Classic Warcraft III --- Official Installers - Official Patches

Legacy enUS RoC and TFT 1.27 client download links



PTR Client 1.31


Installing from CD-Rom:

Blizzard FTP up to 1.26a

PC Gaming Community 1.27b + any ROC Patches.

Mac OS

Firewall Rule : Blocking the Nagging Patch Screen.

Create a windows firewall Rule and pick your region to restrict access to the Patching.

China / Patch	
Europe / Patch	
Korea / Patch	
U.S. / Patch

Patches 1.28 ++ were not standalone install’s you would need a backup copy of the Warcraft III patched client.

Enjoy , Mods for the love of (Insert whatever you believe in here) Please sticky.

Note for Other Countries***

You can get your countries installer by changing the enUS to your country.


Country Codes

csCZ   Czech    (Czech Republic)
 Note: The Czech translation was done by Cenega Czech , the version was so old and was not ever updated.  " It may not be downloadable." 
deDE   German   (Germany)
enUS   English  (United States)
esES   Spanish  (Spain)
frFR   French   (France) 
itIT   Italian  (Italy)
jaJA   Japanese
koKR   Korean   (Korea) 
plPL   Polish   (Poland)
ruRU   Russian  (Russia)
zhZN   Chinese  (S)
zhTW   Chinese  (T)

Example :

Will Download the French Client in French Language.

Hope this is useful.


Got any installers for Czech or Japanese? Those have proven incredibly hard to find.


If anyone knows the country codes I have not filled in please let me know so I can add the languages to it.

Nice !!! Strangely enough we had a similar discussion last night :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool glad it helped

This is awesome! :slight_smile: Altough im still hoping for new patches… :smiley:

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No idea when . But at least you can still play the old one . Options are always welcome

gonna laugh so hard when blizzard removes these or files a cease and deist on the site


Why would they do that . The files are hosted on there own servers and they cant c&d you for hosting patches. As far as the official installers go not hosting them everything is done off blizzards own servers.

As for the wayback machines copy of the ftp server it was a public ftp. Meaning anything on it could be redistributed

Why would you want them to take it down anyways


These client download links do not work, and keep coming back saying Failed, at least on my laptop they do?? I do not care about foreign languages, and just want the game clients, as Blizzard has decided, in their infinite quest for more cash, to make the clients provided on your account not work, unless you buy Reforged, which I do not want to do.
Do you have any links for game clients for Macintosh that actually work??
Thanks in advance!!

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They should work . I just tested them on my phone and laptop and it takes me right to the save dialog. What is it doing when you click em.

Try a different browser . Please advise if that doesnt work we will try more steps

The RoC one works correctly, except the game keeps kicking me out for some reason, but the FtF one will not finish downloading, and keeps coming back FAILED…
It could just be my machine / laptop, but I am not aware of being unable to download files from the internet at this time!!

Oh that, it something to do if there server gets overloaded, you just have to click retry until it finishes, it is not just those installers, it did that to me with the Bnet client. I suggest using chrome. :slight_smile:

Yes, I will try it in Chrome, and cross my fingers there…

Once the down loader finishes, and you use that, just do what I do , make backups of the “downloaded installers”. I just copied them to a folder in my iCloud drive. Also it really I guess does not matter if you download the windows or the Mac versions, say you had a windows system. Cause the Windows and Mac folders it downloads to contain both mac and windows installers, just Mac cant really use the exe to download.

No luck, Failed Network Error…

I just tested here and it works, I am going to go out on a limb and say it maybe something with the way your pc , and or network is configured, you may want to try a friends pc, heck if you want you can even just download it on your phone and copy it over.

Widescreen Fix (up to v1.28.5):


Yes it worked though the installer needed to do it on my external Hard drive because the diroctory whas invalid for my internal hard drive.

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I download it and just for me download the 30 gb not the old w3 its too sad and curiously they still sell the both games or well at last i have them as both games but each link just download the reforge and its sucks why blizzard dont let us download the old w3

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