When will Mystery Heroes

have a hero limit? Or even a role limit? Do people actually enjoy being pit against multi tank teams? It’s not much fun being on said team either.

Three games in a row where one side had two Dvas and another tank. Really??


It should at least have a 2 hero per team limit. Fighting agasint 2 bastions is easier than 6

Maybe a 2 hero limit would work. A 1 hero limit would not.

The allure of the mode is that, upon death, you could potentially respawn as any hero on the roster (minus the one you just got killed playing). If you introduce a 1 hero limit, there are 5 more heroes taken off the table. You could only respawn as one of 22 heroes, not one of 27.

The reason this is important is because, suppose a regular Dva main were to draw Dva to start a match of Mystery Heroes. That regular Dva main isn’t going to be killed any time soon by a bunch of arcade players playing heroes they’re less familiar with. That Dva might not die for the entire match. Which means, with a 1 hero limit, none of that Dva’s teammates will ever respawn as Dva. That drastically reduces the allure of the mode.

So, that being said, a 2 hero limit might be a fair compromise. One wouldn’t be permanently locked out of a hero simply because a teammate who mains that hero is wrecking face and not dying all match.

The real change that needs to happen with that mode is for ult charge to carry over between deaths, same as it does in every other mode.

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I was quite torn between the two sides of the coin :

  • having 2(or more) of a hero can be broken impossible to deal with
  • it’s part of the fun of the mode.

But I’m leaning toward it does need a limit. When the enemy becomes nearly invincible through too many supports that with their base healing your ults are useless, it gets really out of hand, it’s discouraging, and feels impossible.

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Yeah why the hell is mystery heros so random? I wish they had a mode where you got to pick your hero and only 1 could be in play at a time.


Thing is there’s also no limit if you wanna pick whatever and make “broken comps”, that hasard chooses character fine, but when it becomes hopeless it’s questionnable.


People keep asking for this. And so do I.

Also, faster respawns, a “minimum” time on each hero (this is already in effect to some degree) and most importantly: either faster ult generation or a small percentage ult roll-over to the next hero after death.

And, of course, hero limit… or as close to it as the random pick system can allow. I’d honestly like to see it pick the next heroes the same as in elimination – that is, none of the ones in use or previously used until there is no more “used” ones to choose from, then resets.

I don’t remember the last time I actually had fun in Mystery Heroes. I feel compelled to play it because of the stupid lootboxes. Almost every match is garbage and feels like a waste of time.

If they either fixed it with some limits or just gave out boxes for playing 3 (or 6 to match the ratio that should be happening if it were fair) matches instead of winning 3, I think I could enjoy it more.

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I play it a lot but I say leave it as it is. There will always be heavily one-sided fights but thats just the nature of the mode.

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The justifications for keeping no limits in MH are asinine at best. It’ll be a REAL mystery if each team has 6 unique heroes, so it’ll actually be interesting and fun and chaotic in a good way.

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It’s Mystery Heroes not Sort-of Mystery Heroes.

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The draw and allure of the mode is that you can potentially respawn as any hero upon death. Setting a 1HL means there are 5 other heroes you cannot potentially respawn as upon death. I don’t consider that an asinine justification for being against 1HL. It’s the core element of the mode.

As I stated in this thread a week ago, a 2HL might be feasible. I wouldn’t be prevented from respawning as any of the 28 heroes simply because a teammate happens to be playing that hero already, so it keeps the allure of the mode intact.

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i get that its a whacky mode like kaplan said. But, theres a point where you think how its fair when the other team, more times then yourself, gets a team containing 3 bastions/symms/torbs/orisas/pharahs. The rest of the heroes isn’t a problem for a duplicating, but more times then yourself, this is what happens when i play MH.

Therefore, i do agree with a hero limit, but not a role limit

That’s perfectly fine. We don’t need to become the same hero as anyone else. There’s no allure to one-sided stomps because one team got lucky with a stack of Bastions or Orisas or even Zaryas.

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That’s subjective. It wouldn’t be perfectly fine for me.

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It is a whacky mode but I play it because I like getting a better understanding of all the heroes and be forced into heroes I don’t normally play. 1HL diminishes the point of it for me.

True, but that’s just how it goes. I think anyone who plays understands that easy wins don’t reflect the ability of your opponents if they get unlucky picks. Also a lot of the time you see players who are just bad with a hero. Not everyone gets their best picks and not everyone gets best comps. I think it’s more about playing to improve overall playstyle.

Id like to see a limit I mean we have a no limits mode already :stuck_out_tongue:

While it can be incredibly fun if your the team that gets lucky and an amazingly broken team comp that allows you to build ults faster than your enemy team dies, its incredibly frustrating to be the team that gets terrible match ups over and over and by the time you get the one hero that could potentially counter, they all ult you back to the spawn room :’)

No Limits isn’t random though. It’s not the same mode. I wish people would stop parroting this as a justification for adding a hero limit to Mystery.

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It was meant as a joke friend, not a serious point to it :slight_smile:

I see, my apologies then. This is and has been the biggest argument against the lack of a hero limit in Mystery, so it’s hard to tell when it’s not serious.