Ana's inconsistency isn't because of having to aim

Firstly it’s because of how difficult it is to stay alive during the team fight. One mistake with Ana and you’re dead and you can’t get value out of a dead character. Secondly it’s because she has a very high impact kit but with a lot of down time: long cooldowns, long reload time, no mobility so it takes forever to reposition, etc. Something as simple as reloading at the wrong time with Ana can get a teammate killed.
This is why game sense and positioning are two very important skills to have with Ana and they are extremely hard to master. Also there are no straight forward ways of practicing these skills so it’s common for Ana players to feel like they hit a plateau and can’t improve.
Aiming with her is not that difficult and having godly aim is not necessary either.


She needs a retune badly.

Another thing is her sustainability as a main healer. Shes the only hero in the game who has no regen ability or way for her to heal herself without having to waste an ability on herself. And yea, her reload is a bit too long.

Just give her a passive where when she heals an ally, she recovers a small amount of HP and reduce her reload time from 1.5s to either 1s or 1.2s.

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The DEVs already stated that they’re not interested on improving her weaknesses — lack of mobility and poor self heal.

If she is to be fixed then maybe they should make her sleep dart more efficacious — do what what it was actually intended to do. As is it’s more difficult a shot to make than even her basic shots.

Another possible solution that doesn’t try to improve her mobility or self heal is to give her some kind cover to operate under or something useful as a preventative…

Whatever the case dive is here to stay. It’s not goin away soon, they keep adding heroes to its roster and every dive hero thus far is a hard counter to her.

After their hard nerf a year ago they emasculated the tanks abilities to peel and upped the distances high mobility heroes could leap and jump from 4 to 7 meters (created the dive meta). They also dropped her DPS. She was never compensated for the shift in metas and subsequently struggles for a place in this game.

She really needs a retune. The game has long since moved on past her. This isn’t the Ana of yesterday anymore. They need to return her back onto the test server for a revisit and rebalance.