Balancing Mystery heroes would make it the one of the best game modes

I don’t, I want them to improve this gamemode.

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Blizzard cannot balance quick play or comp what makes you think they can balance mystery heroes

That is a very whale attitude.

“Don’t bother fixing things that could be improved guys”

But the difference is, most people who play the mode like it how it is. You’d be taking that away from us just to give you another thing to play twice a month.


I play it every time I play OW as a change from the standard modes, don’t make assumptions based on your own preconceived notions of who plays what and when.

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I had said most people, not all.


EXACTLY. If I facepalmed as hard as required for threads like these. I’d knock myself out.

Nothing needs improving. This is “mystery heroes”. Not “Almost mystery heroes except the heroes your team already has”


mystery heroes is perfect the way it is thanks.


Wow, that added nothing besides “I disagree”. Citing multiple comments to say the same thing was hardly needed lol

Im also heavily against ANY form of hero restriciton or “balancing” in MH. Mystery Heroes is fine how it is imo. And they already adressed that in a dev update saying, that they may do a “slighty balanced mystery heroes” as an alternative game mode in the future, but thats probably very low on the priority list.


The gamemode we need is:

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MH is fine as it is. They need to make a new game mode with the “balancing” that some people want.

They need to stop ignoring this mode if they’re going to constantly make it one of the only things we can play in a party in the Arcade. The top fix they need to do is make it one character per team. Boom, instantly Mystery Heroes becomes a much better mode with just that.

One of the things I really like about MH is that you can get goofy comps and sometimes you can make them work. If you make roles, or restrictions sure you’ll get viable comps but that’s not what I think a lot of players who aren’t just box farming are going to MH for. I like practicing with heroes because I’m FORCED to play them. I try on ANY hero I get and don’t just run in and die because “oh… I am really bad with this guy”.

With role queues and limits it’s possible just to end up being in support hell if everyone else gets the tanks and the DPS and stays on them. People will have even more reason to “save” their hero if they get a DPS and want to keep it.

MH is fine for the most part, I know I don’t like it when we just aren’t getting any heroes we need to break a random pirate ship or bunker comp… but that’s MH and I know I’ll get my turn eventually.

I think it’s a great idea. Just keep the current mystery heroes mode some folks who like to play it aren’t upset. I like the sound of a more balanced mystery heroes.

I’m against both, but this would be a way better change than what the OP is suggesting.

If this was enforced, then Mystery Heroes would be the only game mode to enforce such a balance. Mystery Heroes would literally become less random than QP.

So one side has Reinhardt/Ana; the other team has Wrecking Ball/Brig. I don’t fancy the second team’s chances.

Building off of my last point, I really don’t think it will. One team can still stumble into the perfect comp for that map while the other has a haphazard mess of non-synergizing nonsense. One team can be all short range/projectile against a team with Pharah and/or snipers. One team can end up on all their mains and the others can end up on all of their most-hated heroes.

Once you give up the element of gameplay where you get to strategically and sensibly pick heroes to complement your team’s strengths and poke holes in the enemy’s weakness, it is impossible to “balance” the game, because smart team composition and dynamic switching is intrinsic to the balance of Overwatch as a whole. It’s always going to be possible for RNG to essentially hand the win to one team over the other, even if MH started forcing actual mirror comps.

Honestly? This is one of the things I love about it. I can’t fall back on what I know the powerful heroes to be in this patch; I can’t fall back on simple equations about who counters who or which team comps run well against the others. They might have something stupid on their team; I might have something stupid on my team. What can we do with the cards we’ve been dealt?

If we’re up against multiple healers, or shields, or anything else that’s bonkers? Welp, I’ve got Symmetra, time to get creative about what I can do and what I can enable my team to do. Maybe it’s worth it to sacrifice all six of our players in one fight if that means we can get the Mercy. Maybe I’m going to try for that crazy deep flank on McCree, because heck, we’re having a hard time on this point, and maybe I can actually pull off the cool thing. Maybe we are playing a long game of “Protect our Sombra”, because if she pulls off an ult we could actually flip this thing.

And as long as there’s no meta? There’s very little toxicity, because nobody is going to start yelling at me to jump off a cliff, or suicide into the enemy. i.e. “You’re our only healer, but you’re Brig. We need an Ana. Go and die until you get Ana, because the game will keep rolling up a new healer for you since we always have one guaranteed healer on the team.”

I like the idea, but I like what we got. The solution would be to have both modes.

I know quite a lot of people that would like MH to have unique heroes per team.
Yes, it would take out a bit of the “fun” and “random” part but it would make it way more competitive and interesting.

Yeah yeah, i know i said “competitive” and arcade modes are not meant to be serious but dont go full “tryhard” on that one. They could even make it “soft” random. Like when a hero is already present, it has less chances to appear again, etc.

Yes, Mystery heroes could be a fun warm-up mode if they remade it a bit. The two main issues with it is the no limits aspect which is an easy fix. The other BS aspect is how uneven the teams can be simply since one team get a decent comp while teh other team ends up with these super weird only DPS, Tanks/DPS no heals and so on so a soft RNG in which the system try to make it 2/2/2 would make the game mode much better overall.

The concept of mystery heroes is that you can spawn into any hero and that wouldn’t really change, it would just be a more structured RNG in which you spawned into heroes that didn’t made the game into an auto-win/loss situation. Like some of the combos you can end up with like cross-fire bastions, an army of HoGs and so on would be hard to beat even if you could choose heroes so it’s sometimes next to impossible to do much about.

Don’t care much for mystery heroes but I’m sometimes forced to play it with friends that like warming up that way and lure me away from my deathmatch which is a game mode they should fix as well, or more so make a permanent competitive deathmatch mode in which moira and hog are banned. -.-

When I said loose (soft) 2/2/2, that means if you’ve not had a support for the past few deaths or have one in the team, it’ll have a higher chance of rolling a support, same with tank. With how dominant the DPS category is in the hero roster, it’d just mean that there is a higher chance of getting one soon rather than the games which end up a complete roll because you never got any supports. It’s not a hard 2/2/2 because it wouldn’t guarantee it as it’d still be partially random, and if that role is filled then there wouldn’t be any role preference in the respawn RNG.