Why does mystery heros have no hero cap?

If I wanted to play no limits, I would play no limits. I play mystery heros to play different heros against different comps. Getting wrecked by 3 orisas, a bastion and two mercys is not fun. Multiples of characters is always overpowered and there is already a game mode for that. Please just limit it to one of each hero per team. I don’t need balanced mystery heros, I just want a limit on heros. 3 road hogs each with their own mercys so they can’t die and can one shot any hero is not fun. I know I can do it in the game browser but I just want it in normal mystery heros. There are so many comps that you simply can’t beat unless you get the exact right heros and considering you can’t select your heros in mystery heroes, it just makes no sense that there is no limit. Please Jeff just fix mystery heroes. It is the only mode I play and it is just so frustrating getting wrecked by overpowered comp after overpowered comp with multiples of heroes. These heroes weren’t designed to play with more than one on a team, so why is it in no limits? Again there is already a no limits mode so just change mystery heroes. Please Jeff, please.


Mystery heroes has no hero limit because the gimmick is rng. Play Balanced Mystery Heroes if you want a role or hero cap

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Problem with “broken” comps Jeff is that they also tend to “break” the game mode…it’s why these threads continuously pop up


Cause they will keep adding new heroes so the odds of getting many dups keeps going down

And if you get rid of them you will have threads pop up saying they have ruined what the mode stood for.


Sure but even 1 duplicate can still ruin the match…plus adding more heroes doesn’t really lower the odds much…I still have 5 out 30ish characters that can be a duplicate…and an opportunity every single time someone dies which is often

Why is why I usually ask for an alternate version…

Heck I’d even make it a competition…put both up see which gets played more…keep that one permanent

Totally fine with that actually

Lots of people play because of OP comps. They want the RNG to help them get lot boxes.

You really shouldn’t take that mode Seriously. Just have fun against something crazy.

There are many modes for serious play

That alone is already a level of seriousness…and fun is subjective…if the constant requests are any indication…many don’t find that fun at all…which is why the fun thing is never a good argument…

I like to be more objective about it 🤦🏻‍♂️ Mystery Heroes + No Limits makes ZERO sense

It the most popular arcade mode for a reason and it because it NOT super try hard competitive because people know the RNG is very important.

I think have mode variety is more important then trying to make the mode more like QP

The game mode is called mystery heroes the whole point of it is to have random heroes. No limits is for crazy comps with no limits on heroes. Mystery heroes is not called “No Limits Mystery Heroes” is it? You can’t say the whole point of the game mode is to have crazy comps when its just called mystery heroes. You aren’t breaking the game mode by having limits, it can still be called mystery heroes. Also there is a reason mystery heroes is permanent and No limits is not. If people liked the no limits aspect so much then no limits would be more popular, but people like mystery heroes better.

Amongst others…I’ve made posts about why I think it’s the best game mode (in spite of it)…doesn’t mean it can’t be improved

All they need to do to fix it is make hero switching similar to hero gauntlet, where the switch happens on a kill rather than on a death.

This automatically solves the RNG dominance while keeping everyone as non traditional as possible.

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Would not be opposed to this idea…but that would kind of wreck any point in having ultimates…which I would have to try out before I give an opinion on it honestly

Though what if you’re a healer?

I think it’s a worthy price, the ult guarantees the kill and switch.

Pretty much any healer can and does get kills.

In no limits you got crazy comps every game,its nothing special. In mystery heroes its always a suprise. I love it and you can still win every game if you adjust your gameplay,its different then other gamemodes but thats not a bad thing.

Sadly, they don’t seem to be interested in expanding the arcade sections tiles very much. Which makes things a bit of a mess as any tile you add takes away from something else.

For example, I’d like to see a 12 vs 12 no ults, no tanks/supports, 3 per hero max added to let people play DPS sort of as a team without having to worry about shooting the team in the foot and it might dig into some of the dps/tank imbalance. I’d also like to see a mode that banned the most popular tank, support, and dps in that mode over the past seven days. This would provide rotating bans as a hero that is banned one day probably won’t be the next because it didn’t get used the day before. This would provide a wildly fluctuating meta and would provide data on the effectiveness of more heroes.

But, that’d take away from other stuff if they won’t add tiles.

Would you want to tho?

If I’m the only healer on my team I’m not going to want to swap off.

You’d end up stuck on heroes you are bad at.

I mean just click the link I put up earlier…it practically decides who wins loses like >90% of the time

It’s even in terms of how often I’m on the winning or losing side…but it’s EXTREMELY influential…like I couldn’t disagree with that statement any more