[H]&[A] <Synchronicity> Recruiting Older Players

We are a guild looking for older people to chill and hang out with. Play at your own pace. We look forward to working through TWW with more like minded people. What ever your interests are chatting,killing,farming,running dungeons,raiding. We enjoy doing all things. No level requirements.


Hello. My Husband and I are looking to make Wyrmrest our new horde home. We are wondering what “Older People” means in your post. Late 40s and Early 50s is the category we fit into.


Hiya!! Older people can also mean older minded people. Yes you two would fit in perfectly!! We have some younger then you both but also a few older. A nice mix of people. Check for someone online or send me an in game mail to add. We are also listed in the guild finder as well!! Have a fantabulous day!!!

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Ok great. We were playing classic wow but want to come back for the new patch we will find you.

We are also not racist!!! All classes & levels welcome.

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Wife and I are in Europe. Are there other players in the same boat?

We have players from all over the globe. I’m sure you both will fit right in!!

Is your night life populated??

We are just getting started. However we have some night owls and a few from different continents. It’s their morning when it’s our night. Our hope is to have people hanging out playing at all hours of the day. Thanks for asking!!!

I am loving this guild so far myself, very social group that is always willing to help out when needed, and a core of mature players is everything to me as well. No more dealing with children in my favorite game… at least not in my guild.

This sounds about like what I’m looking for. I’m pretty crusty though.

I’m so happy you like our new home. It’s nice to hang out with like minded people.

This guild is so friendly and just a bunch of awesome people!

Laid back folks, friendly environment. Come join up add to the growing roster of like minded people looking to be valued and not a # like in so many large scale guilds.

It is nice to be able to run things together and to hang out with older people. Thank you to everyone in the guild for making our guild such a chill place to play.

Liking these people. Didn’t post on my main because I am famous. Seriously though check them out.

Just for those in this boat - I’m there too! Good group of people to spend some time in Azeroth with. We chat, run some relaxed instances/mythics, help each other out. Low stress and high support. Come check it out.

Lotsa good folks, and always groups looking for mythics.

I’m extremely happy to see returning faces. Super excited about working to make our fun group grow.

Yeah! This is an awesome friendly guild! I been in the guild awhile, and hope to see some new faces to join us!