Ash'adar mount

They don’t “believe” progress is lost. They don’t know for certain. It’s still an issue that is impacting players from participating in this key feature. They need to fix their code. Those of us who are impacted “love” logging in each day and seeing 1) nothing fixed 2) that the points we earned keep fluctuating & 3) silence for days with a non-answer as an answer.

This needs to be weighed, not just implemented.

Basic logic would dictate that more than 50% of players would need to have the TP bugged for them in order to do so. Otherwise…? You’re inconveniencing more players than you are helping.

As the people experiencing a bug are in the minority right now, they wait, so that the majority of players aren’t inconvenienced.

Think outside of the box. If you were actually in the majority and the TP was working for you, and then Blizz came around and said, “we’re shutting it down because 5% of players cannot access it,” then (don’t tell a porky pie now) you’d be in here lickety-split complaining about how you shouldn’t be inconvenienced.

And as said like eleventy-billion times in all these TP bug threads… the event isn’t over until the end of the month. We are at the fifth of February here.

Patience is a virtue.


There were a few posts acknowlydging issues over the last few days, it’s only been out as a system for 4 days also. This is the most transparent I have seen for a while. I understand fustration, but are insults really necessary? It’s not like the system is ending after a week, it will be up for the forseeable future.


We have had patience. We’ve earned the promised rewards and still nothing. We’re playing the game like everyone else, but it’s cool that we’re getting screwed over but no one else is?

My sub is current, i, and everyone else impacted should have been able to receive our rewards when were promised them upon completion of whatever it is they required of us in game. Just like every other player playing the game with an account in good standing.

Furthermore customer service forums is exactly the proper place to vent frustrations for game play issues such as this.

You must have more than four-days’-worth.

Your words, not mine; I don’t agree that losing four-days’ access to an optional game feature is “getting screwed over.” But I do agree that when it comes to bugs, the minority of players gets to wait; that’s fair. In this instance you and others experiencing these issues are in the minority, so you folks wait.

When you’re playing and not having an issue, and some other player has a bug that’s affecting a minority of players, then they wait.

This is all moot anyway since there have been multiple reports from staff that the issue is being worked on.

Your sub allows for errors and downtime; you agreed to that.

This is a bug. Blizzard is not infallible. They’re human, and so we have respect for that, and we wait. Shoot, they even tell us up-front, “look, there are going to be problems from time to time, so let’s agree from the get-go that when these bugs and outages happen, you’re going to wait patiently. Either that, or don’t accept the terms.”

And then we all click "Accept."

Have at it, if you want, but as developers fix the bugs, and developers don’t visit this forum, your vent falls on deaf ears.

Instead, you’ll receive advice and information here, from other players as well as the occasional Support Forum Agent (employee), on the hows and whys of things.


Blizzard doesn’t have Customer Service forums. They have Customer Support.


Customer Support is a player to player assistance forum. The only Blues you will see on this forum are our Support Forum Agents. They are not GMs, they are not Devs. They do their utmost to offer advice and insight when and where they can.

To be perfectly honest, the Devs (who again, don’t come here) have been pretty on top of posting about this issue, rather unlike them actually. I wish they were this on top of and transparent with all of the issues that come about.

If you want to complain, you’re absolutely welcome to. Tweet @WarcraftDevs should you like, or submit your feedback in-game through the suggestions and feedback tool. As this forum is one for players to assist other players, you complaining here isn’t being passed along to anyone who needs to see it. This is literally the only forum that no staff comes to beyond our SFAs, and they do not relay along feedback as there are other proper channels for that. If you absolutely must vent on the forums, General Discussion is the best place for it.

Also, just because -

Emphasis mine. You speak for yourself, no one else. Throw all the tantrums you’d like. There are plenty of people who can speak just fine in all of the Bug Report and GD threads you’re spam posting in, they don’t need you to speak for them. Same for the people already in this thread.

And if you want to talk about bull excrement, as you’ve “maskedly” called it? I call it on your crickets that you keep talking about over and over and over again.



Those are Dev posts. This forum is littered with posts from our SFAs where it’s been acknowledged that there was an issue since it was being posted about. So how about you try and hop off whatever mess you’re on about there being nothing posted in the FIVE WHOLE DAYS this has been active.

I’ll also happily point out that nowhere does it say that the mount or anything else would be delivered within X time frame or even immediately upon completion. If you can find that documented somewhere officially, I’ll gladly apologize.


So… because it’s an issue for you. no one else should be allowed to get the mount?


And it may not be. But finding these bugs isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of data and a lot of process. This may have to go in steps: fix this portion, see if that’s the only portion. There may not be a way to find out otherwise.

I’m sorry you feel nothing is being done, when stuff is being done. This was never going to be an immediate fix. It’s random, it sometimes fixes itself and it’s not easy to find. Like 1/4 of a needle in a haystack.

Your attitude isn’t going to get it fixed faster on a peer to peer forum.


Same story here, but I would have confidence here. If they can retro-fix it, and believe nothing is lost (like they said it has), then, everything should be fine. :slight_smile:


No, it isn’t.

A few players have issues with character moves. Should they shut that down for everyone? A few players have issues with character renames. Should they shut that down for everyone? A few players have had issues upgrading gear. Should they shut that down for everyone? A few players have issues logging into the game at all. Should they shut down the whole game because of it?

So you missed all the posts that say that Blizzard knows there is an issue, they believe they have found where the problem is in the code, and that they are working on a solution? Links to those posts from Blizzard employees are in this thread.


Thanks Ruffle but I’ve already tried that. When I didn’t get my currency yesterday I logged out hoping it would be there today when I logged in and it wasn’t. As soon as the the mount was available and the chest couldn’t be clicked on, I talked to both vendors and still nothing. Thanks for the suggestion tho.


At this point I kinda don’t understand why they don’t disable the Trading Post until its issues are resolved. I know, this isn’t affecting everyone, but it’s clearly affecting more people day by day, and this just leads to further player frustration with nothing but devs’ belief that there’s no progress lost. I’m sure they believed the feature was going to work as intended when they released it too.

They could disable it, resolve all the issues, and bring it back again in a couple of days. It means some players don’t get to progress on their traveler’s journals, but it would prevent more players completing it and ending up in the same situation as all the players here complaining about getting jack from their monthly reward.

They had no problem disabling it on the EU realms, why does NA just have to limp along while they resolve it?

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If you feel this should be done, it’s be better suited outside of the CS forum as the blues here ain’t part of the team who’s working on this and ain’t able to pass this along.


Vrakthris already explained that was a different issue:


There are players who are having issues logging into the game. Should Blizzard shut down the whole game until their issue is addressed? No. The same goes for this issue.

This isn’t a one-and-done event. It’s a new feature to the game. The “event” lasts until March.

Why shut it down because a small number of players are having issues? Contrary to what posters have said, it doesn’t appear to actually be that wide-spread. If it were as impactful as posters claim, there would be a lot more postings about it, by a lot more players.

The Twitch Drops issue had a lot more posts about it than this one does. Blizzard didn’t stop the ones they were running last fall because of it. Blizzard even ran a new one this week.

Now that the code for it is in the game, and a lot of players have been working on it, what impact would removing it have? At the moment the Devs don’t believe player progress is lost. When they patch it players should be able to pick up where they stopped off. The ones who earned the mount should be able to get it. If they do disable it, would it lose everyone their progress? Not just the ones having what seems to be a display issue, but also the ones who aren’t.

Because the EU issue was totally different from this. Their issue happened immediately after the realms came up. Blizzard removed it within hours. The fix to theirs was happening during our maintenance and the same fix was applied to the NA realms so we wouldn’t have the issue the EU was having. Two totally different issues.

It would mean everyone who hasn’t successfully completed would be impacted, instead of the few that are having issues. Removing it would be a lot more disruptive.


It’s cute that you think that, but Kozzae will be doing no such thing. They are a player just like you, me, and everyone else posting in text that is not blue.

I guess you’ll just have to take that forum removal sooner than you hoped for.


We do understand that I don’t work for Blizzard? Perhaps before a moderater misunderstands your fustrations, you might reconsider and edit your post with the knowlydge I do am awaiting my own mount?


You have not had patience since it is only the 5th and this is affecting a small amount of players. They have acknowledged there is an issue and are working on resolving it. That takes time. You are NOT getting screwed over as they are trying to fix it and get you what you think you are owed. There are so many different computer systems that are involved in this issue and they cannot code it to work for every system straight from the start.


I don’t know if this is the place to report this but I believe the issue to stem from attempting to open the cache on a character who has not initiated the quest. On launch of the TP, I received the quest on my shaman, but after completing some requirements, I went and continued the quest on my Druid — a character who is 70 but had never completed the dragon isles starting quest line. The close proximity of the npc drakthyr atop the stockade, was causing an issue with me completing the trading post quest. After dropping that dragonflight starting quest, I could complete the trading post one but I could not open the cache to receive my rewards. At least on my Druid, when I switched to my shaman, he could access the cache and collect the coins inside. After completing the monthly requirement though, I could not get access to the cache on either character to receive the mount.