An Ana escape tool

The question is, can they stack?

I’d say yes, but if it’s not balanced they could prevent stacking. But I don’t really see any reason not to.

ana should just get stealth when she goes into scope

I would prefer if they did stack. There should be more way to increase movement speed even if it’s not coming from Lucio.

I think the grenade would be a lot cooler if it also left a ploom of gas that hides your teammates from enemies, and clouds enemy vision within it for its duration. It could double as an escape tool for her and teammates.

To much of Ana’s kit is already loaded into that Grenade. She needs more outside of it. It was once considered to be a pocket ultimate the grenade was so good.

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It would be used offensive and surely abused

I don’t see how that would be a problem.

Both Lucio and Ana are out of the meta and could use some better abilities an synergies.

I was thinking more of wall climb XD

I’m 100% up for anything that gives Ana more survivability without requiring her to be a Hard difficulty Robot or JJonaK

That is my main problem with this idea, Ana is already forced to choose between using the grenade for one of three different purposes: self heal, burst healing on teammates, and anti heal. If speed boost and slow are also added to that list, the whole thing will just be spread way too thin

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It’s not like you have to choose which status effect it deals.

Don’t really understand the “too thin aspect”.

Wouldnt that kind of bloat Ana’s nade then? I mean it already gives health, makes healing double, damages and cancels healing at the same time. Well, heal + doubles heals and damages and prevents healing.

Adding more would bloat up her kit a bit too much. I feel like Ana’s niche for nade is to prevent enemy heals while doubling her teams at the same time.

I feel like Ana’s problem with her nade is that she HAS to use it to keep herself sustained as a main healer. So far as healers go, she has to use an ability to self heal while everyone else is doesnt have to wait for a 10s ability. I’d say just give her a passive to heal a certain amount of health when she heals her team per shot.

Why not both. Every other main healer has strong regen and an escape tool.

And Ana can’t really use her range advantage that well if she can’t separate from the team safely.

I’d say a healing passive and maybe a grappling hook? I wouldnt mind if granny can shimada climb even if she is old, can be explained like she injected nanos to her body, thats why shes strong enough to climb.

But I remember that the reason they arent buffing Ana so hugely is for her to still maintain a weakness in her kit. But Im cool if granny can naruto climb.

And why does Ana need this weakness?

She doesn’t have particularly large or reliable healing anymore.

Her damage isn’t all that great.

And even her Ult is kinda meh compared to Valkyrie.

Balance is relative, and she isn’t strong enough compared to Moira/Mercy to justify all these weaknesses.

I dunno, you’d have to ask the developer.

Im guessing what they meant was that with all that she has, they dont want her to have mobility added to her to keep her niche. Theoratically, she has CC, can stop heals and snipe from afar. Good in theory, but not as impressive in practise.

Her healing is okay, just that recent metas never favor her. Barriers and dive arent Ana’s cup of tea. H

Same, I feel like her ult feels a little underwhelming as well. I feel like if shes not getting mobility, she should at least get SOMETHING to compete with Moira/ Mercy/

Seems like Jeff/Geoff thought sleep dart was supposed to be enough of a self-peel tool.

However that doesn’t do you much good against high mobility heroes with small hitboxes.

Or against more than 1 enemy at a time.

It’s also on a lengthy 12 second cooldown, and requires high skill to use.


That’s not even the problem anymore.
A lot of heroes have access to defensive tools.
Mei’s wall and ice block, Reaper’s Wraith form, Rein’s shield, Moira’s fade, Brigitte’s shield, Genji’s deflect, Dva’s Defense matrix, Orisa’s barrier and Fortify, Winston’s bubble, Zarya’s bubble, Sym’s barrier (getting removed now)

And don’t even get me started on other forms of CC cancelling it in it’s trajectory because favor the shooter favors the enemy’s CC over yours, as yours has a wind up animation.

These include; Flashbang, Hook, Hack, EMP, Shieldbash, Freeze, Rocket punch, Earth shatter and unorinically, another Sleepdart.

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Adjusted some numbers.

20% and 20%, because 0.8x speed vs 1.2x speed is actually 50% relative speed

Where as 30% and 30% is 100% relative speed.