Limit mercy to one per team in mystery heroes

It ain’t fun… …


no no

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Eh it’s not that bad, Besides you can quite easily kill them

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Do you want mystery with your mystery heroes or not?


You obviously haven’t run into a team with two Mei’s on it. Everything froze, instantly last night. It was glorious.


I’m really hoping they’re finally gearing up to test this mode and that’s why they slapped “Playlist” on Mystery Heroes.

Getting SBMH (slightly balanced mystery heroes) would be best thing to ever happen to this game.

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Rather than just Mercy, they should remove hero stacking in MH altogether, it’s the only thing keeping me from ever playing the mode ever

Defending team somehow ends up with two Torbs, Two Orisas and a Sym? Might as well leave and requeue

Multiple mercys are easy to deal with lol, try having more than 1 sombra in your team that stays in invis the whole game and wouldnt die.

I just lost a mystery hero match with 3 Mercy’s o n my team. We got steam rolled by a flanking Torb and a Widow that had us pinned in cross fire.

Mystery Heroes is a dice roll. Results will vary. Shouldn’t try to balance what is an exhibition mode of pure random. That’s what makes it popular

No. The only thing worse than gutting hero stacking from mystery heroes would be targeting specific characters. Keep mystery heroes free!