Moira is breaking Deathmatch

you dont get sarcasm

What the person above said. I was playing Reaper along with one other person and one of the three Roadhogs was capable of consistently one-shotting both of us from 250hp. If he missed his hook or I wraithed through it, he’d just ult.

Didn’t know people even still played death match. Just Morias and Roadhogs looking to get quick weekly lootboxes.

Well, it’s boring when a Genji dashes and instantly kills a low hp player in dm as well. And having Moiras in DM is good so dps mains can practice against her.

Deathmatch isn’t designed to be balanced.
Take Ana as an example. She doesn’t has an ultimate in Deathmatch.

for that to happen genji would have to land the dash, and what happens if the dash doesnt kill you? it gives you time to do something, if you land a flash as a mcree your chances of winning that 1v1 are much higher

but I dont want to practice killing moiras, I want to play deathmatch

I know, I sure hope it was more balanced tho. more balance = more fair = more fun for everyone

plus ana is a bad character in DM
playing DM as an ana, zenyatta, mei, mercy, etc means you choose to be at a disadvantage while Moira on the other hand is too good for DM, wich is a completely different kind of unbalanced

One shot Reaper? You mean once every full moon? And if he baits the hook it’s over for Roadie very quick.

Oneshotting is very difficult, unless you’re a RH master that knows the sweet spot like it’s the Bible for a priest. Did you mean the one-hook-KO move? That’s actually a 3-shot. Hook-shot-melee.

DM was broken on the second day when people went mostly McCree, Genji and Roadhog.

if blizz is willing to make a balanced version of mystery heroes i dont see why they dont do it for DM

EDIT: post of jeff talking about a balanced version of mystery heroes

There isn’t a “Balanced Mystery Heroes”

20 characters LUL

Good counters to Moira in Deathmatch include McCree, Reaper, Bastion, D.Va, and Roadhog. Honorable mentions for Soldier, Junkrat, Mei and both snipers if you can keep your distance from her.

Genji and Tracer just don’t fare well against her because of their tendency to rely on chip damage to whittle down the enemy for a killing blow. Moira just heals herself back up. All you have to do is pick a hero who has more total healing + damage than Moira does in order to kill her easily, and there’s plenty of those on the roster.

That won’t stop me from winning as Mercy.

She is good, not too good

So blizzard can’t balance this mode ? LOL. There is a lot of “CUSTOM-GAMES” the players balanced DM… In less than 30 mins…

People have modes with all heros 200HP, with damage balanced by math and they are totally playable…

Well it’s called death match for a reason. Deal with it and how embarrassing that you’re getting killed by a support.

Stop standing still

If you dont play this mode do not give your opinion, that will be incorrect AF…

Moira can 1 vs 1 90% of the DPS heros simple as that. Go to try for yourself this mode then comeback to write ur “lolopinion”

As good as Hog is in dm, you usually get focused by 3 or more players. Where as you’re safely raping everyone on Moira, with an escape button to a health pack.

No. Moira cannot 1v1 90% of dps.

I’ve been playing a lot of FFA lately. I tend to play Mei a lot. Now, Mei can 1v1 ANYONE in the game. I don’t see you arguing that Mei should be nerfed - I think maybe its just you struggling with how to kill Moira.

Apples and oranges maybe.