Mercy vs High Skill

“Yeah. So what?”

Look sweetheart- you’re barking up the wrong tree.

While I may feel mercy is a smidge mechanically bloated for her role-

I am not asking for changes to mercy. At all. Even a little bit

My “so what” is merely pointing out that Ana is quite arguably, more difficult to play- notably so, with no real appreciable benefit for it.

Mercy is “fine”.

Ana is not.

This is one of the BEST case scenario metas for Ana kit right now. A bunch of tank team mates. No dive heroes to jump in and harass her.

And she’s got a pick rate at higher tiers that has her showing up on one team every fourth game or so. Across all tiers she averages 3.X% pickrate.

If Ana is a niche pick IN what is arguably her niche.

It may be appropriate to consider why- and look for solutions.

IF we had a plethora of main healers to pick from, hey fine whatever. I’m all down for odd picks.

But we don’t.

The heroes contending for her role can be counted on one hand with fingers to spare.

It’s not even close to the “best” meta for Ana when at least one of the meta DPS are snipers with instant kill abilities, and the most popular combo hits the entire team for 300 dps.

The best supports for such a meta are the ones that can either undo instant death (Rez), undo 300 DPS (Trans), or better enable them (Damage Boost/Discord).

Totally agree.

But that’s kind of the point.

There IS no real feasible Meta around what Ana can do.

We have a hero who’s niche really doesn’t exist in the game.

That’s a point that would be far more constructive than pointing fingers at Mercy for the imbalance of the game as a whole

Ain’t no air quotes about it. Mercy is fine. She’s just the one of the few healers who has the tools to survive this cluster fudge of a game.

Ana would be feasible in a meta where instant death or instant team wipes weren’t a thing. Ana’s healing utility is good when she’s able to outpace damage, as she could during Triple Tank. But in this Meta, things die in one hit except Tanks, and Tanks get focused down anyways after the enemy gets those early picks. And, as a result, anti-healing doesn’t matter either, because the value targets all die in one hit anyway.

And like I mentioned before, there’s no point in her Sleep Dart when Widow and Hanzo do the same thing but instantly, without cooldown and permanently.

My point is, anyone who seriously wants Ana to be viable should take a look at how overpowered snipers are right now and what sort of meta she could be a part of to counter them.

I don’t see a problem with mechanically easy hero doing fine on viability and in metascene. “Muh skill” is not an argument when this game needs far more than raw mechanical skill alone to manage.

The only problem I see is if the competition for her job are too weak to rise up to the task to compete for either of the support spots.

Last season, Ana was actually more picked overall and in GM than current season. Only in GM on current season does ana see a rise in winrates, otherwise they are just as bad as they’ve been last season when she was non-viable.

Current meta does actually favour her greatly and she sees ample amount of usage on GM and top 500. But Ana’s problems are her and herself alone. Her versatile kit was weakened too much and she got no survivability to gain from it.

They believe that 12 second disengage is enough on a game where other, far more reliable disengages are on 2, 4 and 8 second cooldowns. It is not enough.

Her kit is no longer strong enough for offhealer. Neither is her healing reliable enough to substitute out a main healer. So yea, she would need buffs in some direction.

Last time I checked when ana thrived in a meta was when she had overloaded kit and lucio aura 24/7. So either give her some proper self-healing capacities that doesn’t waste an important cd or buff her frankly really good kit just a bit so it’s more usable.

Some self healing would make it easier for lower end players to survive better and help higher ranks too, while improving her kit would benefit higher ranked players better as they can take better advantage of her kit. But either of these seemed apparently important.

One important aspect is also the lack of counterultimate that stops her usage. Nanoboost should boost the healing done by 30% minimum when applied to a healer instead of dps, to make her ulti more versatile and allow for counter opportunities in a different way.

They should not be afraid of tank meta. Slambulance is already here and viable and Moira is leading it instead lol.

Ana has a sniper rifle a sleep dart and a damaging/healing grenade to protect herself, Mercy has a pistol. boi

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Blablabla, you’re a liar or a newbie. Ana was picked over Mercy seasons ago.

The OP is an obvious troll and the post is intended only to trigger inflammatory responses

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I don,t think this is at all true, what rank are you in sr? Ana is a completely viable character but only in the right hands. Regardless of mercy being “low skill” cause in my opinion she really isn’t all that low skill, Ana is viable in certain situations, but what people don’t understand is and I’ve been saying this for the longest time ever, Heroes that are not currently in the meta, or a popular pick never really get the recognition that they should. Honestly, look at the meta right now (If you want to call it that cause I don’t even think theres a set meta at the moment.) Zarya is pretty much a must pick cause of the stupid grav dragon strike combo, most people use zen as a defense against it, literally ana can anti-nade everyone in a grav to kill them, yes mercy can damage boost a hanzo to over damage a zen’s healing, but ana can sleep a hanzo if not caught in the grav, hell even if caught and with good line of sight she can still do it. People don’t look at the advanced play that other healers/characters can do instead they take easy ways out which yeah i get it kind of backs you up on the whole skill cap thing for a hero, but these heroes with higher skill caps do so much more than what a healer with lower skill caps can do. Honestly if people give you hell for playing a hero that you want to play and that you know you do good on, forget about them. Ana is just as viable as mercy is, like i said you just gotta know how to use the characters.

I’m just breaking down the current state of the strongest most reliable support to the weakest least reliable support. No need to be upset :slight_smile:

I just realized, doesn’t threads like this belong in the Mega thread for Mercy? You know, the place where they consolidate feed-back? I mean, that’s what I’ve seen people say in many of the posts that tried to make a run for freedom. Or is there a system for differentiating what feed-back is allowed and not allowed outside the Mega, because I think many of us would like to know if so.


I’m not too familiar with the forums. I just thought this belonged here based on the topics i could choose.

Ah, that’s a reasonable mistake to make. If you are lucky your post will remain where it is, but many (at least one of mine at any rate) was moved to the Mega since it was apparently feed-back. But now you know, and knowing is half the battle! :wink:

Besides, I really think that Mega has outlived its purpose.

She can fly to her teamates at mach 10. Ana has projectiles yes but she also has 0 mobility. If mercy is in trouble she can just hop away.

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I do love how this guy dismisses mercy as requiring no skill set what so ever, and then acts surprised complete with smiley face emojis when this annoys people such as myself who have spent 100s of hours to master her as much as possible. Regardless of what your feelings are for mercy, you really cant see how spouting this stuff would really annoy people? It has to be trolling, in which case consider me trolled.

Look I can do it to: your just a garbage plat player who has no idea what their talking about, I’m just telling it how it is, no need to be upset :slightly_smiling_face:


Just trying to be polite :slight_smile: You’re looking too deep into my statements. I’m just saying how i view 2 heroes in the game. Clearly you don’t agree nor do you have to. However if all you’re going to do is say i’m trying to troll when again i’m just stating my view on the game, feel free to leave. You don’t need to participate :slight_smile:

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That’s not cool, don’t rank shame. There’s nothing bad about being plat, or any rank for that matter, because you never know how much the person struggled to get where they are. Please don’t do that.

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You missed the entire point of my post, well played.

Still, even when trying to prove a point don’t do it.