Mystery Heroes Fix?

I remember hearing months ago about some changes coming to Mystery Heroes that never came. At what point will we get more balanced teams? I love playing MH but every time we go in we get triple pharaohs or Bastions. It’s so frustrating.

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The changes were, removing the hero select screen and preventing you from “switching” by suicide (and maybe a few other things that I can’t remember at the moment) and they’ve already been implemented

There’s never been any promise of “balance” or a one hero limit. Although we MAY get something in future? who knows Jeff made a post recently about it…

I don’t see why they couldn’t implement and trial a 1HL version of Mystery and seeing if it’s as popular as the current version.

I can see where he’s coming from though. Arcade is a tricky one to fiddle with, because as he says there’s a lot of people who genuinely enjoy the “whacky” comps that it can throw at you, while others like myself find it infuriating.

See I don’t mind the side of MH that allows for things such as 5 supports. MH certainly does not have to follow a standard or meta. In fact, that would make it not very mysterious at all. However, there are quite a few heroes that while fine on their own become insanely troublesome when there are 2+ of them. Mercy or Zarya for example, and no one in the history of MH has ever enjoyed facing off against Multiple Orisa-Turret-Healer combos.

I exclusively play MH, but I’d spend a lot more time in game if they introduced a 1HL version. Then all they’d need to do is implement a matchmaking system into Arcade and it would be perfect.

The problem is they already have No Limits, which is specifically designed for you to create multi-hero, wacky team comps. I like mystery heroes because it forces you to learn another character that you don’t usually play. It’s tough to learn if you are having to deal with 5 Reins.

They should just rename this current mode to Random Hero Madness and then add a Mystery Heroes mode that has some logic to prevent borked comps and ridiculous stacks. They can start by keeping it simple. No more than maybe 2 of a given hero, and must always have one hero of each class. They can fiddle with how many spawns can be allowed before a particular need must be filled, like ensuring you don’t get attack or support twice in a row, or at least not getting the same hero twice in a row.

Would also like to see some measure of ult-%-retention on respawn, even when changing heroes and classes. That would certainly help as well with a fully random mode like we have now. If one team gets disadvantaged with crappy comp imbalances between the teams, they can’t even try to pull off a clutch ult to break the other team’s dominance.

I’ve been playing a bit more mystery mode again lately and it just served to further reinforce my opinion that some logic behind how the system selects heroes, and some ult-%-retention, would both do wonders for the mode.

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