Looking for like minded people to play with

Ive been playing on and off since release. Unfortunately the few people i kept up with no longer play. Im in the 40 plus age bracket, looking for similar people to play with/chat with.
I work and have a family, but i try to play some during weekday evenings and random times on the weekend. Mythic+, pugging raids, questing, alts, etc. If this sounds good to you im on Thrall horde side. Thanks for reading.


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Good evening. We are a group of oldder aged wow players. I would say 40 on average. Some are older some are younger. We are on the horde side but not on your server. If you wanted to create an alt to check us out we are on Wrymrest. We enjoy a bit of everything here.

I hope you find a home. Wish you luck.
Take care


Keeper of the Keg is a new guild for casual players. If you’re a parent, are traveling for work, or your schedule isn’t set in stone, look no further!

In KotK, we understand that real life takes precedence over any game commitment.
We raid Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8pm - 10pm EST, with occasional added time if the group agrees to do so.
We strive to aim for AOTC, and take raiding seriously all while maintaining a fun, enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. We love to joke around, tease each other, have a drink (or two), and play WoW how it was meant to play: For fun!
We also provide all needed consumables for raid, enchants, materials for crafted gear, gems, etc at your own discretion. We got you covered on all fronts!

Aside from raiding, we run mythic +, pvp, social events and other games on the side!

The current positions are open for our core roster:
Tanks: N/A
Healers: N/A
RDPS: Mage, evoker
MDPS: Death knight, rogue.

Have a glass on us, and come join us today!

Current progression : 8/8N 1/8H

Discord: Bonebraker#1478
Btag: Bonebraker#11410

Discord: Da_Moose#2954
Btag: Moose#14671