Ana Opinions from an Ana Main

Linked it for you.

Also, even in GM Ana is still being outhealed by several thousands :laughing:

So much for high-skill=high-reward, eh?

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I think Ana’s lack of healing is caused by her low survivability and having to waste her grenade on herself.

A dead healer can’t do anything and her grenade is her only self heal, but if she was able to use her grenade on team mates and heal herself through her gun by shooting team mates, she’d have a much higher chance of living and keeping her team alive. It would give her no benefit while fighting an attacker but would mean she could reliably be full hp before she gets dove a second time.

Mercy has great survivability so she’s very reliable while Ana has to make the choice between her life or her team’s, but either choice causes the same issue (your team’s death). Plus Ana has no way to speed up a walk from spawn so she is down on healing for large amounts of time.


Whoa, calm down, lol.

100% accuracy would never happen. Even GM Ana’s can’t outheal GM Mercy’s. It’s fact. GM Mercy’s still beat GM Ana’s by several thousand.

That’s an issue.

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The only thing I don’t like about the graphs is the change in the y axis scale. You have to double take the numbers because just looking at the comparison does not quickly show the big differences in numbers.

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Yeah, I want it all put together onto one graph, and I don’t care about damage done, I wanna seeing healing output.


At no point did I ever even remotely suggest this at any time in my multiple comments. In fact, here’s the part where I claim the exact thing:

I know that 100% accuracy is literally unachievable. You couldn’t even get close. That’s literally my point. She’s bad because it isn’t achievable, because she has one of the strongest healing kits in the game.

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Yeah, in theory she technically sounds better, but in practice, she isn’t and she’s not even coming close to it even in the hands of GM players.

She’s in a really, really bad spot right now.

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Yes, that’s literally exactly what I’ve been saying the whole time. :+1:

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I’ve always felt that the dart is supposed to be Ana’s “mobility”. If they gave her a second dart, but made it so that only 1 person could be slept at a time by putting it on cooldown if it lands, it would give her 2 attempts to escape without doubling, and overpowering, the value she gets from 1 ability.

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Yeah that’s what I said earlier but as a trade-off Ana gains valuable precise damage and anti-healing + sleep dart and nanoboost. Even if they’re both main healers they’re still very different as Mercy is the only dedicated healer in the game and has no mechanical equivalent. Same goes for Ana’s long range healing

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I don’t appreciate you taking my point out of context and splitting it into two. So lets step back a few comments shall we.

Hanzo and Zarya are not the only two people on the enemy team. Zen’s ult typically will cancel grav+dragon, except now people have found ways to burst through it. This alone is taking value away from Zen in the meta which is why pro teams are scrimming with ana as off healer instead of Zen. His trance is not saving anybody more often than not this meta. It’s useless.

See. Context matters.

When the vast majority of players can’t play a hero effectively, and yet still play that hero. The overall win rate of that hero is lower than average. I’m not even sure how you’re trying to argue against this.

Name one.

Ana is a healer, not a hard carry. She can’t just click heads and win games if her team sucks like Widow. Every one of her skills are a skill shot. She needs to adjust from hitscan to projectile to an even slower projectile and a lobbed projectile. All very different from one another. She needs to focus on 11 hero’s in the game, not 6. If she misses a shot, people die. If she gets caught out, she has no escape, she needs to fight her flankers. Yes that means Ana needs to be able to outplay both Genji and Tracer mechanically to bring value to her team.

There’s no argue to be had.

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What if they just took 2s off of both her cooldowns and let her bio nade pass through fully healed allies. It gives her more utility but doesn’t get rid of her main weaknesses.

Also I thought ana was a main healer, just not on the level of moira and mercy.

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Which I … didn’t do…? :thinking:

Cute quip.

Yes, this was always the case. But you have other abilities. Ana nade bumps the healing upto 450hp/sec which is enough to mitigate most of the rest of the damage. The other healer (whoever it may be) can also do healing and tanks can block some incoming damage. In the same way that there is not only Hanoz and Zarya on a team, there is not only Zen on the opposite team, and the team will most likely have some other tools and abilities to mitigate or heal the damage.

The vast majority of people do not play Ana. Most people who can’t play Ana don’t try. I don’t know why you’re assuming there are bots going round trying to play Ana that can barely hold a mouse. I’ve played in multiple different SR ranges and watch streamers in pretty much all of them except for Bronze and have never seen anything like that.

Widow. EZ. Such I’m in such a good mood, I’ll give you McCree as well. It’s very easy to list of details out of context and to push your case.

This is incredibly easy to do with a small amount of practice.

She shouldn’t be focusing on the enemies. 90% of the time it’s not her job to deal with them. They should only get her focus if they are targeting her or she’s in a good positon to when her team aren’t (like, putting pressure on a Pharah, for example)

This is true for every DPS character in the game too.

This is true and a strong weakness for Ana.

Again, no. Ana isn’t the only person on the team. Her team should back her up. You can’t expect any Support to be able to reliably 1v1 their counter.

Clearly, we strongly disagree on this topic, and I go into this expecting that to not change in the slightest. However, please be consistent. Don’t use “x isn’t the only one on the team” and then make 2 points assuming y or z is the only person on the team in one post.


Well giving her a small double jump that ONLY works near ledges and is activated by pressing spacebar twice could be cool and useful,while not letting her spam it in an open area like genji.
(almost 200 hours Ana main)

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The irony of this statement alone. I’m just going to nod and agree at this point. You’re actually just arguing to argue now. Have a great night.

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You, sir, seem to have missed the point. The irony was deliberate. So it is with that that I feel no regret for to end the discussion.

I agree with the OP that a wall climb of some sort is the best fit.

If not that. If the DEVs are still hard lined about no mobility and poor self heals then maybe make her dart easier to land on enemies nearby. Make it work as intended. As is it’s harder skill to use then her own basic shots.

Then if not that either maybe a cloak passive will do…

If not that… I’m kind of at a loss of what can be done for Ana. Without any new and great ideas to hope for her case will seem a bit hopeless to me then.

Does it make you feel better to get the last word?

You did.

Next time don’t take a persons words out of context and try to argue against a point that was never made.

Are you playing in gold or something? Zen’s ultimate isn’t saving anybody this meta. Pro teams and pro coaches have all said it’s better to just let the grav kill you and respawn quickly instead of blowing zen’s ult when it’s not saving anybody. This is how the game’s been for the last season and a half. I’m sorry if that’s suddenly news to you. And no, even though Ana’s nade makes zen’s ult even better, it’s still being burst through. Rein swings and hanzo shoot into grav as well. The enemy has a team.

We were talking about triple tank. Thanks for taking this out of context as well. In triple tank, yes the majority of people did play ana, and a good portion of those people were also bad at Ana. This is why her winrate was usually lower than Mercy’s in season 3.

Widow has hitscan with headshot. That’s it.
McCree has hitscan with headshot. That’s it.

If you think that trumps hitscan and three different types of projectiles, you’re a lost cause.

Clearly, which is why there’s a huge amount of Ana mains, right?

What? Are you a heal bot when you play Ana? Yes, she needs to focus on 11 people in a game. The enemies front line, her own front line, Her flankers, the enemies flankers and where they are at all times. If you don’t, you die. There’s really no argument to be had about this. Ana has no mobility and little self sustain. Her positioning and game sense are as important as her mechanical skill.

I didn’t know genji shot himself in the enemies backline when the zarya decided to bubble and defend her healers. That’s pretty impressive for Genji. In the actual game now. Dps do damage. Damage per second, it’s in the name. Everyone can get kills. Only Ana’s shots heal.

More out of context. At least you acknowledge this one.

Your team isn’t always going to be able to peel for you. That may be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s one you probably should. If you’re depending on your team to save you every time the enemy has a genji or a tracer on the enemy team, you’re more of a hindrance to your team.

Flankers are not inherently a counter to supports. I’m sorry but that’s not how this game works. Supports are not just free kills, beyond what the healer complex on these forums might have you believe sometimes. A counter is winston’s bubble to Ana. A counter is a widow to Brigitte. A flanker is just that, a flanker. They get in the back line and either distract or kill.

Now you can have the last word.

Remember when you were talking about irony? Well, here’s some hypocrisy as well. lmao

No, I didn’t. Can’t just pull that card when your defense falls flat.

Didn’t do that, bud, we’ve been over this.

No, but thanks for the concern.

It consistently saves many people.

Yes, when it doesn’t save anyone, that makes sense. But when it does - which it does -?

Zen is still used at very high levels. Even if he isn’t used in OWL you cannot base your perception of a heroes balance on less than 1% of the community, and you’re ridiculous for trying.

I was talking about Ana’s current pickrate and you made a terrible defense of it, so I compared it to Widow. You may have made a digression and connected it to Triple Tank, but no, that was never the main focus on the conversation.

Your welcome for making your defense fall so flat that you resort to ridiculous back peddling to cover yourself.

Except for every bad Ana that lose, there was usually an Ana on the other team that had to win so, moot point. Also, we were talking about now, when she isn’t meta, and most main healers default to Mercy.

Ok, we’re going to ignore the bio nade since anyone who finds that even remotely difficult to hit needs to first learn how to hold a mouse. Sleepdart has a very forgiving hitbox. Yes, it is slow and unreliable/easy to miss but she needs to have some skill. She also doesn’t need headshots, as you mentioned, so she has an easier time with her hitscan and her projectile is fast and very easy to hit her own team with due to the hitboxes of that as well.

With that, you could make an arguement for Ana requiring more skill, sure, but not by a huge margin.

The ‘if you disagree with me then you’re an idiot’ philosophy.

There isn’t a huge amount of Ana mains because she is a weak character who is countered by all of the recent metas since she’s susceptible to dive and Barriers completely nullify her, not because it’s super difficult to hit anything with her. I feel like your skewed perception of her balance comes from your lack of ability to use her, since you’re dramatising the wrong things. So, your sarcasm just makes you look like an a** since your point is completely worthless.

Heal bot? No. But nor am I going to make excuses for playing a primary healer as a primary healer.

Arbitrary rule.

Remember when you said “x isn’t the only person on the team hurr durr”? Yeah, well Ana isn’t the only person on her team. She’s not meant to be able to deal with flankers her self, and positioning won’t fix that. You need your team to help unless you’re mL7 or jehong or something.

More reliance on sarcasm to mask to lack of strength in a point.

Even though most of them rely on burst damage, so again, being immature to cover the lack of strength in a point.

And if they didn’t do damage, people on their team would die. Which is what I said. The don’t hit shots, their team dies.

You need to stop using this, man, it’s just embarassing. You can’t just through out "You don’t understand :frowning: " anytime someone counters your point. You said if Ana gets caught out, she has no escape. I agreed. If she gets caught out, she has no escape. I AGREE. THIS IS A WEAKNESS OF HER’S. THAT IS OK. PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE WEAKNESSES.

More unnecessary immaturity. Lmao. Dude, these remarks don’t make you funny or cool, and they sure as hell don’t make you right, so just drop them, ok?

Never stated otherwise, and this is true. However, you do need them to peel for you. This is why when they aren’t able to, and the Tracer and Genji or whoever else dives you, you die. This is ok. If there was a way for a support to survive everytime, they’d never die, and games would last forever.

Didn’t say this either. Keep the train going, brother :+1:

Flankers are built around getting into the backline (where supports typically are) doing a high amount of burst damage (about the amount of a supports health pool) and then getting out safely.

Some examples:
Genji can insta kill a Support with 3 headshots and a swift strike, which gives him a dash reset to get out. Tracer can one-clip a Support then Recall. Doomfist has 2 1-shot combos, either or which can be doubled as a movement ability if needed.
They are made to circumvent the frontline and get in the back to kill supports. They might not hard counter them, but they are a counter, and they were designed to be.

LMAO. We both know that you’re going to reply, so why even bother with this. A discussion is a created when person A leaves a post, person B replies, person A then replies to that and so on. Not sure why you’re trying to paint me replying to you as petty when that’s literally what the continuity of a discussion relies upon.

Please, come off your high-horse. That charade won’t work on me.

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