Mercy players, other than "old mercy" what do you want?

Mercy is only “lazy” in low ranks.

And that’s also why Mercy 1.0 was a torll pick at any rank that you could ask people to actually be good at Ana without desperately throwing them onto a hitscan DPS to deal with that average Pharah.

Until the rez and Valk rework came in then she dominates all ranks

Hence the problem arises
A hero who has a fickle ult that required mind games (as the pre invuln and even to a lesser extent post invuln) mass rez required
And you asssume none of us want to add a skill cieling to Mercy, just like a classic CS:GO baby

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Its one of many. If you look at the whole Mercy package as a whole compared to Moira/Ana, then she really does have a number of strengths that make her very appealing.

Resurrection having a 30 second cooldown alone shows how strong it is even form the developers to do that compared to any other ability. It is enough that many will wager its more valuable than SleepDart+Bionade combined.

The healing aspect is just very high and not prone to failure. You cannot really mess up healing with mercy compared to Moira (range/resource) and Ana (reload/accuracy). 50% ana is 40 h/s and less. You even lose line of sight and still heal for about a second.

Mobility is just higher on Mercy compared to Moira/Ana. Useful thing.

Ultimate. Mercy arguably has the better ultimate compared to Ana and Moira since Moira’s is situation specific for it to out do valkyrie.

Overall, Rez is just one of a few things that Mercy has that many people see trumps Ana/Moira’s benefits. Moira can survive though due to AoE niche on a regular basis. Ana/Mercy are still single target for the most part.

Oh, and self heal not reliant upon an ability.

The utility Mercy brings to the table is healing. She doesn’t have sleep dart, boop, or discord. She heals. Her healing wasn’t a problem when Ana was the solid pick, it wasn’t a problem after Ana was nerfed. It just wasn’t a problem. In fact, it was buffed. From 50 HPS.

What do I want that Blizzrd does to her ? :thinking:

How about removing her from the game, I mean she is better off with some other game, atleast they might treat her better

A survivability buff to Ana so I don’t feel like I have to play Mercy to effectively primary heal.

I know stated Ana’s weaknesses are supposed to be no mobility and very weak self heal. Fine, but at least give the girl better one-on-one options than a dart designed to mostly miss and easily breaks with any kind of stray damage.

Then at least let it function as intended! Her problem is that an entire ever growing meta hard counters her — dive. To stave any high mobility hero off she has to be pinpoint accurate — even at point blank range. Shouldn’t the dart be easier to use at point blank range; at least as easily as a Flash Bang does? That’s a panic button buff that’s sorely needed — especially at the lower brackets of Ana play where there is no concept of peel.

Do that and I’ll quit maining Mercy and return to maining Ana again. I’m tired of always feeling like I have to play Mercy.

I’d like to be able to dash, just like Honzo. Sometimes I need to heal Rein and he backing up, the flight goes to the last point of where Rein was which is in front of the shield. It would be nice to dash backwards.

If you’re only hitting 50% of your shots on teamamtes as Ana, you’re not playing Ana very well. Ana and Moira both have much higher short-term healing than Mercy, with the tradeoff being that it doesn’t last as long as Mercy’s.
Mercy gets more mobility because she’s the worst at defending herself. Ana has sleep dart and can put out damage, Moira can damage and self-heal and has fade to disengage.
Valkyrie and rez on E are Mercy’s only problems.

I’d want them to delete rez and give her a new ability

I’ve thought that giving her an ability that allows her to shield a single target for a small amount + grants CC immunity would be cool.

Or maybe she can have an ability that lets her do some damage and slows an enemy. I’ve played a bit of Paladins recently and there’s a character called Furia that has an ability that pushes her back and shoots out a couple of orbs. Maybe Mercy could have something like that, but it shoots out one orb that slows.

Honestly anything that doesn’t have a 30 second cooldown would be good.

I definitely agree that this is Ana’s biggest issue. I could be 100% off base because I never played her much, but I think this is where she needs improved.

New ult should be a single instant rez.

New E would summon souls to your position

Boom, fun and balanced.

It was an example of why many refuse to use her. Even at a higher rate of like 75% that’s only 60 h/s. Its ruined by barriers, allies getting in the way, and reload times. It means her healing it not always present. Including needing to drop healing to protect yourself by dropping attention to an ally.

Mercy with self-healing and escape arguably has the best survival out of Moira/Ana. Losing an attacker with distance and getting out of line of sight is the best way short of killing your attacker (which only Brigitte can do swiftly). Trying to deal with your attacker means dropping healing for allies.

Zen/Moira/Lucio/Brig are the only one’s who can heal while attacking. However, even Moira has to either attack or heal on a regular basis. Orb + Attacks are the only time she can heal+attack at the same time.

In this regard, Ana/Moira will most often have to choose between attacking or healing which means they drop healing to attack. This is why Mercy is very consistent. Keep that healing going at nearly all times and just escape your attackers.

Another perk of Mercy with her ability is the freedom to look around without having to focus on healing. Moira/Ana have to have all attention to attacking or healing. its hard for them to give status or keep awareness. Mercy can have the best attention on the field of anyone. Its why you hear high teams mention about Mercy being the shot caller.

Again, its not just Valkyrie/Rez that are her strong points. She has strong points in other areas as well.

Rework Ana and buff moira to be as reliable as mercy. The issue is that Ana sucks. Logic to me seems to be that you would rework Ana instead of punishing the one main healer that u got right in R&D

75% would be about 70 HPS, and 75% is still pretty low for hitting teammates. Good Anas should be hitting almost every single shot on teammates. That’s also not counting grenade.

Ana and Moira both have options to disengage, though Ana’s is harder to use.

Also, you’re ignoring the fact that while yes, Mercy is better at escaping attackers, she’s not contributing much to getting rid of them. Moira can damage them, Ana can sleep/grenade/damage them. Mercy can use her pistol, but then she’s in the same boat of not healing while attacking, except she’s worse at chasing the attacker off. Just evading them is often not as good as contributing to dealing with them directly.

Yes, Mercy is the least tunnel visioned, but she can also do the least with that information outside of relaying it to her team.

I’m not saying she doesn’t have other strong points, I’m saying that most of her strong points have tradeoffs that balance them, and none of them were an issue until valkyrie/rez on E. Or rather, they’re not an issue at all, valkyrie/rez on E are.

Theres a lot of ways to go about it.

  1. Revert the heal nerf or give her more utility/ ways to use multiple abilities at the same time to bring her on par with other healers. Ill say it again Mercys healing weaker than both Ana and Moira, but its consistent why thats fine for a main healer, at the same time Mercy ONLY has consistent healing or dmg boost as needed on one target, all other healers have multiple choices and can do multiple things at the same time. If we want to nerf her base line heal she needs to be able to do more than just heal or dmg boost one person at a time, cause she is def moved from the main healer spot with nerfs to her heal.

About ress 2 options:

  1. Make ress an earned ability similar to Torb armor, except via healing or dmg boosting instead of giving it a flat 30s cd, revert the cast time. This way you dont have to put yourself in a stupid voulnerable position because someone was stupid, second making a primary healer that is completely dependant on her mobility stand still and do nothing is completely counterintuitive for her character design and flow of her game play. It also rewards Mercy players for playing well and rewards the enemy for countering her cause if you just kill her over and over again she wont be able to just come back a ress someone into the fight, cause hi there 30 seconds have passed.
  2. Put it back as an ult but put a limit on it. example you can only ress 3 teammates max.

I’d say make Mercy the best healer 60hps while healing, I’d even be happy with giving away her Damage Boost and putting Rez back into her ULT with some tuning be done with it.

I dont really understand this tbh. While Moiras main heal has a resource meter her range is the same as Mercys staff range and she heals all teammates in an area with a higher base line healing output than Mercy. And if you drop a healing orb when you run out of resource and succ on someone to recharge main heal faster you will rarely or ever not be healing. I dont think ive ever had less healing than Mercy if both chars are on the team.

Mercys advantage over Moira is she has better target healing for high ground teammates, phara, snipers, basically everyone Moira needs a while to get to. But then again Moira can send an orb into a room and help everyone immediately while Mercy would have to walk and heal one person.

I have around 200 hours of Mercy (half of them were because i was forced to play her when she was super OP back in season 7) and I want Mercy to be fun , more skillful , to be enjoyable for the player (because 2 seconds stun and spectator mode do not appeal to me). I want her to be good but not a must pick. And I’m sorry but i do not want Mass Rez to come back. It was a nice ult , but because of it she wasn’t as much used in high ranks as she was used in low ranks (well , until she got the invulnerability …).

For the love of god fix the GA targeting and let me fly to someone if I can see half their torso. I don’t want to have to back up 3 miles before I can get to my Widowmaker who isn’t in team chat

I’m sure most of us would like blizzard to actually listen to us, not just everyone crying for nerfs.

They did it when we got to keep angel hop, but never since. It’s hard to deny they’re ignoring any and all feedback from Mercy players, no matter skill level. Honestly that’s all I’d want.