Ana unfair 80 dmg nerf + QOL changes

There’s plenty of options if they were actually looking at buffing the dart, but it really doesn’t need one.

TBH, I could see them not really touching her anymore after this last buff. Heal on nano was surprisingly good - possibly too good? Guess we’ll find out.

Other than the qol I mentioned much earlier (not the dart), I think she’s fine. I don’t think her nano heal buff was too good, I think it finally brought her ult to something more defensive like the other healer ults or at least it means she has less of a chance to completely blow nano.

It doesn’t seem like too much on some one squishier at all, but being able to bring tank back to full almost instantly (with your grenade) and also with nano on top feels like it could possibly edge the line. Granted the stars have to practically align sometimes for it to work perfectly, but it does happen.

I just don’t want them to find a reason to nerf her again. The last time it happened kind of really sucked.

Here’s to hoping if they do nerf her because of it, they actually nerf the nano heal and not the rest of her kit…


True. Nano heal does have some huge potential, but it really wasn’t a needed buff by any means.

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It’s meant to be an escape tool.

If it’s not easy to use as one then what good is it?

If it’s the best one in the game, it shouldn’t be easy to use. We’re talking the longest stun in the game at 5.5 seconds.

Fine that it’s unique and all but if it’s too weak as an only self defense then it’s a tad wasted on her. She really doesn’t have much else by which to save or extricate herself out from a bad position. That’s my point here.

It’s not. It’s a skill shot. That does not make it inherently weak. It makes it mechanically demanding.

She shouldn’t be buffed any more than she recently was as being overall the most viable healer is more than enough, or the consensus will be to nerf her in less than six months.

sorry, but 2 shotting squishy medics fram afar with almost no penalty just aint ever gonna fly

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And right you are. That IS the complaint. It’s a skill shot that is useful as an offensive tool but utterly woeful on efficaciously doing what it was meant to do…

In that regard and with consideration that it IS a high skill shot and in consideration that dive hard-counters her and that the size of the dive hero pool has nearly doubled since she boarded it’s not a very good disengage tool. Not by that measure.

It leaves her more defenseless than not.

I’m glad this discussion is finally coming up.

This damage boost discussion alongside bringing 80 dmg back is something to discuss and is a fair point to be made about it.

For damage boosts I would recommend they either remove it entirely or have it act a different way for Ana other than damage.

Reason I say this due to damage boosts not really working much for roles like Ana, Widowmaker, or a distanced playstyle from the team. You don’t often see Mercy risking it to fly across the map to Widow, so why would Ana be an exception if shes at a distance from the team.

It doesn’t really make sense for Ana to work off damage boosts as Ana is a sniper who works off the idea of carefully placing shots in a small window of opportunity. The farther you are from the team fight the smaller your window is. Dmg boost is also way too situational and too much of a crutch. In the moment a flanker jumps Ana, Ana can quickly be killed, but for her to be this playstyle where its smart to play at a distance on a sniper perch away from her team. It is important she has the neccessary sustain to suit this distanced playstyle.

Damage boosts is too situational and heavily does not belong in a snipers playstyle that is about consistency and carefully placing shots. A.k.a 80 dmg is better for her overall where as dmg boost is too situational and does not belong for roles like Ana.


Also no way you’re going to have two healers sitting in a corner; one dpsing and the other damage boosting the other healer. Who’s healing the team?

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Considering that Ana is in a good spot now I don’t see it happening. Ana is only in a good spot because of Mercy falling but as soon as Ana starts having her weaknesses get the best of her she will instantly go back to being very weak.

Agreed. As soon as people realize that she’s not that difficult to counter they’ll start applying pressure direct on her because of her frailties. Anything you need to do to win, right?

Moreso the case now that dive is also seeing a return. She’s not a Mercy so she doesn’t get a “get out of jail free” card like Mercy has. As a matter of fact she can’t run away nor heal herself effectively. Further most dive heroes can put more pressure on her than she can put on them.

It’s just a matter of time before enemies get used to dealing with an Ana on an enemy team. The ability to peel isn’t as good these days as it was during the tank meta. That era’s gone.

So yeah. I agree. It’s only a matter of time ‘til she’s revisited again.

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Not to mention she only really doing so well because Lucio is being played more and his aura range increase basically gives the fake passive healing Ana needs. I’m a Sombra and Ana main but I’ve so been playing Doomfist for awhile and Ana has no chance to survive against a guy like him. She’s a free kill with his ult.

I’m able to deal with Doomfist a bit as Ana only because I play him but still not everybody is going to have that knowledge so in the end the Ana is going to be forced to constantly switch.

I still believe Ana needs a small passive heals on top of that why hasn’t she received any voicelines when she gets attacked like all the other supports has gotten.

Yeah…its only matter of time…

I don’t want to sound so negative but its the truth.

I disagree. It works just fine defensively. There’s no reason a disengage tool needs to be a free get out of trouble button. Especially one like sleep dart that doubles with great offensive applications.

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See, I do understand the problem some people might see with that, but I’m on the opposite side. I honestly believe Damage boosted Ana should be able to 2 tap enemies. To do this you’re either running Zen, in which case your whole team benefits from extra damage while sacrificing heals… or you’re running Ana and Mercy, to which your team now has no defensive ult. If we’ve learned anything from grav dragon meta, those are pretty import to run or you give the enemy a free team kill. The sacrifice being made to run it is more than justifiable.

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And so you’re Perfecly fine with her being as defenseless as she is. That’s okay. That’s your opinion and I can respect that.

Me? I see her as a hero bringing a paper knife to mech fight. So I’ll side with her being a bit more balanced, a tad less being a brightly colored sitting duck and hopefully having something more than a plastic dart as her sole means of self defense.

If I see her on the enemy team I’ll immediately recommend two of my guys to go dive and make her life hard. It’s a built-in hole on the the enemy team. I’d be negligent not to pry it open.

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