Dear Blizz ... Mystery Heroes again

It is still a competative game arcade or not if it wasnt there wouldnt be a score or Victory/Defeat, if it was only for fun it wpuld be a skirmish, if there is a score then your damn right my priority is to beat the other team no exceptions

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It’s Mystery Hero, not Random Hero. I’m sure it’s not totally random, or else I wouldn’t be getting heroes from my bottom 5 picks 90% of the time.

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You aren’t going to win every game you play. You’re playing with up to 5 other random people on your team who most likely do not share the same mindset as you. You could group with people you know or other like-minded individuals to relieve yourself of that frustration.

Arcade is still for fun. You can have fun even while losing. Even in QP you’ll more often than not have teammates running around doing their own thing and not caring about the objectives and while I get that it can be frustrating, you can’t control what other people do, especially strangers.

Skirmish - lol. I have that turned off. Skirmish is meet-n-greet type of place where you’re considered to be compared to something as the likes of Satan if you kill anybody there.

I think what you’re looking for is Competitive mode, tbh.

Just remove that shtt game mode, is boring AF :frowning:

I play mostly comp i only play mystery hero to get the lootboxes i hate all the arcade modes but mystery heroes i hate just slightly less but uf i wamt the 3 free lootboxes i have to play it, meaning i leave lots of matched

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Well if you makes you feel any better:

But that was stated in March of last year so it might be another 10 years before (IF) they get around to it.

No idea to be honest. People just don’t read the gamemode title apparently.

Dude. It’s MYSTERY HEROES. Not “Almost a complete mystery but not really heroes”

It happens. Sometimes the enemy gets the RNG winning roll. Sometimes your team gets it. Thats how MYSTERY heroes works.

Thats kinda the point…

Anyone that expects balance in RNG is an idiot. Sorry but they are.

Then it wouldn’t be MYSTERY HEROES. It would be Almost Mystery Heroes Except For The Heroes Your team Already Has!


Remind me why you play mystery heroes again?

Or people can actually read the name of the game mode before queuing for it or complaining about it.

Do you realise how much of the mystery element is removed if 5 heroes are taken out of the randomness of your next spawn purely because those heroes are already used by your team.

I second this Raises hand

Because that again takes some of the fun out of the randomness by reducing your chances of getting “X” hero because they are already on your team.

Yes. Me.

And who’s fault is that? If you queue for MH and can’t play 80% of the cast then You’re gonna die … a lot.

And that suddenly makes it impossible to determine the direction of enemy footsteps? Where do you get your logic from? I use speakers. 300w LemonAudio cabinet speakers on each side of my monitor. I can track audio cue’s quite easily. It’s not only possible with headphones.


Or use your head and don’t queue for it.

meaning you must have an XP penalty the size of the street I live on.

I can never understand how anyone can have fun in a match were the enemy team gets a comp that you cant beat, 3 bations, mercy, ana, and orisa, (game i left ladt night) ilios first round my team 0 kills i couldnt get one the point cause idiots kept running in a dieing over and over, second round enemy comp still same my team kept running and dieing one after another ya i got sick of a 100% for sure loss i left, when there is no chance at all of winning what is the point, it is like bashing your head against a brick wall your head is going to break everytime


It’s “fine” all you have to do is wait for your team to get 6 junkrats…stacking is perfectly “fine”

Uh yeah, some people don’t play with the volume of their speakers turned up. Just because you play certain ways doesn’t mean that everybody does.

You’re gonna be super hard pressed find somebody who plays ALL 29 heroes.
I sincerely hope you’re being sarcastic.
MH draws people in because it forces you into playing/learning new heroes and even then nobody is great at ALL 29.

Exactly, it just amazes me how many people just love bashing their head against a brick wall and call it fun, “it is a garrenteed loss but it is still fun” that is just complete denial

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I don’t play with my speakers “Turned up”. I play it at an adequate volume that I can enjoy the game. Even after that literally any brand of speakers big or small are good at telling the direction of footsteps. Especially in OW with enemies having louder steps.

I don’t expect people to master every single hero. I expect people in MH to have a basic understanding of each hero enough to actually enjoy mh instead of just dying repeatedly because they don’t understand the hero they have been given.

but for the record I play all 29 heroes. So do atleast 9 or 10 people in my friend list. We play the game the way it was intended. To flex and switch to counter the enemy comp.

Speak for yourself.

And you just stated why it needs to go…

For the record I too play all 29 and practically live in mystery heroes…it doesn’t matter how good everyone is on all the characters…you’re not going to win matches if the enemy gets stacks and you simply cannot adjust to it…there’s a game log in my link further up (yes I’m actually crazy enough to that that sort of thing)…i would invite you to take a look at it…it’s a MAJOR factor in most games…like I guarantee you you notice it when the enemy team has stacks…but maybe you don’t notice how often it happens on your team since you’re not paying attention to it

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I HIGHLY doubt you’re great at all 29 heroes.

If you expect that much out of random people then grouping with random people isn’t your thing and I’d advise against it.

Mystery Heroes is not a mode to play if you’re expecting any level of seriousness. It’s rare that you get like-minded teammates. Accept it or don’t, but if you choose the latter then you have zero room to complain especially when you’ve the option of grouping with other people be it friends, LFG, asking in general chat, discord… pretty sure I also remember somebody talking about groups on Reddit or something. At any rate, it’s up to you.

Don’t play a mode that frustrates you and don’t expect strangers to live up to your expectations.

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I play all of them to at least platinum level ( where I am right now )

Some like rein, tracer and ana I play to maybe high diamond / low master but for the most part I know all their kits, when to use them and positioning.

I don’t take MH seriously. It’s one of the reasons I’m so amazed that people want to gut the game mode and take away a big part of the mystery in the mode.

Overwatch in a nutshell.

Quote me where I said MH frustrates me? I don’t recall saying that. MH is my favourite mode in OW because of the complete randomness of every match.
No guarantee you will get duplicate heroes. No guarantee that you’re not going to turn a corner and find 3 orisa’s and a rein. Thats what makes the mode FUN.

I don’t have time to go through everything you wrote but I’ll cover some of it now and some of it later when I have time.

How much different is it when a hero works well with itself well compared to working well with another hero?

  • Have you ever played against 2 zarya’s? They really aren’t as hard to deal with as you make out. Yes. They have two lots of barriers. The same rules apply. Don’t shoot the barriers and watch them do tickle damage and then melt them.
  • Turrets can cover eachother!? Really!? Have you seen how easy turrets are to take out? Most of the cast can take turrets out quite easily without hassle.
  • This one is a fair argument but you’re going to get rein and orisa barriers even if hero stacking is turned off.
  • If mercy is given the chance to rez the other mercy your team is doing something wrong. Why isn’t your team covering the body of the dead mercy to avoid the rez.

ironically in a post as long as the one i made i tried to just give some quick short examples so they probably dont do a very good job of conveying exactly what i was pointing at:

  • with 2 zaryas bubbles are up just about the entire time…(3 even worse)…like if you think 2 fully charged zarya beams (which is easy to do) and 2 gravs doesnt pose problems especially when you dont have people that are good at tackling zaryas…i dont know what to say

  • i didnt actually mean “turrets” literally - i include orisas and bastions in that…i doubt most people find double bastions “easy”

  • reins AND orisa at same time can happen without stacking…it would still cause an issue…but 2 orisas or 2 reins cant…its just more of something thats already problematic

  • and im sure youve played this game enough…people struggle killing 1 mercy…let alone 2…and it doesnt have to be each other literally…you dont think 2 rezzes by itself is an issue?

again they were just examples…i could easily point out issues with just about all the stacks…the point is even IF they have ways of being dealt with…most of the time you cant…because you cant just adjust your team to it…and in that game mode it leads to objectives/matches being decided just because…player skill be damned

I don’t mind hero-stacking.

I enjoy playing on a team with 5 Soldiers (for example).

Mystery Heros is for fun anyway, if the other team gets lucky and gets a team comp that works, that’s fine.

Well, of course, people would expect there is no balance in RNG if one team could just get lucky to have stacks of Ana and just one tank.
It would be great if the game mode just puts a hero limit. That way there could be a fair chance for both teams to win either fight. Overwatch before adding hero limit in QP had some balance issues where multiple D.Vas could rush the points easily.

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Mystery FFA is absolutely the worst mode I’ve ever seen.

Except quickplay doesn’t unlock boxes during events.

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