What happened to customer support?

I have two issues that I tried to submit tickets for as soon as the trader post went live. I completed the quest and never received the rewarded tokens. I tried everything the Devs suggested in the forums and still nothing. I have a toon that can’t do a whole quest line and when I tried to submit a ticket, I had to put it in the bug report in the forums. Again, lost and no response. I remember when I submitted a ticket it was handled quickly, and I was always satisfied. Unfortunately, now I never trust Blizzard and if I’m asked about the game, I have to say the customer support is terrible and if that’s important, look somewhere else. I doubt this will even be viewed by anyone in customer support. we will see.

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If you checked the multiple threads here and bug forums you would know its a known issue thats a top prority and that gms wouldnt be able to help regardles.


I’ll be happy to take that bet, considering you posted in the Customer Support forum. However I should warn you that this is more an information desk where players help other players, not an avenue to contact developers or game masters.

They are aware of the situation and will provide updates in the below threads as soon as there are updates to share. Including when they think they’ll be able to push the update.

While working on such high-profile fixes, it is common for the developers to tell game masters hands off, lest something they do make things worse in the grand scheme of things.



Game masters have always been forbidden from giving out game hints.

The Bug Report forum is all-but-guaranteed to not receive a response unless further information is needed.

If you’d like to provide the toon in question’s name-realm combo and what quest you’re stuck on, we players (and sometimes SFAs) aren’t beholden to that rule and might be able to help point you in the right direction.

That’s excellent to hear, but that has by no means ever been the standard. They’ve had to say no for a great many things or turn people away from the very beginning because what was asked of them was something they could not do or answer.

With the rose-tinted glasses of the above, this makes sense. But their support has always been the same since the beginning, they have always held fast to the core tenets of their policies.


GMs are not allowed to give you the currency, esp for a bugged feature like this. Fixing it for individuals would make it worse when the Devs fix the actual issues. You will have to wait on the Devs to fix it for everyone which they are working on.

Updates for that are here


Welcome to Customer Support, not to be confused with Customer Service. This forum is one for players to assist other players.

For this matter, tickets won’t do anything because it’s a bug.

GMs are the staff that answers tickets. Devs are the staff that fixes bugs. These wires do not cross. So tickets, they serve no purpose in this regard. You must wait on the Devs to push the fix out.

Vrak laid it out pretty well in another of the dozens of posts that are currently up about this.


what is the character, and what is the quest line?

i see this thread here, but it doesn’t give a character name or realm…

details for the achievement are here:

the quest you need from the Broken Shore which sends you on the final quest chain for the mount is:

which starts from


And this is exactly why there’s a pervasive belief amongst a subset of players that Blizzard CS is the most horrible thing in the world… because people post publicly all over the internet about how terrible things are and how horrible the “modern” CS is versus CS in the “good old days” before establishing fact one about whether they’re in the right, whether they have a point, or whether what they want done is even do-able.

Reminds me of an old Queen song, “…I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now.”

You might want to find the people that asked you about the game - the ones you told to avoid WoW because CS is terrible - and explain to them that you spoke before you really thought about things.

Hearsay is literally the entire root of all this nonsense about Blizz having terrible CS. Well, that and two major facts: 1) Players agree to the license terms then go nuclear when they’re held to them, and 2) Players have wild and unreasonable expectations when it comes to fixing bugs and technical issues… even though we all agreed to downtimes and wait-times and bugs and errors in #1.



OK, so I gave in to my frustration and was over the top with the rhetoric. All I was looking for was a response, anything would have been fine. I had to get an addon to help with the quest line and the trader post was fixed with the last patch. I’m not of the computer generation so I don’t know if the quest issue was a glitch, bug, or my stupidity, and when I exhaust all my limited knowledge, I ask for help and I was receiving none. I’m old enough to remember when the “old Queen song” was a new Queen song, and it’s more than just about the chorus line. It’s about a person being abitious and trying to accomplish his dreams. Or, in my case play the game. Peace Breakbeat, see you in the game.

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…nor would you have got any help from GMs.
What you were asking for, is considered a game hint.
It’s not something which a GM can help with.
You could have simply asked for quest help in any of the appropriate forum sections, and you could have been on your way and questing in under an hour, instead of waiting days to be told a GM can’t assist.


As am I. In '89 I was fourteen and being a huge fan of Queen (primarily because of Flash Gordon and Highlander) I probably bought the tape when it came out; I really don’t remember. I do know the meaning of the song, but the chorus taken out of context sure does describe the behavior I was speaking of in my post.

But you are right, indeed. That song has a deeper meaning than the line I used out of context.

Perhaps this would have been more appropriate, Veruca Salt’s performance in the original Willy Wonka:

“I want the works, I want the whole works, presents and prizes and sweets and surprises of all shapes and sizes… Don’t care how, I want it now.”

That song has no deeper meaning. She wants what she wants despite how impractical her requests are, and she wants it now.

See you around.


The main thing that I always point out to people who complain about Blizzard’s Customer Service is this:

Think about the size of the player base. Now think about how many people they would have to employ to handle that many players’ tickets in a few hours.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather not have them shift that large a chunk of the personnel budget from Development to CS. Let alone building construction, furnishing & maintenance for the huge staff required.


It is a matter of having the staff to keep tickets to about 24 hours on days when nothing is going haywire. When things like new content come out and tickets increase that happens and everyone has to deal with longer ticket times.

There is a balance between how much staff for Customer service before your loosing money doing so.

Nobody is happy about it. It’s a combination of things. They’re working as hard as they can to improve wait times.

Hiya Breakbeat,
You have a lot of music references, that’s cool. almost like Casey Kasim’s Top 40. I don’t think your Queen reference was bad, in fact I would have used the same reference for the same thing. You seem like a cool dude, maybe a musician or music teacher or maybe just like me, I just like listening to music. Now all issues I had, are fixed. So, I chalk it up to experience. I do look forward to the next top 40 hit, maybe a #1 hit would be cool. In 1989 I was 29 and 12yrs into a 26 year military career and a father of 3. Stay frosty Breakbeat.


Same. I took a single music theory class in college, had some failed piano lessons when I was a kid and as an adult, enjoyed a brief amateur foray into music production, but other than that I am just an armchair musicologist. I live and breathe music, and on an amateur level, study it.

Before I drop this thread, I want to point out that what I said, if you re-read, was directed at the greater “hivemind” that does exactly what I said they do… they spread misinformation about Blizzard CS, damaging their rep, based on snap-decisions made when they’re upset because they can’t have what they want, and they can’t have it right now.

The only thing I ever said directly related to your personal behavior here is this, which I still stand behind:

Did your behavior prompt my post? Yes. Because you did exactly the above. You stated that you told other people to avoid WoW because the CS is terrible, when the issues you brought up were 1) known and being worked on, as for the Trading Post, and 2) not a CS issue, in regards to the quest line (hints) help you needed.

I’m not sure if I want to “stay frosty,” or even what you meant by that, but you have yourself a good day, too.


Hello again Breakbeat, I took your original post to heart and conceded to your points. My post was out of frustration and completely wrong. I make mistakes and learn from them. Which is why I have been responding to you in a more civil way. But, I didn’t say that I told other people to avoid WoW, I said if I was asked I would say that. Truth be told, I don’t talk to anyone about WoW in my neck of the woods. I’m too old to hang with the average aged WoW player, and I don’t know anyone my age that plays, I tried to teach my wife to play, but she just circled the mouse so fast it gave me vertigo. So much for that. Totally different, I took drum lessons, but that ended when I dislocated my wrist . I also took bass guitar lessons, but the lady moved and that ended that. " Stay frosty" is a movie quote, I think from " Aliens ". It just means stay alert, in reference to your WoW toon. See ya round Breakbeat.


did you totally log out of battlenet, wait 15- 30mins and log back in? That solved the not being able to loot the tender box for me.


Howdy, yes I did and a bunch of other stuff, but it was all fixed with the last update. I am issue free now. Thank you for taking the time to help. Good hunting Baraduin