[H] Thrall 1 Night per week AoTC guild LFM

Guild imploded. No longer recruiting.

Multiclass LF Guild
[H] Returning raiders lf raiding guild for 9.2
Dps druid lf guild for future raiding not yet geared but willing to work on it as much as possible
Returning player, looking for a casual guild to join
Returning player LF guild for raid & M+ WILL TRANSFER
2 Returning players
[H] LF Weekend Evening Raid Guild
[A]Returning to retail, looking for active guild
[US] Alliance or Horde. Looking for a guild with people that still enjoy WoW
[US] Horde Looking for a Raiding guild
H-Boomkin LF AOTC guild
Newer player looking for more casual/social guild
Just coming back to the game
[H]Returning player LF PVE Guild
234 Havoc DH LF Weekend Raiding Guild
Another Returning Player Looking for Guild / Group
Any non-mythic raiding guilds out there?
Horde - NA EST - Filthy casual seeking social guild
Rogue looking for Raiding Guild
Canadian making a new toon, looking for guild, Horde or Alliance
Healer LF active and social Raiding guild
Returning Player LF Friends
Ele Shaman/DK LF Home
[H] Returning healer (rsham/rdruid) LF heroic guild
Priest Looking For Raiding Guild for 9.2
Returning Player LF Raiding Guild
Lf Casual/hardcore guild
Returning player - looking for a guild for the first time
LF that close knit family type guild
Lf weekend raiding guild
Rerolling and LF New Guild
Looking for Fresh Start Faction dosen't matter
250 Frost Mage LF Casual Raiding Guild
Returning for 9.2, looking for social/raiding guild
Returning Healer/Dps for 9.2 (H or A)
DH (dps) looking for normal/heroic raiding
3/10H 227 WW monk returning
Returning Player, Looking for a Home [H or A]
Friend and I looking for guild
(H) Warr LF m+/raiding home
[H] Returning player Hunter lf guild
242 ilvl warrior lfg
Looking for heroic (AOTC) raid guild
WARLOCK (Playing 16yrs) LF LateNight PST PvE Guild
Feral Druid looking for a new home
Getting Back to It
Returning player LF AOTC+
[H] [NA] returning WoW Player LFG
Delete post
[H]250 Hpal 6/10M 2.4k IO looking for active guild
244 iLvl Frost DK LF Late Night or Morning Raiding Guild
Please Delete
245 ele shammy looking for raiding guild
Please Delete
Ret Pally LF PVE Guild
Any Dad gamers out there?

WTB Friends!

Hello Friend!

Bumping for attention.

Humpty Bumpty what a great post!
Humpty Bumpty which guild do you want most?
All the great content, none of the stress,
A one night a week raid guild is simply the best!

Bumping, looking for more folks to fill the ranks for next tier.

Twas a few nights before Christmas and all through the Jailer’s house
Not a creature was stirring - not even a mawrat disguised as a mouse
Souls bravely hung stockings if they thought they could dare
In hopes the maw walkers would soon be there
Azeroth’s heroes were preparing their attacks with care
A few more brave warriors were needed to assault the dominator’s lair
Slicers and dicers, healers, blasters, and more
Come fight the jailer’s forces, till they lay dead on the floor!

To the top…

time to find a home for next tier, could we be it?

Merry Christmas, everyone! Always looking for more friends to raid with!

slots still open for casual fun!

Returning player? Want to gear up for next tier? We’ve got you covered! Come on out and raid with us!

open spots available esp for ranged and a healer!

Need more friends to heal with me! :slight_smile:

Next tier is right around the corner, i can feel it. Get your new guild before the scramble starts!

Ever wanted to hang out in a fun, casual guild that still clears content at a reasonable pace? Join today!

New to raiding? Experienced raider that wants to tackle content at a more relaxed pace? No matter the level or experience, come on out! Always looking for more!

still looking for new friends, esp ranged. plus i need an xmog farming buddy!

hey I’m def interested for 9.2 and would like to find some wow friends to play with

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Great, can’t wait to chat with you to see if we could be your new home!