Professional as always

Join game, get kicked to login screen with 2k queue. Queue to be allowed to input mail and password to later sit in 6k queue. So professional. What next? Queue for play button?


Welcome to Overwatch


When You get kicked from your first Retribution game…


Hi, Jelly.
(Let me tell a 10 character story… the end.)

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HEY! I am 4000 pepole behind you!

it patch day and event day, this is normal for pretty much any game, and in a few hours, you pretty not see this situation again

I was kicked from the game just after seeing the intro to Retribution.
But at least the video was good.

And why we need to suffer in game almost every time patch is released?

Your post is pretty professional as well.

You know this happens during the first ~2 hours after a new event. Everyone is logging in now to check it out.

And all the lapsed “pro” players rouse themselves from a cheeto-dusted stupor to wtfbbqkappapwn the nubz lololololool…

Sadly pathetic.

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Here’s a tip. You don’t have to wait for a que if you don’t play the game.

Have fun with the new event. I shall stay away