Solo player tired of being solo - LF fun social guild

I am an older player and came to WrA awhile back with some friends who have since stopped playing so I stopped RPing and just went Solo for PVE/some BG stuff.

I am getting bored of being solo and looking for a good group of folks to join and hang out with. As I mentioned I am an older player with kids/family as I am sure many are, so looking for something more casual and fun.

M+, PVP, might get into some RP but mainly looking for the fun and social aspect again and not having to pug dungeons (haven’t been doing dungeons much)

Looking forward to hopefully finding a good guild!


Honestly; I am starting to think solo players should form like a kind of lose association to do group content with.

I know the community and guild tag are supposed to provide that, but between the generation gaps, cultural anyphalectic responses, and general lack of being able to communicate clearly; few folks get noticed who may just have a vibe that over all works better in tight circles or solo.

Feel free to toss me a message fam and I would be up for any of the above you listed, and the same goes for anybody else reading this in the future.

Good luck in your search!



If you’re looking for a social guild, we’re always looking for more members. We’ve got folks scattered all over the time zones, I think even some Aussies & Euro members. Ingame, you can whisper or mail @Lonely, @Ruckuspaw, @Brakyr or look at our guild thread.

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Greetings Shaelir,

I see that you are posting from an alliance character and therefore our guild may prove of no interest for you, but should you be interested in finding a guild matching your description on the horde side, Wayward Soul Society would gladly welcome you within our ranks :slight_smile:


Wish I could suggest an alliance guild for yah to try, that said if you decide to play horde, or posting as alliance toon was a mistake feel free to check us out , a good number of our players are older folks or people with families, hectic lives etc


This post hit close to home lol, being a family man myself, the last few expansions I have jumped around trying to find a guild to relax and chill in, a place to hang out in and have fun. But it seems that “most” guilds come in a variety of 2 choices, either the “hardcore” guild, orrrr the ever so spammed “social” guild (which usually ends up being silent 90% of the time)

For this reason I have also been guildless and running solo since around the end of warlords, so if you find something that looks promising hit me up lol


The Shadow Vault is a medium RP guild for Knights of the Ebon Blade, but we do lots of m+. We also do heroic raiding with 1 night a week at 5-8 PM PST. RPers don’t need to PvE, PvErs don’t need to RP, and basically everything is optional.

We’re coming on 9 years as a guild now. A lot of us are older players with commitments outside of the game and enjoy PvE as a social activity.

You don’t need to be a DK, but DK lore is the niche interest that has brought us all together, so you can’t hate it! :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, friend Evelyne#1179 or ask any online member.

Good evening. We are a very laid back group of older aged players. Everyone has a real life that comes first. We are horde side mainly. Just starting to branch out in an ally side. Very early in the making.

Come join us!!! This is a fun guild. We joke around a lot in game and in Discord. We’re laid back and will help you if you need it. We have many that have reached 60 in Shadowlands and are running dungeons currently. We also have an alliance sister guild that just started to park those toons in as well. We look forward to seeing you!