Overcrowded Realm Update – August 21

Since our last update, we have continued to see the community create new characters in preparation for the launch of WoW® Classic next week. During this process, we have seen a regular trend where characters keep being made on Full realms. Each of the Full realms has a LOT of characters to the extent that it may be more than can fit into the queue system. As a result, you may not be able to get into the queue when you want to play and even if you do, it will likely be a very long wait. For a better play experience, we highly recommend that players avoid creating characters on any realm marked as Full.

Additionally, at this time, based on their expected population and queues, we strongly advise people to move off the following realms:

  • Herod – PvP
  • Faerlina – PvP
  • Whitemane – PvP

If you are currently planning to play on one of these realms, you should expect extremely long queue times that take several hours to get through. In order to have a better play experience, we urge players on these realms to consider moving to the Blaumeux (Pacific Time Zone) and Skeram (Eastern Time Zone) realms.

All of the existing realms have a healthy population. Even a Full realm in 2006 would be Low by our current metrics. Any realm that is listed above Medium should expect queues at launch, with increasing severity from High to Full.


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Ty for the update, Bornakk.

Have a sammich. Not fel, I promise.


just lock the realms where oyu cant even fit people in the queue, jfc


“you think you do but you don’t”


there will be queues even on High realms, and all options for PvE realms are either High or Full. ???

edit: I realize the only purpose of these ongoing posts is to defer blame on launch day when all the High Pop realms are a mess, but can you at least feign an attempt to prevent this from happening other than a series of preemptive “i told you so” warnings?


Lock the overfilled realm!

What exactly is stopping you guys from doing this and instead blaming the players who keep rolling on them?


Even if it’s full we want to ensure we’re on a server that lasts. We don’t want 30 realms that get connected later because of population issues. Thanks for the warning though. We’re committed and prepared for the queues.


Now you stubborn people who won’t switch realms have your answer to what exactly “severe” ques means :smiley:


How about, for a better play experience you open another 1-2 normal realms? Geeez.


Please take a moment to check out the Reddit survey thread- currently THOUSANDS of people who marked they will be subbing at launch.

We need new PVE servers now so we can switch before this weekend and have to compete with thousands of new players for names. We subbed early for this Blizz, please throw us a bone :slight_smile:


Need additional PVE East servers…


The community clearly wants mega servers. Listen to your community and let the people roll in. Private servers could do it, why can’t you? Overpopulation fixes itself as the game goes on anyways and only benefits the in game world.

No one wants to leave their server.

Why don’t you give us a population update after a month to see how full they still are?


Gonna get my popcorn ready for all the forum drama on launch day when people come here flabbergasted as to why they are sitting in an 8 hour queue. And how they had absolutely no idea, and were given no warning. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a twist, they disconnect once finally getting through the queue only to have to experience it one more time.


Let us xfer our characters to these realms beforehand and sure. I’m not losing my char name though, queue or no queue.


Nice try Blizz. You arnt tricking me nor changing my mind.

Give me herod or give me death.


Thighmane 4 life!


Until release day comes and people are in 4 hour plus q’s and start 3490 threads on the forum to complain.


Absolutely not. Megaservers are completely antithetical to the Vanilla experience, and anyone who wants one does not understand Classic.