What will it take to make Ana a good pick again?

That would be completely reverting a prior nerf, which I don’t ever see happening.


Self healing passive (through healing team mates or whatever)

She doesn’t have:
High dps
A life saving ult (for herself)
Low cds
Self healing without an ability

She can’t survive reliably compared to every other support. Why shouldn’t she have a way to heal passively.


An Ana rework… you don’t even need to specify what kind of changes you want because Blizzard are incapable of making a balanced rework… so after the Ana rework she’ll be a must-pick and viable on all maps… So, just ask for any generic rework to Ana and Blizzard will take care of the rest…

Better self sustain or mobility is what is needed for her.

  1. Mercy not being mandatory. Expecting Ana to be good when Lucio and Moira are also F tier is a bit optimistic.

  2. Not being the worst healer in the game for healing squishies. Give her a heal over time like Moira has and it’ll go a long way towards making her feel reliable.


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I don’t know why this is so hard, Blizz, us Ana players have pointed this out 86 thousand times already

P.S. Yes I know Zen has no mobility

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A nerf to Mercy. Mercy is just too good at too many things. Bringing other supports to Mercy’s level would require ridiculous buffs and way too much power creep. Sorry to my fellow Mercy players, but I don’t see any other way to balance the support roster.


A better community :smile:



And a 10 (or 8 sec) sleep dart and an 8 sec Biotic Grenade. She’s the anti-Mercy/anti-Zen on the roster and is the clear solution to the Mercy/Zen problem of damage boost/discord.

A friendly Biotic Grenade with any of the aoe healers as her healing partner counters Mercy/Zen’s extra damage. And an offensive grenade counters Transcendence. It’s quite obvious.


Increase her healing from 75 to 95 per dart.

One of the main issues with ana is it’s hard to be rewarded for playing her. Most of the time she is out healed by even lucio or zen. This would give her a healing advantage over other healers and reward her increased skill cap compared to just “holding lmb”

or how about

hitscan heal darts pierce barriers

Hitscan heal darts that pierce a barrier reduce its healing effect by 20%

Hitscan darts that pierce barriers reduce damage by 80%

This would allow ana to fall more into place in the current meta due to the massive number of barriers she has to constantly deal with


I think she needs to be brought back up to where she was before. Back when she was meta, she was harder to use than Mercy (and still is), but that skill tradeoff translated into higher healing output and better utility with Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade. As it stands right now, Mercy’s Resurrect is more powerful than both of those abilities, so Ana’s high skill cap is rarely pursued.

I think she could also benefit from a shift in the meta as a whole, since she can’t heal through barriers :confused:


Players aren’t using her grenade properly. +50% healing from all sources for 4 secs. She heals plenty when used properly. Her healing partner and self healing teammates (and the payload) benefit as well. But everyone’s running around trying to get “big purples”.

Everyone harps on barriers like there’s more than one shield tank in a game. You can navigate the arc of the grenade to splash around shields and the playerbase should be smart enough to know they’re playing with an Ana and make themselves available for healing. If you know you’re playing with an Ana as a tank, why would you go on the other side of the enemy barrier? Break the shield and/or establish map control in a way that allows your healer to heal you.

Reinhardt walks through Orisa’s shield and eventually dies…“Ana sucks because she can’t heal me through barriers”

Sounds like lack of game awareness…

Right, but then you just play her in a way where her failure rate and weaknesses are minimized… several metres behind 3-4 tanks.

Not until mercy Stomping her ends. As long as mercy has the most powerful utility in the game (res), with reliable healing and survivability and mobility, ana won’t stand a chance.

Back before res wasn’t an ability, ana had the advantage in terms of utility. Not anymore.

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At this point, I think Ana will never come back into the meta.

She’s like Soldier. She must be buffed until the point of being stupidly overpowered to be viable, otherwise she will always be outshone.

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I think Ana is quite playable currently… Her biggest issue is that she is poor at healing Pharah. And Pharah is more common now that you need a Brigitte counter.

This are my ANA BUFFS

A) Auto-Regen passive like Mercy/Zeny

B) I will give to her 250 HP

C) Two-Biotic grenades similar to Junkrat but her grenade will not heal her ANYMORE. That is the reason for im buffing her HP and giving to passive regen outside of the combat

D) I will unlock head-shot abilities on her sniper but her multi will be x1.2 instead of 1.5 or 2

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And what if Ana’s sleep dart was firing 3 darts (like genji rmb with same spread) lower duration ? Same efficiency (because of spread) from far away but more consistent on CQC ?

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