Please fix/change

On Mystery Heros, you can have 2, 3, 4, 5, or even an ENTIRE TEAM of THE SAME HERO. I can kinda understand if no one cares about acrade mode, but this crap is ridiculous. Please fix this somehow. And I get the feeling this isn’t just on the PS4.

I even have a photo as proof. (Don’t know how to add said photo to forum on mobile.)

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Really? The most of the same hero I’ve seen was three.

I photo I mentioned shows 4 pharahs and 2 Mercy’s.

Jeff said something about this once and they consider it but also they don’t like it because it is random afterall. I just laugh at it and move on to the next map.

Also I bet if you had this stack on your team this post wouldn’t have happened this soon.

It’s mystery, not random. Would love to see it tweaked.

It’s mystery hero, things happen.

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