<H> Couple looking for raiding guild

Hello there and thank you for taking your time to reas this!

As the title stated my girl and I are looking for a progression based raiding guild to join for this expansion to push AOTC for each raid. Do note that we are both roleplayers as well but we do put PvE first.

Starting off, my girl has a few characters she enjoys playing. Those being warlock, shadow priest and mage. Not much but she is good with those classes and enjoys the hell out of them!

I my self can fill most rolls save healing and playing a druid. Right now my big choices are hunter warrior rogue and monk.

We both have heroic raiding experiences under our wing as I have mythic raiding as well, but do also have experience with high m+.

Out times can be any day as long as it starts at 5:30pm server and ends around 8:30pm server. Do note that with later times we may have to drop due to work and irl stuffs.

So if you think we will be a good fit toss me a post here or add me or shoot me a whisper in game at Auliran or Auryas.

Hope to hear from yah soon!

Hey Auryas, you’re welcome to check out our guild Errantry. Our focus is on raiding and mythic keys and definitely could have you guys.

Raiding schedule is Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-9pm and we’re pretty casual with irl so if you can’t make it, no worries!

I’ll message you in game sometime tomorrow if you’re still interested!

Try Hand of Algalon. I’ll forward this thread to their GM, Sswatchout.

Hello! Feloirus forwarded this and if you haven’t found a place or are still window-shopping feel free to add me at SpareLyric#1417. I would love to chat and if our times/organization isnt the right place for you we can definitely recommend a number of raiding guilds with an assortment of environments! Hope all is well and that you have a dandy evening

Another option is . The guild is specifically geared up (pun intended) for people who are mature - in the sense of having the sort of real life commitments adults tend to develop. I know first hand that Meganira & the other founders are great bunch of people. I’m sure the rest of the members are cut from the same cloth.