Widow.. Nerf her mobility

I agree. Snipers and high mobility is never a good idea.

Hmm. True that. :thinking:

No, Brigitte needs deleting so we can play more of the cast. That’s the problem, Brigitte doesn’t even need to be in play to stop half the roster being used.

I hate good widowmaker players too, but … no. She needs SOMETHING. Widow is an absolute squishy if you find her alone, she gets ONE chance to kinda get away . That’s fine.

Not really, her mobility right now is so good that the only real counter is your own Widow. Widow alone decides the outcome of the matches that she’s a good pick for.

Somebody recently said Ana has nothing as a sniper to disengage or get to high ground but Jeff himself stated…

“Was intended” So clearly he sees the problem and yet…nothing is done about it. Widowmaker is completely fine in their eyes because its hype for OWL viewers.

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Widowmaker is fine, she’s not the reason this meta became strong anyways.

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What about hanzos double jump wall climb and leap? He is a sniper he has way more then widow maker does yet noone is saying his mobility is a issue. so why widow?

I hate it when Widow escapes my dive, but raising the cooldown on her grapple would be unfair.

Because OWL is using old Hanzo, so Widow is seeing more prevalence there, and therefore for visible.

Think some commentators have said some things too to draw attention to that.

LOL no

what’s a widow with bad mobility called



Good. Considering she can one shot more than half the cast. :slight_smile:

The Widow main in me is so happy to see these silly nerf threads.

After all the pain and suffering…she’s finally relevant again!

yeah because you need hours and hours of training to be able to consistently kill you

unlike ana and brigitte :slight_smile:

edit: another :slight_smile: because :slight_smile:

no please don’t do that

Uh… Okay. And I am not taking you serious anymore.

lmao, see what i did there

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The joke is players at most ranks still throw if you pick her.

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Nope, that must be a normal plat thing… People throw if you DON’T have a widow.

That’s a joke, but still double sniper works since Tracer and Genji and trash tier now.

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The fact is, she needs atleast 10-12 seconds on her Grapple again since we in are a slower meta, or we can buff Anas sleepdart to 8 second cooldown, cause that’s her disengage.