Ana Buff Idea (feel free to suggest your own!)

Hey all, so we all agree that Ana is in a bad spot, so why not congregate some ideas and see if they devs take notice?

Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, maybe they’re already changing her!

Anyway, my idea is more of a QoL change.

For her ult, why not on first ult press (Q, triangle, Y), she locks onto who was targeted, and then has to confirm or cancel from there. This would help stop accidental Nano Boosting of unintended targets, rather than first press also being last press.

Minor change, but I think a good one.

What are some of yours?

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You can turn down the sensitivity for her ultimate so it’s a lot easier to hover over your target, I know accidentally do happen though. I think Ana is in a decent spot but if I could do suggestions here is what they’d be:

Sleep: Lower the cool down by 2 seconds.
Nade: Higher healing on Ana herself with slight hot applied ( like passive Mercy heal ).
Ammo/bullets: Leave mostly as is but make it optional for those who don’t like the piercing.
Ultimate: Bring back the speed buff and make it so Ana can Nano-boost herself for the speed/damage reduction. (you could remove the damage boost in favor for the speed)

Something I was also thinking about is since depending on the players play-style she could get a new passive called ‘mirage’ or ‘cloak’. Similar to the the Night Elf ability in World of Warcraft called ‘Shadowmeld’, she could slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect her but only when she is standing still & scoped.


Revert the grenade damage/heal and add falloff radius. felt like that should’ve been the solution all along.

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The ONLY thing I want for her is a slightly improved survivability option. That’s it; Not better DPS; Not better heals; Not a better ULT.

I hate the fact that the weights are so terribly stacked against her. If only she had something that made her survivability better than merely being a walking piñata.

I had advocated for wall climb then later again for perhaps having her rifle maybe heal her some hp’s per unused dart when she reloads. Sadly Jeff shot both ideas down to give her some seriously hard weaknesses. I do mean serious.

So you have it there, the DEVs don’t want to give her a wall climb or a self heal since the lack of mobility and weak self heal are supposed to be her weakness.

Yet sadly this self defense is a lot harder to land than her own regular shots and is easily broken by stray damage. The sleep dart’s hardly the tool you want to have in a panic – especially at the lower brackets.

At the level I play at Ana’s a masochist’s dream. She’s a long range hero that can’t really operate at long range. She has too many hard counters that easily shut her down hard – D.VA, Winston, Genji, Tracer, Doomfist or Sombra. They force her to hug the Tanks hard just to survive.

I get that she can do well if she’s protected but her lack of self defense leaves her totally open in brackets where team coordination is at best poor. She plays awful at the low end and is clamped down hard out of fear at the high end. Honestly, Ana needs something that’ll let her play better at lower brackets and yet isn’t as useful in high skill play.

She needs a passive that’ll flatten out her hard curve and make her gameplay linear and transitionable with from low end all the way to high. That way a person can reasonably pick her up, enjoy her and sorta grow with her into the upper brackets. What that would be doesn’t exactly matter so long as it’s usable and practical.

The only thing I can think of that won’t upset her unforgiving playstyle limitations is to perhaps give her a passive that’ll let her operate at range beyond the distances she’s likely to get a peel — a Ghillie Suit.

The Ghillie Suit seems decent to me. Yet, I’m sure higher level players who play on teams with good to great coordination would think it sucks. I think it’s a darn good idea since wall climb and better heals aren’t an option. That’s about right considering where on the spectrum of play my skill and elite skill is at. Maybe at the high end a ghillie suit is trivial to circumvent. However at the lower brackets where I play it just might make this hero a bit more bearable to play – and subsequently a whole lot more popular.

This gives her two mutually exclusive play styles — up close in where she relies on the protection of her team and further out where she must regularly change locations or risk being outed and killed.

Given her imposed hard limitations this might give her the edge she needs — even in games where her own crew won’t baby sit her.

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I think she is ok. She could uuse some QoL changes but not more.

For me the most frustrating thing is that she can’t shoot during the scope in / out animations.

If self-sustain or vertical mobility are out of the question (as per those dev posts), I like that stealth passive idea.

Unfortunately when this idea was linked to on r/CompetitiveOverwatch it was very poorly received so if Blizzard gives priority to pro feedback this is probably not going to happen.

That’s funny since it’s precisely NOT the pro’s this buff would benefit the most.
It’s for the little guy trying to learn the hero and do well by his team.

That’s so funny on it’s cruelty to everyone else who isn’t pro.

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I hope whatever they ultimately come up with is better for everyone that plays her and actually works. She needs something more to put her on the map if she’s to be a main stay healer support.

It used to be her and Mercy who used to be the primary heals support. Now it’s just Mercy and Mercy alone. Ana and Moira could be but they both have uncompromising drop outs in their abilities to fully fulfill the role – Moira with poor sustain and Ana with poor survivability. Neither of these or anything equitable are problems Mercy has to deal with and that leaves her as the GO TO primary healer support for most games.

I’d ever so slightly thicken up her unscoped primary fire

Ana can apply her ultimate to 3 people.

Bionade, 50% damage reduction (applied before armor reduction), and 80 hps ana heals. Muahahaha. Nerf this!

Let the ult effect her and a target.

I just wish her nade could fly through full health teammates, kinda like her shots now who go through full health teammates.

I can’t count how often i threw the perfect nade but suddenly a player walks in and blocks the nade from landing where it should.

Only on Ana herself then I hope.

And still keep the damage boost on her teammates.

Finally found the post you were on about.

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Thanks. Guess I didn’t sell the idea very well. :frowning:

At extreme ranges her contrails would give her position away. It’d then be trivial for a coordinated team to send a dive hero out her way. Especially when you consider the difference in movement speeds it wouldn’t take much effort to overtake her.

Plus at far ranges like that she isn’t going to have a peel. A Winston or D.VA would be a darn good counter.

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  1. self heal
  2. some mobility (wall cling or smthg)
  3. faster reload or bolt animation
  4. shorter cds

You saw what they did to Sombra? Are you sure you want them to touch Ana?

After listening to the Seagull/Jeff conversation I’m more convinced that they earnestly do not want to improve Ana. That means that it’s going to be a good while before they’re more or less forced to concede that this hero has some severe problems.

I’m now in the opinion that it’s just best not to bother over Ana anymore simply because there is no room for traction or compromise regarding her. All told then I’m perhaps best in joining the crowd of other support mains who play Mercy instead of the support they rather play only because she’s simply the most functional and consistent support there is. Mercy’s the only support that doesn’t feel broken in some way when compared to her peers.

I’d rather main Ana but I just can’t deal with how wide open her self defenses are. She practically walks with an “Easiest Hero to Kill” tag everywhere she goes. That doesn’t make her worthwhile in my book and I don’t see that changing — if ever at all. If I’m to do my best then this kind of forces my hand on which support I should main and which support I should start avoiding altogether.

Dive is about to come back hard again with Hammond. Ana can’t deal with dive. Given the above what other options are there but to let her go?