Ana "I need help" voiceline

I remember when she got her damage back people were hyped. I was hyped then after awhile I said to myself ok her damage needs to go back to 80. This DOT still moves too slow even though I can three shot again.

I’m still upset about that Seagull Interveiw…


That should be call for help voiceline.

I can swear that granny uses a walker already. Why not get her a Life Alert pendant?

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That always burns me

Why shouldn’t the higher skill cap hero be used in the higher level of play every game?

Mercy dominates from Bronze to OWL

Even at her PEAK Ana only beat Mercy from Diamond upwards

Ana was meta for at best 5-6 months

We’re at a YEAR with Mercy, TWICE the length Ana was even thought of as good

With mobility creep, the addition of two new supports, and the Lucio/ Mercy re-works Ana can’t be fixed with these weird bandaid buffs or tweeks they keep giving her

You have a problem when someone who is known to play Ana, who’s rise to fame came from Ana, and they don’t even play her anymore


Can Ana also say something like “target slept!” when she sleeps an enemy? We don’t really have much voice-chat on console and it would perhaps help people not accidentally shooting slept targets and also help teammates notice if Ana needs help dealing with a target.


Even if Mercy falls Ana has no place left in the game. Moira is just going to replace Mercy and Lucio is going to be her partner. Ana will only get played because we like her that’s it.


Seriously the sleep dart needs to be just as effective at point blank range as McCree’s Flash Bang. As is It’s a harder utility to land on anything in the game. That sorta defeats its purpose as a panic button…

Even when you do hit anything any accidental stray damage will wake the target. Waking someone should be about as tough as breaking a Symmetra turret.

Ana is literally out in the open to dive as a lamb for slaughter. She can’t run, has weak DPS, weak self heals and has to be pinpoint accurate against high mobility heroes with very low to hit requirements. Further it seems most new heroes they put out add to dive.

It once was just Winston, D.VA, Tracer and Genji. Since then they added Doomfist and Sombra; and now we have Hammond to look forward to. This and they have the audacity to say that Hammond will help Ana’s survivability. Isn’t that what they said about Sombra then later Doomfist when they came out? Now look how helpful they are.

Honestly, one of the DEVs needs to start maining Ana just so that they can feel what it is and how bad Ana actually has it in this game. They honestly seem to think she’s a hero that she’s not. They’re killing her and think that she isn’t popular to play because she isn’t liked. That too is wrong.

I seriously wish they would make the sleep dart a hitscan instead of projectile.It would make one able to land it more often. :confused:

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Look at all the indirect nerfs Ana has taken. It’s only going to get worse and worse.

You forget the increases in damage rates around when Doomfist was added to the game. They also upped Junkrat and Reaper’s damages. It got so bad that no support could heal through it.

As a response they then added shields and buffed up shields. Great.

You forget when after her big nerf they buffed the distances all mobility heroes could leap and jump from 4 meters to 7. The complaint from Genji and Tracer was that they couldn’t bypass the tank line without getting stomped on. That minor buff to all high mobility heroes is what made dive possible.

yeah she does. she’s like “they’re all over me”, “get them off me”, and “i’m under attack”.

You right I did miss those lol. But even you see that these indirect nerfs keep piling up and none the buffs she gotten has compensated for all the nerfs and indirect nerfs she’s taken.

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I don’t think the voice actress was available.
Just look at this touching video;

She lives at the other side of the world.

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I remember that. I also remember hearing that she records the voicelines and sends it to Blizzard.

But yes she does live on the other side of the world but how Blizzard treats Ana doesn’t make it any better even if this is all true

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I’m slowly switching to a Mercy main. I don’t want to but its becoming much harder to be a main healer as Ana. She’s far too unreliable and I’m getting tired of having no escape to asimple hero like Winston, heck even Symetra counters me now. Not like I have much mobility to outrun a turret once I see it land in my piss poor near ground level sniper nest, let alone the death beam; let’s not even mention how her entire alt cancels everything I do just like Winston’s bubble.

The guy above is right. Everytime a new hero is added or one is changed Ana just gets more indirect nerds. If it isn’t a new hero taking over something Ana used to have a niche for, it’s a rework to another hero’s kit taking away one of Ana’s strengths or exploiting more of her weaknesses.

Not to mention those clutch sleep darts I pull are instantly ruined by stray fire, its annoying. One time I slept a Bastion as he ulted. My team praised me but half a second after the dart landed a stray bullet barely grazing Bastion woke him back up.

You have to have hive mind synergy yo make sleep dart work as Blizzard intended. My team read AND I called the sleep but it still was bad to use mid fight. Add in the fact its hard as hell to land as is, and Ana’s only form of escape, on a very long cooldown and you can see why her win rate is terribly low.

Picking her is getting to attack Torbjorn levels of bad. Only thing really holding her from troll level is her ultimate. Why Blizz decided to buff that is beyond me. It’s a great buff and all but it does nothing if Ana’s mobility and self sustaining isn’t addressed. It’s like if they tried fixing Symetra 2.0 by increasing the health of her shield generator.


Oh yeah I’m sure if they gave her 100% Amp, 5 second Nade again she would be bad.


Make both of her firing modes hitscan, leave the tracer-rounds on the scope mode. Give her a sleep spray for close range defense, doesn’t instantly sleep but forces divers to give her space so she has a chance to fight back. Give her some kind of mobility ability that includes verticality, a toned-down Widow grapple makes sense as they are both professional Snipers.

Hey look… Ana’s fixed!

Ana is underappreciated. You can’t see when she’s healing you AND you can’t hear when she needs help. Whenever I’ve played tank or dps I can personally say I’ve never felt the need to turn around and help our Ana if I’m busy doing something else, where as I’ll drop everything if I hear my Mercy say “get them off me” (without team chat of course)

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I came to that same conclusion some time back. I had something like more than 130 hours logged on Ana and 30 something on Mercy. In all that waiting for Ana to return I now have 171 hours logged on Mercy and
158 logged on Ana. Yet I still consider myself an Ana main or at the very least an unwilling Mercy main. Had they done it right in the first place more than 100 of those added Mercy hours would’ve been Ana’s.

I’m so sick and tired of waiting for Ana to return yet every time I try to return I realize the impossibility of returning.

One of my team mates is a one-trick Bastion so it’s not like our team’s going to climb out of our bracket any time soon. If I play what I want we lose. If I play Mercy things go better. At low brackets there IS NO CONCEPT OF PEEL. So much for playing Ana then when there is so much as two dive heroes or one good dive hero on the enemy side.

Her defenses suck. At least during the tank meta there was a tank line and blocking enemies from getting past that line was a thing. Nowadays it’s trivial for enemies to infiltrate into the back. There’s only a tissue paper defense available to block them.

Thats true, but unlike Ana, healers you mentioned are more around their teammates and in the midst of battle, Ana is in the backline healing from afar. So even if she had that voiceline, noone would hear it

Which is where you’re wrong buddy.On most maps Ana is forced to heal from upclose because of visual barriers.She isn’t like Widow so she can’t find a spot from afar that she can get a good angle from on her team.And Ana needs it in general,like every support does.