RIP Ana (Really frustrated at the neglect)

Well not much is going to change with these support changes

Less Mercy, less Brigitte

More Moira, more Lucio

That’s it

I think Mercy will dip the first few weeks and then she’ll climb again like she has before.

Unless something extreme happens when Hammond is released she’ll still be the only one able to keep up somewhat with all the damage and rez what can’t be out-healed.

Yeah, I like the Ana change, but it’s kind of a “Hey, this’ll be nice, but she still won’t be viable.”

Well the Moira and Lucio buffs are gonna be HUGE changes and options

Hammond is a MASSIVE counter to Ana; like it’s insane how easy he can melt her if she doesn’t have Sleep Dart lol

Not sure Moira can keep up with him though, which leaves us with…


Might just go back to Zen/ Lucio again

Though Mercy will still be super good

Maybe for the pros, on the ladder I doubt it.

And then the whole circle of nerfs can continue as usual.

Like, couldn’t they at least have made it so her Nano amplifies healing too? Is that really too much to ask for? And I’d rather they gave some of the speed back so some targets actually become viable for Nano again…

I used to be an Ana main…

A week ago someone mentioned nano boost target range was increased? Where can I see this?

In the patch notes, it got increased from 30 m to 40 m.

28 DAYS LATER :fearful:



It’s so beautiful.

Well let’s not rub it in. Those stats take some time to fluctuate better. Another month and it should even out.

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Sorry if I’m excited, but it’s been over a year since Ana was seriously considered as a main healer. Even having their pickrates this close gives me hope that the support category still has a chance.

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I still want the dart to be a bit easier to land. It’s great as an offense tool but utterly sucks as a panic button. Jeff himself stated…

It’s not really that great as a disengage tool. Maybe if they made it easier to land up close and harder the further out? Maybe?

I am training Ana more and more (console) and every game I feel like there is really MUST exist self-heal passive. Just random Genji’s shurikens, Hanzo’s Storm Arrow or McCree’s bullets and this force me to use my Biotic Grenade on myself. GRENADE THAT INTENDED FOR TANKS ON MY TEAM :frowning: Or leave my team without heal and find health pack, lol. The other problem is Tracer one clip me every time and I thought that Ana - distant type of hero, but Tracer just destroy all your chances to survive. Even Widowmaker can escape from her, but when you see Tracer coming at you it’s easier to fall of a cliff to faster respawn. Babysitting sniper is very bad idea, imo. And I heared that Ana now is valuable in meta, but I think it’s not right that she is “fine” now because Mercy was nerfed to trash state. There is no mobility and passive, it’s really really BIG weakness for character. Zen is good because of damage and sticking with team, but distant hero - no, there is no chances to survive.

Nerf Mercy = Anna fixed right?

More like…

Nerfed Mercy = Nerfed Supports

Nerfing Mercy does nothing to help Ana deal with dive. What started with just four heroes, dive has pretty much doubled in size — every one of them a hard counter.

Why the hell was this brought this back from the dead? Pls don’t do that.

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This was from before ANY buffs to Ana; it is dead and done now