Possible Ana rework in the near future

Right now, Ana (one of overwatch’s center character has had a meta struggle lately. I feel like she is in a difficult place right now. What i mean by that is she is too weak right now. I have thought of a possible Rework that hopefully the Blizzard team might take into consideration.

  • Ana’s firing rate will be increased by 10% (This will help Ana sustain herself if came into a duel with enemy team mate)

  • Ana will now do 70 hp Heals per dart hit (Needed balance for firing rate increase)

  • Sleep Dart projectile speed will be increased by 15%

  • Nano Boost will have an option to nano self or team mate (Tapping “Q” then left clicking to choose team mate, or right clicking to nano self)

Hopefully this will make Ana a much more reliable pick in the current meta

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Really all she needs is self healing like 10-20% of the damage she does


I’m pretty sure the devs said they won’t do a rework on her, but instead will keep on “buffing her strengths”

The DEVs already stated the following.

Essentially they kind of straight-jacket’d their options on buffing her. She’s been designated to lack mobility and decent self heals. They’re wary on buffing her grenade too for fear of bringing on another tank meta. They’re also afraid of buffing her DPS for fear of overshadowing Widowmaker.

For starters I’d up her healing shot throughput enough that she could operate better as a main healer.

Next I would improve her self defense. Perhaps make the sleep dart easier to land on a target. This would go a long long way on making the tool more feasible to use as an evasion tool. As is it’s harder to hit with than her own basic shots. That’s terrible for a self defense tool – especially at lower brackets.

Perhaps they could also give her a passive to make it easier for her to operate at range. That way she wouldn’t have to hug tanks every game just to survive. Maybe give her a ghillie suit to allow her to function at the range her weaponry suggests she ought to be.

Either way Ana does need something. Already she has too many hard counters in the form of dive. Aside from Brigitte every new hero added to the game has only served to increased the size of the dive pool. Now it appears that Hammond will be yet another hard counter soon to arrive.

If we’re to help the DEVs help Ana we need to come up with better ideas than a better self heal or more mobility. Those wont fly anymore. The DEV answer regarding them is a definite NO. We need to move on and forward better suggestions than we have been doing.