(H) I can't find a guild to call home, should I make one?

I am finding it hard to believe that in a server as huge as Wyrmrest, that I cannot find a guild to fit in. I am an older longtime player that is looking for a social guild with an active player base. I don’t need heavy progression or anything special. I am looking for good people to game with. I believe that guilds mean something, and that when people see your guild tag they should expect good people to come from it.

I used to GM a guild of nearly one-hundred players. It was a lot of work. No matter what people say, tensions occur between people. Good guilds are able to resolve problems and foster people that respect each other. Has that type of guild gone away?

Should I be the change that I want to see and make my own guild? Or are there still people that play World of Warcraft that are genuinely good, kind and fun people to game with?

I need a home. There has to be a guild here somewhere.


There are several guilds that are recruiting that are active and social in nature. I’m not sure if you’re unaware or just not interested, but this sort of post kinda comes off in a rude or trollish way. At least to me. Maybe I’m wrong and you’re genuinely asking, but like, what?


I am being genuine.

In Vanilla, I was in a guild that cared if I showed up. They wanted to game with me. And I wanted to game with them. It went beyond ilevel (didn’t exist) and was a guild where I built friendships.

I want to make friends in a guild where we might actually play another game on an off-night. A guild where I can get things done and will spend my time helping them do what they want as well.

It’s been hard to know what the state of WA is, much less WoW itself because when I inquire about the kind of people I want to game with, it seems like they doesn’t exist anymore, or aren’t looking to add people.


To me it sounds like you want to recapture old memories, but so long as you keep wearing the rose tinted glasses nothing will be able to compare to what you had before. Maybe making your own guild on your own terms is the right call. Maybe lowering your standards is the right call. I genuinely can’t tell you which will make you happy. But I will say that no matter what path you choose, you’ll be doomed to fail if you go into it wanting it to be just like the good old days. Take what you have today and make it into something you’ll look back on fondly years from now.


You’re posting on Wyrmrest Accord… are you looking for a Role-play guild?

Plenty of those have remained active even throughout the last two-year RP drought. You won’t find guilds of a 100 people right now… and really, quality is more important than quantity when role-playing. Though I guess numbers are better if its PVE you’re looking for.


Are you free this Sunday? I ask because there’s going to be dozens of guilds in the Drag of all kinds that are active (most of them for years) and recruiting. Any one of them could be up your alley. Meet the officers and members face to face- so to speak- and see if you jive.

If you can’t make it out on Sunday, we do this near the end of every month. Or you can join the Discord server and talk to people any time of the day.


Hi everyone gotchu, the WRA guilde faire discord is awesome to find a guild. Being the change doesnt necessarily mean starting a guild, it means proactively fostering an environment or culture as a player. Alot of our guilds are solid, starting your own guild is a solid option as well, but whether joining a guild or making one, you are making a promise to meet an expectation to yourself and others. What that expectation is you have to decide!


I understand the struggle of not being able to find a guild that fits your needs.
As stated above, there is a guild faire coming up soon that might be of interest of you if that is your style. I would advise downloading the add-on Listener if you want to attend the guild faire.


Using the Snooper function in Listener will be a life saver in keeping track of conversations and no more asking for people to repost things.

I heard of a guild called Synchronicity who advertise that they are a guild of older people who want everyone to play at their own pace. You can check them out here:

I agree, a guild should be able resolve problems and respect each other, and there are plenty of great guilds who are dedicated to their environment. However as times change, some people foster a mentality that is too unrealistic to put on GMs or how things should be done. In trying to ensure guilds are safe and inclusive it becomes a lot harder for some people because you don’t want to be unfair, and then there are people who don’t care enough and let certain behaviors remain.

The guilds who I think last forever and are recruiting a lot are ones who… might not really be paying attention to the actions of their guild members and seeing the words they say.

A lot of guilds now are likely run by someone younger these days and may not come from an environment of respect. So it’s better to keep reading and hunting. But I do think you should check out the guild I linked, it sounds a lot like what you’re looking for.


Ya, large numbers aren’t an issue. Just looking for some good people to have fun with. Thanks for the replies all. I suppose I am trying to find what I had before. I just feel that with a server this large that I can find a group of people that would fit me and vice versa. Thank you all for the replies.


Thank you so much for mentioning us that was very kind of you!!!


If you would like to ask us any questions about our guild please do. Would love to help you find a home.


It’s no problem!!! I just remember coming across your guild when reading this and it sounded similar to what was being looked for. Made me think about family if they wanted to come back and it was super nice to see you reply to most of all the questions on your forum post! Best of luck to you, hope you have a smooth take off during your Dragonflight. (Both you and Tylene!)


Hi Tylene,

In order to help you I would need to know what are you looking for in a guild.
Activity in guilds depends wildly on which are your usual timeslots for play.

Also the larger the guild the more anonymous it can be.

Far as focus goes, WrA has a lot of social guilds, rp guilds as expected and quite many pve focused guilds along with some pvp oriented guilds.

Logically focus doesnt mean they dont dive into other areas as a guild, however your post wasnt too clear beyond you wanting to make friends and find playmates.

There is nothing wrong with trying to recapture the feeling of before but like everything else, gaming and the game changed and the dynamics of guild somewhat changed.

My guild, Hero of the Horde, is more PvE oriented , we dont mind teaching people the ropes and helping out . We started as a pug and became friends eventually most of us moved into WrA. We love making new friends and far as conflict goes, thats inevitable in life, is how you deal with it that matters.

Some of us wanna get into/get back into RP , we arent a huge guild and we are active mostly around 8pm EST in game, we use discord a lot as message during the day and can sometimes snag some action there XD

Search inward what are you looking for and it will be much easier to find a playhouse!!

Good Hunting!

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