Which f tier heroes are doing the worse

ooof the pro level 15 player knows best

Mercy’s problems are her own. Nerfing Mercy won’t help Ana with her biggest problem, survivability. The two are unrelated.

Right now Ana has too many hard counters that exist in near every game – D.VA, Winston, Tracer, Genji, Doomfist and Sombra. These heroes can shut her down.

You might be right that Mercy and Moira are more efficacious than Ana is; but even if your nerf batted them to bits Ana will still be near unplayable for most people because it’s hard for to stay in the field with so many easy ways to shut her down.

Sleep dart? It’s harder to land that thing than hitting anything with her basic shot. Plus any stray damage from any source will undo the shot. Further it can only affect a solitary single target. That’s not much of an escape tool for a waddling squishy to have.

Healing grenade? It’s on a 10 second cooldown and can only heal her for half her damage. That 20 seconds for her to fully heal herself without aid.

DPS? It’s a sniper rifle. Not very useful against high mobile heroes with very high DPS and lax to-hit requirements. Further her DPS is damage over time and 70. That’s three shots to hit a Tracer who can unwind to restart the bout again.

No. Nerfing Mercy won’t make Ana any better. It’ll just make Mercy worse and dive that much happier.

i play on PS4, sweetie. :crazy_face:

ooof the pro console player knows best lmao

The most remarkable thing about F tier heroes, is how some people can still play them like they are genuinely viable.
Sure, I don’t see Reaper, Sombra or Bastion in every game, but I still to this day see brutal reapers who have devastating impact on games.

What I’m trying to say is, a hero only has to be at the cusp of viability to be an F tier hero.

Everyone mentioned is very close to being part of OW unified power curve, and that is shown by how people can still perform well on those heroes.

Gonna give it to Bastion because of a bit of bias, and also he’s had the lowest pickrate in Plat - GM inclusive for at least 6 months (that’s as far back as Overbuff goes), and it’s been declining for the entire time. He’s probably been at the bottom since the nerf after his rework, maybe he saw a little bit of play when pirate ship was still popular, but I’m pretty sure he was still at the bottom even then…

Edit: In those ranks, his pickrate is about half that of the person above him in all but Plat…

Poor Torb. Just doesn’t get any love.

Balancing Mercy back down to Moira and Ana is literally the only thing that needs to be done. Ana is fine as is and Moira has her niche. Mercy just does everything and better than everyone else, best mobility, best self sustain, best healing, easiest healing mechanics, best utility. Mercy is OP, so of course no other healers will be picked.

You basically just described dive countering Ana, which is perfectly fine. Ana is balanced enough to have a counter. Now with brigitte, rein and zarya being played more, dive gets punished more often than not.

Get good? Legit if you’re being countered, you’re being countered. Either switch or outplay your counters.

Practice. Sleep dart is probably the third best ability in the game next to Res and Bionade. A 5 second stun should be hard to land. If you do, your team gets a free kill.

Effectively giving Ana 300 hp and her flanker 140.

Why would you even think a healer should dps? It’s almost always better to heal your team… almost. If you can get that pick on the genji running away on low hp, go for it, otherwise protect your team. Both of your abilities can swing a losing team fight.

Dude…The Bridgette Meta changed all that for us…although we got some buffs, the game made it worse for us.

Sombra Bastion Torbjorn

Honestly, If Ana were simply fixed to be a bit more defensible I’d never play Mercy. For example…

It’s not a complaint that dive counters Ana. It’s a complaint that there are too many hard counters in the game that do. Every other hero gets one, maybe two, maybe even a few soft counters to boot. No, Ana gets SIX hard counters!! Further, a good chunk of them are popular heroes found in most every game. In essence she’s a hero more oft countered in the spawn room than as a direct choice from an opposing player intent on responding to an opposing team.

Not all difficult heroes are equally difficult. The fact that most three star heroes become popular and effective well before diamond says something. Her curve is too narrowly tight. If anything it should be a bit more linear - enough so that a Bronze player could start, a silver player could get by and a gold player could probably do decently well. The starting point for Ana shouldn’t be plat. Honestly that’s a flaw.

There are plenty of other stuns in the game that can shut down an ULT. Per Jeff himself…

Except that it kinda sucks as a disengage tool. I could think of better options.

The same argument could said about Tracer’s Recall ability. Honestly, that’s not as much a comfort as you think it would be. For a long ranged hero, it’s pretty sad that she has to be played hugging tanks just to stay in the field. That sorta kills the concept of her being ranged and all, you know.

I agree. However, she also has to defend herself. She isn’t a Mercy who has options that’ll allow her to be a pacifist. With only the ability to go walker speed fast, having something to shoot back with is better than not having anything at all. Or, would you rather deny her even having that?

Your Ghillie suit idea is bad. Ana doesn’t need invisibility. The most she could use is a slight increase in reload and rate of fire, and thats mostly to compensate for power creep.

Hard counters? Far from. The only legitimate hard counter to Ana is Winston. Everyone else you can outplay, even D.va.

Trash damage and barriers are more of a hard counter than flankers. Ana has kit to duel them.

That’s the average players mechanical skill/game sense. It was the same way in triple tank. Mercy was still picked on par with or more than Ana plat and below. Look at overbuff yourself. Most highskill hero’s below plat are all negative 50% winrate.

Sleep isn’t just good for shutting down ults.

And most Ana mains probably wouldn’t want it. Hitting that perfect sleep on an ulting genji just feels too good.

Ana has two different playstyles, now more than ever with the bullets passing through full hp allies change. Play close to your team or play at range. Both have their pro’s and cons to them. Ana can do both, and should. If you’re playing away from your team, land your sleep dart, and learn how to time her 3combo on 200hp allies, or just call your team to get the free kill.

She 3 shots any hero with 200 hp. I don’t know why you would want more. Maybe raise her damage to 80 so she can 2 shot tracer? But really, it’s not needed. If you can force tracer’s recall before using nade, you’ve won.

No, the ONLY thing I want for her (Ana) is a slightly improved survivability option. That’s it; Not better DPS; Not better heals; Not a better ULT.

I hate the fact that the weights are so terribly stacked against her. If only she had something that made her survivability better than merely being a walking piñata.

I had advocated for wall climb then again for perhaps for having her rifle maybe heal her some per unused dart when she reloads. Sadly Jeff shot those ideas down to give her some seriously hard weaknesses. I do mean serious.

At the level I play at this hero’s a masochist’s dream. I get that she can do well if she’s protected but they totally left her open on brackets where team coordination is at best poor.

Honestly she should have some kind of passive that’ll let her play better at the low end and isn’t as useful on the high end. That way a person can reasonably pick up the hero, run with and enjoy it and sorta grow into the upper brackets with it. What that would be doesn’t exactly matter so long as it’s reasonably usable.

Instead she plays awful at the low end and is clamped down hard out of fear at the high end.

A passive to flatten out the hard curve of the hero is really what’s needed. She needs something that’ll make her play linear and be reasonably transitionable from low end all the way on to the high end.

That’s why the Ghillie Suit seemed decent to me. You think it sucks. I think it’s a darn good idea (since a wall climb and better heal isn’t an option anymore); and actually that’s about right considering where on the spectrum of play my skill and elite skill is at. Maybe at the high end a ghillie suit would be trivial to circumvent. However at the lower brackets it just might make this hero a bit more bearable to play – and subsequently a lot more popular.

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Oh crap, the level 15 player with 0 seconds on Reaper has spoken!

Thank you, my noob friend, for proving my point that Reaper is, indeed, just a noob stomper.

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Wait doomfist is unmeta? Let alone F tier? This is news to me.

All the infuriating heroes in F tier.
Mei, Sombra, Bastion. God, thank God they’re F fier.
Doomfist isn’t f tier btw, Soldier is F tier though.

oh i know he isint f tier but if i hadent included him all the df mains would spam me also ‘‘selling’’ even tho soldier is trash this meta and f tier in it this is the only meta hes f tier so i didn’t include him

If you didn’t answer Bastion then you’re wrong

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Junkrat waves hello.
Widow, Hanzo, Pharah, Soldier76, and Mccree.
(and those are just the hard counters, he has lots of soft counters)

yeah reaper has triple the counters ana does