty her ammo and to even get 50 in that time she’d still need to waste her grenade for ~5 per shot (1.2 rate of fire).

I think 10% is more acceptable. She can’t self heal this way while an enemy is attacker her anyway because it requires her to ignore the flanker which she can’t do unlike Lucio (who’s self healing is higher than her 10%).

I’d have to agree with Miscanadian on 5% being excessively low.

I mean, I don’t really think she should have an ability like this, but if she did, it should be significant enough to justify having it.

Understandable, I did 5% to keep it fair and not be super strong for her to fend off attackers.

Anytime this topic is posted I find it hilarious bc they already gave Ana a baseline self-healing passive in HOTS.

She heals for 50% of the poison damage she deals out every .5 seconds. OW port pls?

I don’t play heroes of the storm but it seems like they have the right idea

Indeed. It’s a different game, though, with only 5 players per team and much larger health pools. They’re very wary to avoid requiring 2 supports on each team, since that heavily restricts what team compositions are possible.

Overwatch, for better or worse, mostly requires 2+ supports and 2+ tanks for a good composition. You can get away with less if you play it right, but anything else is definitely unconventional.

I just think Ana needs a self sustain besides biotic grenade, heck id even be fine with them nerfing nades heal increase of 50% to 25% or healing from 100hp to 50hp if they gave Ana a better ability to heal herself with.

5% is WAY too low but I love the idea of Ana self-healing without biotic grenade.

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I have heard it’s to low. I play a rather good Ana and I find myself out of fight more times just due to being at low health most of the time usually due to a random spam shot cough cough junkrat cough but as long as I could self heal just a bit I could be utilizing bio nade for it’s intended purpose instead throwing it at my feet.

The DEVs stated that they’re not interested on improving her weaknesses — her lack of mobility or her poor self heal.

A more likely fix would be for them to make her sleep dart efficacious — actually have it do what it was intended to do. As it is the dart’s a more difficult a shot to make than most any shot in the game. That makes it a terrible “Oh Sh*t!” panic button.

Another possible solution that doesn’t try to improve her mobility or self heal is to give her a little shadow cover to operate under as a preventative measure…

But good luck with that. DEV gods are cruel and harsh whereas Ana’s concerned. They like seeing lower bracket Anas suffer and die horrid deaths many times and often.

Whatever the case dive is here to stay. It’s not going away soon, they keep adding heroes to it near every other patch; and each time they do they add yet another hard counter for Ana to bleed on.

Honestly, she needs a retune; but don’t expect that until it’s blatantly obvious to everyone… and then some.