Twins and Triplets in Mystery heros

Why is this so common now? I find it extremely annoying.


I agree. I used to love playing Mystery Heroes since I get to play all different heroes, but I’ve gotten tired of the stacking.

Now that No Limits has been reappearing relatively frequently, there’s no reason to keep stacking in Mystery Heroes. If you want a silly mode where you can end up with three D.Vas, just go to No Limits.

Hopefully they come out with the Balanced Mystery Heroes mode Jeff was talking about not too long ago. I’d play that to no end.


If you are wondering, look up Birthday Paradox on google. It’s more unlikely for set of 6 heroes to not have duplicates than you might think. I think it’s close to 50% probability to have twins.

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I was not wondering at all…It happens significantly more often that it did.

You think that’s something?

I had a match where both sides started with 4 reins.

2 mercys, d.vas, junkrats, torbs etc. make the game mode unplayable sometimes

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once I had a match with two pairs of pharmercy, with an orisa and a torb pushing the payload

Mystery Heroes is a joke now. Stacked teams constantly getting the win. Who thought this would be a good change? Every match is like this now.

Mystery Heroes hasn’t changed since the beginning so I’m not sure what you mean by “…is a joke now”. It either always was a joke or it wasn’t and you’re just salty. Every match is definitely NOT like that. I play this mode almost exclusively - with the occasional FFA mixed in - every day and rarely happens.

I’d also be happy if it would cycle all 27 heroes in a way that you only get each hero once per cycle. I hate feeling like I’m stuck in a loop of 6 or 7 heroes on repeat while going multiple games without seeing certain heroes. “Oh, you haven’t gotten to play as Brigitte or Ana in MH since Thursday? Don’t worry, here’s Doomfist and Genji 18 times in 6 games, because we know how much you love using them.” :smirk:

A large percentage of games are now like this, something has changed. I also play Mystery heroes almost exclusively. There have been several comments that agree with the original post. I think you just wanted an excuse to use the internets latest overused insult…“salt”. I think the whole thread has salt and that is the point.

Jeff alrealy talked about this.

So should we have No limit matches were stacking isn’t allowed? Because some people would find it more fun that way…