[H]&[A] <Synchronicity> Recruiting Older Players

It’s really great you all are enjoying yourselves in the guild. Also bern great meeting the new people!!

This guild sounds perfect - my daughter and I have a ‘storage’ guild on WrA but I miss the social aspect of things. We’re here because we love creating back-stories for our OCs (she mount collects, I alt-collect)(no shame) I’m right in that 40-50 age group as well hehe… (creeping towards the 50 side of things actually)

Please find anyone of us in game. Most of my toons have Meg at the front. Or ask another for an invite!!

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We are still recruiting, so come join us and have fun!

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Hey again. Putting this back up to the top. We have a night crew on too. Wide range of times people are on. Always looking for new faces!!

I’m old! This has some interest to me.

Would love to see something similar to this guild on the Alliance side of things (( hint hint )) Just kidding. If I was on the Horde side, this would be something I would be interested in.

We did actually make an alliance side version of ourselves a year ago. The guild sits empty I’m afraid.

Bump for awesome people and a awesome guild you’ll should join!

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Thank you. Things are going well now. So many great people. Always looking for more!!

Come join us! Always seeking more active players to do stuff in-game .

Very fun group of people we have with us now. Always looking for more like minded individuals!!!

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I feel old now.

Are you still recruiting? I’m playing solo on both my servers and would like to have a guild to hang out with it. Thanks!

I’d need to transfer my alliance characters to horde but I’m horde on MG anyway (main server).

Yes we are always looking for new people!! Look for someone in game to add or myself.

Bump for this amazing guild!!!

Thank you the people here are amazing. It’s not the guild. Always looking for more.

Bump! Join our awesome guild! Always friendly and great players, so come join us.

If you are looking for a truly laid back, fun group of people this is your place! We do a bit of everything. We love grouping together and if you need help there is always someone willing to help with mains, alts, you name it! Want to raid or do mythic and mythic + dungeons but don’t like the stress of “are my numbers good enough?” Come join us zero judgement, death is only temporary in wow and usually ends in a good laugh. I can not say enough good things!

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Spending time with guild members is very enjoyable with this group of people!!! A very amusing bunch of people. Still looking for more people to become part of our strange family.