1 update to please them all

I know how to please a big chunk of the player base on 1 patch

things to be “fixed”

  • a new game mode
  • making more heroes viable
  • get terrible players out of ranked (some, me included)
  • making GOATS unviable
  • lack of communication not being a problem
  • 1 player won’t make all the difference (most of the time)


a new permanent game mode

12 v 12

suddenly broken characters aren’t that broken since there are more possible answers

every hero on the game has more chances to shine

people would pray for more heroes to be added

a 1 hit ko kind of hero is half as powerfull when the enemy team has double the ammount of players

“how are you gonna coordinate 12 people when having 6 is already a problem”
well you don’t, that is fun

I’ll stop now cuz I’m hungry, so I’m gonna get something to eat, I might continue this later idk


You’re never going to please everyone. It’s a fool’s errand. The devs know it. It’s why I try to cut them some slack.


Way I see it, the game is primarily balanced for highPlat/lowDiamond. With exceptions given to high and low ranks.

Also the gamemode we need is:

I want

  • a PvE mode which stays in the arcade rotation on the same level as the archives event.
  • More weekly challenges with small rewards. Like nano cola and bastet.
  • Alot of new cosmetics for the base lootboxes.
  • more frequent hero releases (4 heroes a year would be a start)
  • More maps for arcade modes (petra was a good beginning)
  • guilds for overwatch only
  • improving the endorsement system
  • a soft take on role queue
  • more actions taken against false reports
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A story mode would be epic. Would really bring some people back to overwatch.

If Blizz wants more players, skins and lackluster events won’t cut it. Balancing won’t cut it either.

Actual content, now that sounds nice

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I would LOVE a 12 v 12 mode or anything that’s new. That would be so much fun. ;-;

Consoles would explode.

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consoles are filthy peasants problem

maybe they are the reason we can’t have nice things :thinking:

the more players the less carry the more randomness
12 v 12 would be legit garbage

I fully agree with your list.

I only would add different announcer packs (hero voices) for the game as well. That would be cool.

I consider all that fun enviroment

Don’t stop there buddy.
24 x 24

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The existing maps would be a complete cluster with 12v12.

  • a new game mode
    you design one for them, it’ll go on the fridge.
  • making more heroes viable
    they are.
  • get terrible players out of ranked (some, me included)
  • making GOATS unviable
    not gonna happen until they cap role counts
  • lack of communication not being a problem
    literally always a problem in every part of the world all the time
  • 1 player won’t make all the difference (most of the time)
    1v1 duels are sometimes the end of team fights, and they’re intense.

that would be very bad for ranked or people who want to improve

that’s why it isn’t ranked
i feel like the game has too much competition, it needs a place to have a clisterf*k

arcade and qp are enough

This is a good thing

no they are not because most of those modes function with the same rules as normal play

i agree with most of them except for a few

Why make the comp unviable? its a compositiion, What kills this game is that blizzard inestead of adding counters to acomp they completly delete it, making it unuseable, and that causes more problems

The game beeing 6v6 makes this unliekly