Mercy is nerfed because of her consistency

Would you stop complaining if Blizzard came out with actual figures (since overbuff is apparently inaccurate now) that showed Mercy still had the most healing on average.

I feel like this is definitely debatable because her fade is on a much longer cooldown than Guardian Angel and has limited distance, and a hero like Lucio can wall ride constantly. I do agree that fade can be pretty good for disappearing and escaping something like a Graviton, though.

So I have to forskae one of my two only utilities and lost even more value, because using one of my abilities is easily punishable and has the worse punishment. Death. Meanwhile Ana’s Nade, Moira’s Orb and all other support utilities are free to use and have no negative outcomes.

They can move all they want, they still don’t know when the enemy will kill them, and nothing guarantees they will make it there, that IF there is any cover nearby. No one thinks “Oh I’ll die in a place where Mercy can Ress me”, they think “Mercy can fly to me, I’ll be fine” or jam “I need healing”.

Wow, really going out of your way to be a condescending pr*ck aren’t you? Yikes.

So we have to settle for mediocrity until the Devs are kind enough to look our way and maybe consider a change? No thanks, I’d rather try to do something about it.

From my time playing MMOs burst healing has always been any CD-based increase of healing output outside of the classe’s basic healing. With Amp Lucio’s healing power triples. If you don’t consider that a burst og healing, have it your way, the point still stands.

All heroes but Mercy and Zen have ways of increasing their healign when it is most needed, Zen doesn’t outside of his Ult because he’s a DPS hybrid. Mercy USED to ave good consistent healing so she would need burst healing less, but it’d still be her weakness.

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It’s 6 seconds vs. 2 seconds. Moira’s fade gives her movement speed and slim to no predictability in where she is going to appear again, while also making her invulnerable and can escape a grav. So… what makes Mercy GA better in your opinion?

We actually play her, so we already know she lost her spot.

They once said the same exact thing of Ana.

Won’t be the first nor last time something was stated that was either immediately rescinded or long since not the case anymore.

Clearly it’s not a self defense tool anymore as it is an offense. It hardly helps against a dive hero up close, dodging with far lax to-hit requirements than you and far harder DPS than you.

You get that a lot in this game. What they say and what actually is or becomes the case doesn’t consistently line up.

You have to take it with a grain of salt.

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I am saying they’re all good for a variety of reasons, but to say that only 1 of those is always superior is a loaded statement.

You know what I hate most about all the rework and stuff? The fact that there have been COUNTLESS ideas… which maybe weren’t exactly balanced number wise but they could’ve tried them. Nope… they didn’t give a fudge and did what they wanted. I like the rework the thing is many ppl didn’t and yet they didn’t care. The simple best way was to try multiple of those ideas and see which works best. It’s an easy process…

By frequency of use Mercy wins by a long shot. But Moira has THE better escape ability by a long shot.

What about Tracer’s recall, then? She disappears, heals back to whatever she had a few seconds ago, and all effects on her are removed.

Why are you bringing in another hero? This was literally about Mercy’s escape vs Moira’s escape… Which STILL you haven’t even shown to me why Mercy’s movement ability is better than Moira’s all you’ve stated was frequency which I agree with but taking into account what I said about Moira’s escape and how much more effective it is in actually ESCAPING Moira’s is better.

Lucio has the best support mobility by far BUT only if you are good at lucio

Moira comes next with fade as it makes her untargetable and allows her to travel far.

Mercy is next with guardian angel as it can travel vast distances but leaves a trail of glow and she can be shot down

You said Moira had the best mobility ability in the game. And all I said was that it was debatable and gave you a few other heroes as examples. I never said this was only about Guardian Angel and Fade, I am simply pointing out that other heroes have great mobility options in their kits, and I personally don’t think one is the overall best in every situation.

Where did I say I was only discussing the two abilities?

as dps main i rather have mercy as main healer compared to ana/moira/lucio

She is arguably also the most boring healer to play, with the least amount of impact, and is generally the least rewarding of the support class. But hey, atleast there’s that 30 second resurrect on a cast time, right?

Also for “The most consistent healer,” I suppose we’re going to just conveniently forget Zen’s Healing Orbs or Lucio’s Aura. But sure, let’s put Mercy on the pedestal. :blush:

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Even if you count Zen and Lucio as “consistent healing” Mercy outshines them with style and ease.

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Zen heals about 30 a second.

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I’m sorry, I believe your thread was trying to prove how Mercy was nerfed because of her consistency, not due to how much she was healing. Care to elaborate? :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

Mercy is still good and consistent, she can’t keep a tank alive like an Ana or Moira but she has her use / niche, she shouldn’t be a good pick everywhere.

People arguing that it’s her job to heal and she should be the best at it I would agree, it was the case before the rework however they gave her utility.

She can’t be the best at healing if she has utility.

Right now Moira takes this spot and it’s well deserved, she doesn’t have any utility, low mobility and drawbacks (Range and limited healing).

I main support and play every of them (You can look at my profile), I used to really like Mercy before rework, the healing nerf feels wrong with her character and how she was introduced to the game, this nerf is contradictory with the character, the devs won’t admit the rework did more harm to the game and Mercy herself.

She’s fine, balanced, has her niche and can be powerful with a good comp but she lost her identity and what made her Mercy to me.

Reworks in general made the game worse imo, while I love Sym 3.0 she’s not the Sym I liked, Hanzo also feels bland (Storm arrow is just a better fan the hammer) at least scatter was original.

I hope for Torb mains they don’t ruin your hero, they’re going to rework him and make him “better” so he can be played by more people, we already see how much people still don’t pick Sym, they’re still the same people.

Reworking a hero won’t make him popular, Sym and Torb are not liked, so ruining the hero for those who play them is not a great idea.

But I digress.

Outheals, Zen maybe, but outshines? The other two bring several things other than healing that they can do WHILE healing. Mercy can DMG Boos and can’t Ress, which she has to stop healing to do…So, no. I disagree, and the fact she’s getting outhealed by a side-healer shows that there’s a problem.