How to fix Mystery Heroes

Having randomized heroes is a good idea.

Having purely randomized heroes, with no rules on team composition can get to feel like whichever team has the best RNG automatically wins. Killing the fun of this gamemode.

But there are some easy rule fixes on next-spawns:

  • If a team has 3x healers, don’t spawn more healers.
  • If a team has 0x healers, next spawn is 100% a healer.
  • If the team has 2x self-heal non-healer, don’t spawn any more. (These are overpowered in this mode).
  • If one team has a Pharah, and the above conditions are met, spawn a Soldier/McCree/Sombra/Hanzo. (If they don’t already have one).
  • Don’t spawn 3x of the same hero.
  • Maintain ultimate charge on death.
  • Resurrect gives you a different hero.
    (Jovial_Bard on Reddit)
  • Both teams get different heroes between rounds on KOTH (Jovial_Bard on Reddit)
  • Limit respawning as the same hero repeatedly. (BrownCoat40 on the forums)

There, fixed!

Pixel had a really interesting idea,
How to fix Mystery Heroes - #78 by pixel-12332

Mystery Heroes, but you get 3 characters to choose from on death.

I’d go further, and say make those 3 heroes, 1 random DPS, 1 random Healer, 1 random Tank.

He called his “Mystery Draft”, but “Mystery Hero Select” would also work.

Also, as little have mentioned below, maintain ultimate charge between deaths, so that one team doesn’t snowball as hard towards a landslide win.


I agree. There shouldn’t be same heroes also (especially Torb, Orisa, Bastion and Brigitte)


Well, at least no more than 2x of the same character.


yeah that’s what I’m talking about

Added it to the list.

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We’ve discussed putting logic like this into the mode numerous times. Every time we get close to doing it, someone argues with us that the point of the mode is to allow for “broken” comps and that’s what makes it fun for them (i.e. 5 Mercys and a Bastion).

I’m really torn because I understand both arguments. For me, personally, it’s frustrating that the game doesn’t build better comps. But I also understand the fun in “whacky” comps in this arcade mode.

Perhaps we can try an alternate game mode to Mystery Heroes at some point… “Slightly Balanced Mystery Heroes” or something along those lines.


Just prevent hero stacking. I was the last hold out, I was the last guy that wanted hero stacking in mystery heroes. I have finally changed my tune, so you can safely make that change now without annoying anyone.


Thanks for telling us Jeff!


It is called arcade for a reason. Stop trying ruin every one game mode because you not good yet in hero timer.

If want normal gamer mode play normal game mode… not ruin every game because you mad mystery hero is a mystery…


I’m totally down with whacky comps, it’s the hero stacking that drives me nuts the most.

Enemy team has 2 Pharmercy Bastion and Orisa while you get 3 Doomfists a genji, a Junkrat and a Zarya lul.


lol, i’d love to play that mode


Imo that’s what No Limits is for.

[Edit] Maybe have a minimum of 1 of each role and a maximum of 3?


You should just tell that person that he is wrong. What “fun” is it to have broken comp vs a team that can’t put half decent team together?


The game browser is the place to do “whacky” team comps if you ask me. I did buy this game to play Overwatch. The objective based team shooter where everyone is after the same goal. To accomplish this, even in the random game mode, I would like at least a little bit of structure. Otherwise I feel like iti’s just a chaotic mess of explosions and gunfire, waiting in the respawn room constantly.


Thanks for looking at it. I already made a moderately whiny post about MH earlier today, so I will not go into any lengths, but I will say that 1HL and hero non-recurrence on an individual player level are my “wants” for the mode.

No Limits is for people that want the crazy 2 Mercy, 2 Orisa and 2 Bastion Comps. It just a waste of time if your team randomly gets no healers or tanks, and the enemy team gets the aforementioned cheese composition. Due to ultimate charge retention, any sort of sustain makes certain compositions just better than others, making randomly getting even one healer a sort of trump card.

Anyway, thanks for taking time to comment on this goofy little Arcade mode for us Arcade players.


But anyway, we can have it at leats just as a test. It is not necesarely to stay if ppl don’t like it.


Don’t ruin Mystery Heroes, Jeff.


I’d argue the problem with pure RNG mystery heroes is that it violates the concept of overall game balance.

I.e. games are supposed to be in that range of “not too easy, not too hard”.

With pure RNG, these games can dip into “Nearly unwinnable” territory.

And that’s where the “fun” dies out.


Thanks Jeff. There’s plenty of people that like Mystery Heroes the way it is


Well sometimes broken comps back fire completely lol. My team received 4 Ana spawns when we were attacking against a Bastion, 2 Moira, 2 Orisa and Pharah.

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