[H] Looking for a PVE Guild

Hey all~ I am looking for a new home. I’ve been playing since BC, but haven’t had an active guild since Mists of Pandaria. I’d really like to find a laid back guild to be a part of, make some new friends, run some dungeons etc. I’m also excited to possibly raid again as I have a pretty open schedule after 6PM CST M-F. Ah… not sure what else to say haha. Thanks in advance, looking forward to anyone who replies:]


There’s a couple of social/PvE/PvP guilds recruiting.





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Greetings Ouroborouse,

As the citation above states, we at Wayward Soul Company would be happy to welcome any player with a laid back, non-toxic mentality :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact us on our discord, whisper me in game (active as we speak on the character named Zapjul), or feel free to ask any questions you may have :slight_smile:
Our recruitment post

Good Morning. We have a very laid back PvE guild. [H] <Synchronicity> Recruiting Older Players

Hello all, thanks for the replies. I am taking a look at each guild posted and will reach out if I think yours is a good fit. Much appreciated:)