This is how next week is gonna be:

  • 1 Blizz is going to reveal some Animated short at Gamescom
  • 2 Blizz is going to reveal something else at Gamescom (possibly torb rework)
  • 3 Altough we are all angry now for what they are and have been doing we are all gonna be super hyped and happy next week because of that
  • 4 They are doing this with us every.single.time. -> Not listening -> making us angry -> revealing something -> we are happy for the moment (altough everything else is untouched and sh*t -> profit.

So my suggestion: Don’t get blinded and fooled by next week.
If we stop with our legitimate complains about stuff just because they give us one single thing we like they will never change.

Let us change our beloved game for good.


who are they not listing too? they have done everything i have wanted. just not the next day…

ah i see you have about 200 hours, been playing for a couple mouths maybe 3 tops…


I just hope OWL dies, it’s been poison to the game since it’s debut. Wasting the team’s time and effort and drawing lines between people who play the game and people who watch it. “but OWL players do this!!” yeah but they arnt even same patch as us and who cares what they do they play with the same team everyday we play with millions (thousands?) of different peopl, of course they have a “team strategy” and things “they” want to effect that impact us differently entirely

Shoot the OWL in the head and get bacl to us please.


I mean, to me I’d be fine, if they fixed this stuff below and fixed bugs (notably the Rein shatter missing targets, Mei iceblock netcode, Roadhog hook not being super inconsistent.)
⚠️ Main Balance Fixes Needed

Then mix in some of that “Slightly Balanced Mystery Heroes”, and they are golden.
How to fix Mystery Heroes

Maybe put out 3x new maps.

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rien is being re worked from base code. they are aware of hook tho i do not know if they have given a statement about it, i have not looked into it also un sure whats even the problem with mei i have never had any.

Here’s the Mei problem.

From February 2018…still waiting for “Soon”.


well net code ping is always going to be a thing…play on lan i guess, the end.
i have hit reflect on genji plenty of times and on there screen i did not. in these fraction of a second skills there are always going to be problems, you get it off on your screen on theres you did not.


Thing is, every other escape or shielding ability in the game has netcode priority over hooks and stuns.

But not ice block.

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We are all going to get hella dissapointed.

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you sure about that? i can’t say as i don’t know. i would say i have been cc ed out of ice block less then reflect but i dont know the code

No all of us are angry.


Yep. Reaper never gets hooked out of Wraith Form, for instance.

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They like to take their time with Mei. Ana’s anti-heal affecting her in ice block was listed as known bug since close to Ana’s release and only got fixed this past December :man_shrugging:

Happy to tell you that the OWL was much more successful than even Blizzard anticipated and it’s starting EVEN BIGGER again next January. :slight_smile:

I am even more happy to tell you, that Blizzard could not care less about people like you crying about OWL on their forums, and rightfully so, since there is no way they will abandon their multi-million dollar league that is setting new standards in esports. :slight_smile:


And yet Mei has more skins than Tracer, because of China…

Mei deserves them all.

And More >_>

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Gotta love simple tie breaker system that all games have to have. Two events happen at the same time. Something has to win. In some older fighting games it’s whoever is player 1 wins tiebreakers.

Not sure if I like Overwatch’s Favor the Shooter method as it does give an edge to some heroes over others, but it’s by far better than some other methods I’ve seen.

More like: do great stuff -> people forget about the great stuff and get impatient -> obsess over problems in the game -> Blizz fixes some stuff and eventually does more great stuff -> people forget about the great stuff and get impatient…


its always the brand new players that feel the most entitled, and cry the most about bliz and the dev’s. like maybe give it a month you know???

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!.. funniest thing i read all day “setting new standards” :rofl::joy:

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