There goes my nice quiet server

Frostmourne? Quiet?

Come to skeram alliance side if you ever need another small server on classic I should add. We’re small but it’s enjoyable :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, and it’s going to get real bad at launch of shadowlands. It was fine on my server for me last time, now we have like 6 more servers, it’s going to be long waits.

I feel like theres always been some weird phasing stuff going on ingame, especially around the edges of zones :frowning:

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This is the experience they want you to have. You will have it, and you will like it. Or else.

Blizz in a few months when they “realize” they packed too may servers together: Hey guys! who wants free or discounted transfers to dead servers sans economy!

Or else, I will quit.

…There’s a difference between playing a game with other people around and having to stand in a line that wraps around the block before you can play the game.

Anyway, there shouldn’t be any other people around… Where would they find a dozen "Champion of Azeroth"s and why would that quest giver send them all to collect wolf pelts (again).

I’m just glad Killhoof hasn’t been scheduled for demolition yet. There will be enough people online in two months anyway. No need to stuff more on.

I never understood why Blizz waited until the very end of an xpac to do merges. That’s right before the flood of returning players. The best time (IMO) for merges would be 6 months into the xpac, when the rush is over and your population is going to be pretty stable for the next 18 months.

some just aren’t worth bothering with anymore. sha of fear can spawn at any of several points (3? i forget) around the zone and dies instantly.

If you are having problems in old world zones that solution is simple…

Turn on warmode. You are alliance :grin:

What’s weird is my “quiet” realm Winterhoof always said it was “medium” pop and I agree it’s pretty busy with questers. But with this new combonding it is now over night labeled “low”. I wonder if we’re next?!?!

Why people want to be on low population realms is beyond me? I like full realms. There are more guilds, the economy is better, you actually see people running around in the world, there is just so much more variety. I do dislike full realms that are one sided though.

Honestly no idea, I’ve never seen any BFA discs but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were still made for collectors.

They changed server population designations overnight several times in Legion. We have no way of knowing what it means.

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You’re right.

These posts are about classic but maybe it’s the same for retail :man_shrugging:

These people need their safe space.

Other people existing = ohmygawd they’re invading MY space!

Some people like country living some people like city living :slight_smile:

Cross-realm zones and connected realms are unrelated. We’ve had CRZ for many years now.

Realms that get cross realms with realms that make them high population should give people an option to switch characters to another low pop realm if they like low pop. It seems like a fair compromise for those who want low pop and then get cross realmed to high pop :smiley:

It’s an MMO, deal with it.

Rather be connected then have CRZ.