Please Update Mystery Heroes for No Duplicates

Why do we still get duplicates heroes in Mystery Heroes. It makes no seance that you can still get 2 Bastion’s or 3 Mercy’s on one team still. The mod is Mystery Hero not No Limits Mystery Hero. If the base game wont let you get multiples of the same hero on one team neither should Mystery Hero.
It could be even better if they made it Mystery Hero 2-2-2, you could randomly get one of the three classes for the game and then get random heroes in that class so you have even teams but they are still random teams. I love the mode I just wish it was more of what the game is now, not of what it was when the game first came out.


I feel like somewhere, a long time ago, the devs actually responded to a post like this one and gave a reason why.
I can’t remember now, personally im not too bothered by it, most people dont stay alive long enough on a hero for having 2 of em to make a difference.


Because it’s Mystery Heroes. It’s not supposed to mimic the base game. See it how you want to, but adding hero limits to the Mystery Heroes mode will subsequently limit a lot of the mystery.

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That was true at the start of the game but we have over 30 Heroes now. I don’t see how not having 2 of the same hero out of 6 in a team is limiting at all.

Because instead of rng-ing one out of a possible 30 heroes, you will instead be rng-ing one out of 25 heroes. Just knowing what heroes your teammates have basically guarantees that you know what heroes you WON’T be getting. This takes a lot of mystery out of the mystery.

MH just needs one change, mercy cant be played there.

without mercy duplicates are not a problem, sooner or later you will kill them, and without rezing the problem is solved.

This isn’t the first topic I’ve seen about this. It seems like the rules of Mystery Heroes is lost on some people and it’s not supposed to be a balanced game mode.

So said the Jeff.

reference thread:

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