Trading Post Issue and Fix Underway

We’ve identified an issue that’s preventing players from receiving Trader’s Tender and Ash’adar rewards from the Traveler’s Log.

We do not believe any credit or progress has been lost, and we believe that the expected rewards should in your Collector’s Cache once the bug is fixed.

Thank you for your patience!


Edit - my mistake on missing the tender part of the post as well.

What is the maximum amount of tender a player who owns Dragonflight should have for clearence?


now… about that goblin weather machine ? :eyes:

fix when?


2000 Traders Tenders afaik


In that case, then yea, I’m missing 300. I’m only at 1600 tender atm.

Any word on Evoker bug fixes?

I think I was at 1600, then I completed the travelers log and got that 400 in the chest with the mount, but honestly, I’m not 100% sure how I got all my currency, I just did stuff.

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Yeah I’m not sure either, but I’m pretty sure I hadn’t picked up any of the tender until now. When I went to pick up the mount from the chest, all I got was 100 tender, putting me at 1600. Either way, there tender missing ;-;

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That’s apparently what they’re trying to fix:

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If you wanted to point out my mistake, this is what you should have quoted, but thanks.

No, I wanted to reassure you that they have promised you’ll get your tender once they’ve made their fix.


Glad to have some acknowledgment on this issue as someone who hasn’t received any tenders or the Ash’adar mount despite meeting the pre-requisites.

What issue are you having with that? I’m assuming it hasn’t been delivered yet.

It showed up as an unopened gift in my toy collection without any sort of notification.


Good luck. Still waiting on my Swift Windsteed that never showed up even though I’ve done literally every single thing that could be holding it up. Account linked properly on Battle.Net. Everything done correctly on the Twitch side. Waited weeks. And now the Ash’Adar issues. Which got worse when I logged in and had 0 currency today. I’m so tired of fighting bugs this expansion. It’s an absolutely stunning expansion, but the game is miserably buggy and the lack of fixes weeks after Twitch drops while more drops go up still getting the same bugs is unforgivable.


Thanks for at least acknowledging the issue with the missing curreny after 4 days. Ah well…:sweat_smile:

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Just another Bait do y’all really ever test these things before releasing them I thought the trading post was a stupid idea to begin with then I complete it w/o trying only to be let down by blizzard again.
not only did I not get the mount, but my acquired traveler points reset to zero y’all might want to think about bringing back the people that actually knew what was going on.


ty it fixed it

appreciate it

Hello, when I complete the mission of the trading post, it did not give me coins, when I open the chest I do not receive rewards and I cannot collect the rewards of the challenges carried out, nor can I buy in the trading store. I don’t have addons, I reinstalled the game and it doesn’t work either.

But you have contingency if you’re wrong, right? That’s a cool mount, would hate to miss out.