New Services Advertisement Policy

This week the 9.2.7 update introduces the new chat channel: Trade (Services). The Trade (Services) chat channel is used for searching and advertising services like raiding, dungeons, or PvP activities, keeping the original Trade chat channel available for traditional buying and selling of items and profession services.

With the separation of trade services into its own chat channel, a new policy will take place. Any boosting, carrying, or other similar services offered for gold that’s advertised outside of the Trade (Services) chat channel will be considered spam and the proper actions will be taken, so be sure to switch your service advertisements to the new chat channel when it becomes available after this week’s regional maintenance.


I cannot recall anywhere but is this channel an opt-out or opt-in scenario? Hoping for the latter.

For everyone confused about what I am saying.

If default state of channel has all players flagged to see/type in it, then for players to remove themselves that would be an opt-out.

On the flipside, if players are not in the channel by default. Then to join the channel would be an opt-in.

And here’s my concern/hope: players should not be in the channel by default under any circumstance. And for those that want said services, they should then opt-in to said channel.


What about the socializing that is done in Trade chat? Will that be considered spam since it is not being used for it’s intended purpose?


Sweet, now maybe the casuals will give us a break. :wink:


It should be.


If you read the blue post in only refers to boosting, carrying or similar services.


No. We live to give you a hard time :wink:


As long as I can opt-out of said channel.


I read the blue post

If I’m going to be punished for selling carries in a trade channel but not the intended one why shouldn’t people who are chatting in it even though it isn’t meant for socializing be punished as well?


We shouldn’t even be in said channel by default. People who want said services should be the ones to opt-in.


Agreed, we shouldn’t be in that channel by default, it tells new players that this is how things are done. Making this type of behavior the norm is Blizzards goal though, they’re making a killing with token sales.


Two things:

  • Trade chat wasn’t used for trading before it got flooded with booster ads, it was a general chat channel. Is this going to change? Will actual commodity and item sales replace it? If so, how will it be enforced?

  • Is limiting booster sales to its own channel going to be actively or semi-actively enforced, or will it still depend on player reports and be more or less automated?


Please change the policy so chatting has to be done outside of trade. im tired of politics and other awful spam taking up the trade channel and driving people away from it, it makes it so much harder to actually use the channel for what its titled as


That’s okay! We’ll still be here to give you great deals on +15 - +20 keys whenever you need.

I’m not sure what you’re saying here. The game isn’t designed around boosting services. But why would the mythic+/mythic raid community not get paid in in-game currency to do their normal routine if they can? It’s like a whole profession basically. We also get people their AOTC and stuff at the end of tiers where normally people wouldn’t be able to get it.


Actually, I’d go for an iced coffee, and a :bagel:


I’m sure that can be arranged! What do you say, Orgrimmar portal room, 12am?


I might still be awake lol

It’s a date! I’m just waiting around for Asgaerot to tell me why I’m wrong. So I’ll be here.

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That’s the fun side effect of difficulty bloat combined with multipliers on old maps being used as a substitute for new unique maps.